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Default TGI FRIDAY! Daily SBD Chat for 3/22


It's going to be a busy day for me, and I have my first load of laundry in the wash already. While that's going, I have to run to the grocery store to make sure Jake has everything he needs for the next week, then back home to finish packing, and drop Jake off at the tax preparer. The girls have 1/2 day of school so I'll need to pick them up, then back to pick up Jake and sign papers, then back to the farm til Cindy gets home, then back home to catch the train into the city where my DD will pick me up and I'll spend the night with her so I can get to the airport by 6am tomorrow morning. Whew!

So how's your Friday looking?
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WOW, Cottage, you do have a busy day!! (but exciting! I really wanna go with you!) How long will you be there? All week?!?! LOL..make sure you get some sleep tonight!

Well, I wish I had exciting plans like Linda does, but alas...I do not. DS is having a friend over for his birthday tonight (that's my lucky am I he only wanted ONE friend over!?!? Last year it was six boys over, and that was ca-razy!). I do have the weekend off, but nothing too exciting except the cat clinic on Sunday. And, probably deal with an overly tired little boy who didn't get much sleep .

I was happy last night though, had some emotional stuff going on, and was doing errands and thought I should pick up some dark chocolate dessert. And then I told won't make it all better. Never has, never will. One little step!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Energizer Bunny! You certainly have a big day ahead, Shall I bring a wheelchair when I pick you up tomorrow? Good idea to stay at DD's tonight.

No dump of snow last night, just a tiny sifting of it but I see flurries for today and then sunshine for three days. Hope they are right. Gotta love Canadian "spring"!

A baker's dozen of us met in the Library last night and have formed a committee called "Delta Jubilee" which is the name of our business block, currently five storefronts owned by three people. We are going to look into funding to buy and repair it and hope that will revitalize our village. The block was built in 1896 and named after the Queen's diamond Jubilee. We will do a website and show it to Council when we make our presentation aka asking for funding. This won't happen fast but the wheels are in motion.

Book Club tonight but I'll get home early since I have to pick up a VIP at Ottawa Airport just before 11 AM tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday.
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Come on Spring!
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'Morning, Tammy/ I think your weekend will be OK - sleep-over and cat clinic - some people know how to live! Good willpower resisting the chocolate. I can relate although my temptation was chips - and it did NOT make it better!
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Good morning,

I can tell Ruth and Cottage are excited, I would be too.

Twynn way to go, little steps.

I am tired but Disney on Ice was fun as usually. Today is jammed packed with appointments but when I get home I am either going to get my hair done or get a pedi invited DD1 to come along not sure if she will if not I will enjoy some me time DH is taking DD2 to ComicCon

Have a great day everyone, I am so glad it's Friday
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Good Morning

I've been up but attending to lots of niggles....Kirk is almost ready for me to drive him to the club/pool so he can work out then I'll meet him at 9 for water aerobics. Still not feeling that great and we have to leave right after we get back from pooling....I work at 530 am tomorrow.

Lots of excitement here this morning!

Karen, still thinking of your traumatic moments grateful for your family but still remembering that someone else has had a tragedy.

Gotta run!

Happy Friday everyone!
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Good morning I am a bad chick today. I did something today I have not done in almost a year....I ate an entire salt bagel with real butter and grape jelly!!!! I had to fast for blood work. Conveniently the bagel store is next to the lab. I was only going to have coffee and come home for breakfast. But oh no I was possessed like Linda Blair only I didn't curse lol. Now back to being OP

Busy day of chores, cooking and errands before Joe gets here. We are going to a really nice restaurant by me for dinner. I am so excited as I have only been there once before. It is pricey, but thanks to half price gift certificates on Black Friday we are splurging. Oh did I say I would be OP today lol.

One day away from the beach is not going to derail me. Just will be extra good for the remainder of the week. I weighed in at my lowest weight again this week. So I can accept higher numbers the next few days.

Linda and Ruth have a great time together!!!

Time to start baking gluten free brownies for my neighbor
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Good evening, ladies...gosh it's been super busy for me lately!!! I hope everybody is doing well. I've got some good news...I have a job interview in Massachusetts on April 10th for a clerk position at the prison in Framingham. So I'm taking some time off from work and I'm driving up w/ a car full of stuff so I'll be partially moved up there. I'm also taking my mom w/ me...for 1, b/c it's her birthday on the 9th and, for 2, b/c I want her to see where I'm going to be living and that her baby isn't going to get killed living up around the big city, LOL

I'm super excited and super anxious all at the same time, LOL My roommate is going to clean out my bedroom for me and I'm going to buy paint and get the room painted while I'm there. Sunshine yellow is NOT a color I want on my bedroom it doesn't really go w/ my black and white damask theme w/ pink accents, LOL

I am back on track w/ eating and exercising, but still not seeing any big losses. It's discouraging, but I'm going to keep on trucking. Once I get up to Massachusetts my roommate and I are goin to be hardcore diet and exercise enthusiasts (heh, apparently the N word that refers to a particular party in Germany is censored here), LOL

Just wanted to let you ladies know I'm still alive and kicking. I've been trying to stay off the computer a little bit more lately.

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Working on healthy
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Evening fly-by We are spending a couple of almost completely work free days at the shore. It's cold but very sunny and always beautiful.

Cottage & Ruth - I am jealous. I know you two will have a wonderful visit
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Come on Spring!
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One of these days we'll join you, Cyndi. I'm heading for bed so I can get an early start tomorrow. Still need to put the ironed sheets onto Linda's bed! The dogs have been warned to be on their best behaviour. Had a DWARPs meeting tonight but left early after not sipping wine. Having a glass before bed. (Gotta get in practice!) to all.
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