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Default Tuesday beach chat 6/11

Sorry no catchy title today. Tammy thank you for the link. Looked at it last night. Cannot wait to make it.

Day 3 of work so technically today is my Thursday. Nothing thrilling to report. Just looking forward to my days off. Seems like many of us are putting the brakes on these days. Had a successful P1 day yesterday. Train is here. Can't wait to hear about everyone's day

Oh and the squat challenge is a bust this month. My knees just don't like it at all!!! Lol

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Come on Spring!
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Jekel, thanks for cranking us up while you wait for your train. My knees couldn't handle the squat challenge either, in fact I fell over! I read somewhere that women do not balance well after menopause and I'm way past that!

I read the post about the chicken salad and can hardly wait to make it once things settle down around here for a bit. Right now I'm in grab and go mode with way too much happening.

Yesterday we had a break in the rain and I did get some veggie plants into the ground - romaine and eggplant - but today we are back in the wet. This is turning into The Summer That Wasn't although we are supposed to get sun for five whole days in a row.

Finally I have someone replacing part of my yard fence so Jazz will stay contained. A neighbour's son is doing it and the timing is good because he's between jobs at the moment. Unfortunately his idea of an "early start" is 2 p.m. Yesterday he cut out some junk trees and took down the old fence. Until the new fence goes up, the doggage are confined to the deck which is a nuisance. The good news is that they will now get potty walks and perhaps will learn to walk better on the double lead.

Haircut this morning (in the rain!) and then I'll spend the afternoon prettying up my financial report for the Mill AGM tonight. Perhaps it'll look better if I make the red figures a different colour! Maybe orange?

Happy Tuesday whether you have sun or rain. Do something nice for yourself today even if it's just putting on hand cream.
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Good morning, Ladies!

Jennifer, I guess you are at work by now and hope it's a good day.

Ruth, I hope the new fence solves the problem.

We're getting a brief respite from the rain for now, but it's promised to be back in time for lunch. At least it's supposed to be nice for the weekend, so that's good.

Well, I'd better get going for now. I have to make some copies for Dad and drop them off before I head in, and I know he'll want me to stay for a cup of coffee with him.

Have a wonderful, OP, day!
Live simply
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Wine alot
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Good morning chicks! I hope you like the salad - it was quite yummy. I added red pepper to mine as well. My one concern is calories and portion size - there's a lot of fats in it!

Jekel, hope work goes okay. My knees can't handle squats either!

Ruth, LOL...he must be young, if he thinks 2 pm is an early start. Might be part of the reason he is unemployed at the time too .

Cottage, hope you enjoyed coffee with your dad, and that he is doing okay.

It's a bit of a different day for me - the boss is gone, and since I need to work all day Friday, I'm only working a half day today (2-7). I'm putting the kids off on the sitter (a good friend....) and taking a nice hike or walk this AM. Everything is so wet, I'll have to figure out where to go without it turning into a mud bath. I'm trying to remember if I have any errands to do, it would be a great day to do them without kids!

I did phase I yesterday, which went well. Everything is planned out today, so I should be good. It seemed so much easier 5 years ago!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Stopping in for a quick good morning!

Ruth, I was thinking the same phrase this morning: might be one of those summers that wasn't. Pouring right now as I get ready to leave for work.

Tammy, I hear you on that phase I thing. Why did it seem easier when I started 2 years ago? I've become sloppy lately and keep telling myself I need to go back to Phase I but it is so much harder!

Funny the difference in opinion on starting work "early"; it sounds like Ruth's helper needs to talk to Jekel about the definition! Although, personally leaving at 7 is tough enough for me.

Must go! Thermos in hand so I am ready for another rainy day.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's rainy here again too. Remember when it was so dry we couldn't even have fires outside? That is so over. Having friends over tonight while the SO works second shift. I was hoping for a bonfire but I'm not going to fight the weather. I am planning to try that salad that Twynn posted though, perfect girls night dinner (along with cheese and wine).

My internet seems to be cooperating this morning so I'm going to try to get some database work done while I've got signal. Still hating comcast, still no internet other than my cell phone.
Maintaining 78 lb loss since 2008 thanks to South Beach and the tips, support, and tricks I learned here.
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Good morning.

We also got some unexpected rain. Just a tiny bit overnight. DH and I are hiking again today. I've got a few more errands to run; a free last places to check for clothes for the trip. Trying a new lentil recipe tonight: sloppy joes. Will be making a broccoli/bean salad for myself for lunch for the next few days; it's nice to have cold meals in the summer. And it does finally feel like summer here!! I had forgotten that hot, sweaty feeling.

Have a great day.

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Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Hello Beachers! I will be relaxing today.

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Afternoon ladies! Just a quick drop in on my lunch break. Waiting for my green beans to cool down. Stinking strong microwave at work! My computer is down, so I'll be checking in from my phone for now. Sorry in advance for any typos or weird formatting!

Hope y'all are having a great day! Busy, but OP for me.

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Good afternoon, ladies. Yesterday was a meh day...today is MUCH better. I had a complaint filed on me at work and, once I researched it, it was completely unfounded. I was really kicking myself b/c I thought I had neglected to advise officers of weapons...turns out somebody just wasn't listening to their radio, LOL

Got a call today that I'm not needed for court this week after all. Coming up on 13 years and I have yet to actually have to testify for my job. I hope to keep that going! LOL

Not much planned for today other than work. Taking a break from the gym in the morning since my gym partner won't be able to go.

jekel - At least you tried w/ the squat challenge! There were a few days I had to take some ibuprofen after I got done. Breaking them up into several sessions seemed to help me. I'd do 40 when I'd step out on a bathroom break, 20 while waiting for my food to warm up, etc.

Time to do some paperwork. Goodnight!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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On my way home catching up on everyone's day. Natasha thanks for the advice. I couldn't tolerate it any other way. My knees have been crummy since HS. I am happy they still work lol. Oh work was so much fun. I will spare you the gross heroin addict story. However, we deal with this "lovely" woman on a regular basis. Great sober, nastiest drunk I have ever seen. Well today she was exposing herself due to a wardrobe malfunction. She was commando!!!! I do have a thick skin and a sense of humor, but boy the things she said would make the toughest guy blush lol Maybe there is something wrong with me, but these are the times at work I enjoy lol.

Stayed OP too, upset I left my raw veggies and cheestick home. At least I know what my evening snack will be

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