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Default Thunderous Thursday Beach Chat 5/30

Good morning the title is very appropriate with last night's storms.

Had a nice dinner with Joe's family. Today finally getting to ride outdoors. Later a trip to the bakery, then to Joe's, followed by dinner in Troy. I am going to look at their menu to have my action plan in place.

Smoothie and coffee time. What is on everyone's agenda today?
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Mmmmm....smoothie! Great with this humid warm weather, although I am looking forward to my overnight oats. I had a good run (longest one in a long time!) and have cooled off so that now I can get some coffee in me .

WE'RE GOING CAMPING TOMORROW!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I have a long day at work, but have lots of niggles if I have any breaks. Ran to Wally World last night and bought lots of little things ~ cheapo plastic plates, etc etc to keep in the camper.

Time to get the kiddos up. I think I'll be good and make a salad for lunch.
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Come on Spring!
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Jennifer, "Thunderous Thursday" is a good title. We were supposed to have storms last night but nothing materialized. Disney was very happy as they just terrify her. Memories of Katrina never fade, I guess, nor should they.

TwynnB, I can feel your excitement about taking off in the camper. I well remember those days - the best of family times! My kids still talk about them.

Went to town yesterday and came home without enough plants to finish the Village planters. I do have an offer of help today though. Cathy and I will plant what we can and then figure out where to go from there. I really don't want to drive the 90 minutes to Ottawa in search of the elusive purple petunia so we may make a compromise. By noon we should know how many more plant we need to finish. It wouldn't be a problem if the Township had not decreed purple and white, the colours of royalty to honour the Queen's jubilee. Last year it was expensive red geraniums for the War of 1812 which kind of blew my budget.

Just took the trash to the curb and it's really muggy and buggy out there. We are finally getting hot summer temps of 90 today - it was 37 on Saturday. Guess it may be time to finish getting out the summer clothes.

More coffee coming up. I wonder how asparagus would work in a smoothie - I'm out of spinach but sure have lots of asparagus. Maybe I'll cook it first though.

Happy Thunderous Thursday!
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I wouldn't be too keen on asparagus in a smoothie, cooked or not. You're pretty adventurous, Ruth!

No threat of thunder here on this Thursday morning, but we it is quickly climbing up to the 90s and muggy already.

Tammy, camping was big in our family, growing up, and I have so many happy memories of it. We started out in a pop-up, then graduated to a 24' trailer that Dad sold just a year ago. Have a fabulous time!

I've been sleeping over at the farm all week, what with the Devon Horse Show going on, and the girls and I have been spending as much time as possible down there watching Cindy compete. It's fun but we've been broiling under the 90* temps! I don't know how the competitors can stand to wear those hot wool riding habits! I'm home this morning for a few hours, but have to be back at the farm by noon and sleep over one more night, then have a free 3-day weekend to look forward to.
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Thanks for the welcome and kudos; I'm pretty blown away at my progress, tbh. Ticker envy - that's too funny, Ruth!

My doctor appt. got postponed at the last minute. Guess somebody had a more immediate problem to get taken care of - oh well, I've waited this long, I suppose I'll live for a couple more weeks.

Not much going on here, except for temperatures rising; we're supposed to hit triple digits in the next couple days, yikes. Just puttering around the house and garden for me. Horse shows and camping sound like great fun, can I come?!

Have a thoroughly terrific Thursday everyone and stay cool.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning We did get the storms last night. Luckily they waited until I was done grilling. We sat outside under the awning and watched our fire, not quite as satisfying but we weren't going to let the rain ruin our evening

Move stress insomnia has set in so I'm taking today and tomorrow off to make sure I have plenty of time to finish up. Not sure how it always ends up being last minute no matter how early I start. Also got a call from Comcast, I might actually get real internet again soon

Now I'm off to get my oil changed. I've been so busy it took the maintenance minder to get my attention. Poor car.

Hope it's dry and sunny where you are today.
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Good morning,

Have a few minutes before the meeting starts and no one looking at my screen so I can post.

We have rain forecasts for 3 more days and they are worried about historical record flooding in this area, we shall see what transpires.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Hi! 2morrow is my last day of P1. I also have an interview for a teaching post, on 5/31! I am so proud of myself!
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Congratulations BellaLucia!!! Keeping my fingers crossed good luck with the interview.
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Congrats to you Bella! Good luck with the interview.

Tammy, DH and I have been talking about getting back into camping after many years away. A few of my favorite trips were camping in Maine and the Maritimes. We have been thinking about a pop-up trailer. I'm hoping that searching for one this summer will be more fun than stress.

Hot and sunny here today and more so tomorrow. It is a nice change after that cold rainy Memorial Day weekend. Hoping to replant my cucs tomorrow after work. At least I have been able to pick away at the weeding in the perennial bed.
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Good evening, ladies...just popping in to say hello. Busy day at 4th of 7 straight. Whew.
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