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Default Tuesday Beach Chat 1/15

Good morning chicks! Hope you are sleeping soundly. Wide awake here and on my way to work. Forgot how enjoyable commuting by train can be. Cannot wait though to eat my breakfast. I made Kalyn's egg muffins. I hope they are good because I am quite hungry.

Ruth, thinking of Donna and her family. Never asked, but what made you want to go to Cuba? I would love to go to PR at some point in my life. Granted my espanol es muy pocito so maybe one of my sisters could translate. They grew up in a Spanish speaking home, I did not.

What does everyone have planned today? I'll be reading the thread in my commute home

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Good morning, Jennifer, and have a good day at work!

Ruth, I've been saying prayers for Donna's sister and they're all in my thoughts. I hope there is better news today. And I do hope you won't have to cancel your trip! Let us know how she's doing, OK?

My mother had a minor stroke early yesterday morning and I was at the hospital with her all day. She is holding her own but will be in the hospital for a while. I just talked to Dad and he said Mom had a good night. I'm going to go into work for a few hours this morning and will head over to the hospital at noon.

I hope today is a much better for all of us.
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Jekel, thanks for starting us off, and hope you have a great day at work.

Cottage - sorry to hear about your mom, but glad it's a minor one and that she is doing well. Prayers for her to recover fully and quickly and to be home soon. (and for you dad too, it is so tough on the spouse)

I had a great day yesterday, from having a great run (after a really short day at work) to the kids being excellent. Today is my long day at work, and I have to run and pick up the kids, so they're stuck with me for 4 hours (they don't mind, because they can play electronics!). I premade the meat and veggies to throw in the crock pot for chili tonight, to make sure we eat healthy instead of grabbing something yucky.

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Our warmer temps are gone Hope we either get enough snow to play in or it warms up again.

Jennifer - I loved the bus when I lived in Albany. I got so much reading done! There really is no mass transit here, not that I could use it with my job. Hope your egg muffins were good. I take them camping, they are so convenient.'

Linda thinking of you and your family. I hope you find a few minutes to just take a breath the next few days.

Ruth - Hope you found a little time to celebrate you yesterday.

I'm heading north again today. Meeting my favorite coworker for lunch at the intersection of our turfs and doing some event planning and probably a little life chatting. Then two more days and I have a 3 day weekend (traded my Monday for Friday because the SO has Fridays off and not holidays). Yesterday I got flowers, can't remember the last time I got flowers that weren't connected to some medical crisis. Made me smile.

ETA - Twynn. The crockpot saves me lots of days.
Maintaining 78 lb loss since 2008 thanks to South Beach and the tips, support, and tricks I learned here.

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Oh my, Donna's sister and cottage's mom. I hope today will bring better news. Ruth, how does the trip stand? Cuba has quite a few of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. I hope you'll get to go or reschedule.

Nothing exciting happening here, just work and blah. Re-initiating the daily walks with my neighbor this morning, but I haven't walked in a few weeks, so we may not get far. Got the news yesterday that our spring subgroup meeting will be held in the UK this year, near Salisbury. Here's hoping that my funding gets approved to go!
Have a beachy day, chicks!

PS - Natasha from yesterday, I thought Anne Hathaway did okay, but I wished she would stop crying and sniveling long to sing! Laughing at your Mama Mia reference - Pierce Brosnan was painful!
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.

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Good morning.

Ruth - I echo Jennifer's sentiment and question.

Linda - So sorry about your mom. I hope she recovers quickly.

Twynn - Glad to hear someone had a great day!

Cyndi - Funny thing - you getting flowers makes ME smile too.

schmoodle - Fingers crossed for you to get that trip.

Not much happening here. I worked yesterday and go in today for a few hours. DH got a text in the wee hours of the morning (which fortunately didn't wake us up) that his mom's hot water heater died, leaking all over the place. So I'm sure he'll have to head out there today to take care of it.

We just found out yesterday afternoon that we are having our wood floors refinished starting tomorrow. We took a last minute cancellation to get a price break. So today is "moving day." Every time we go to the basement or upstairs we carry something from the main floor to get it off the wood and/or further from the anticipated dust.


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Come on Spring!
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Quickie since I am heading out for a pedicure. Still have no word from Donna which is leaving me hanging. I am quite sure this trip is non-refundable but sure would like to know. No news is NOT good news in this case. Sure hope to hear from her soon as we are slated to leave day after tomorrow! Her daughter handled all the arrangements and is up in Pembroke as well. I don't even know the Aunt's married name so can't check the hospital. I'm feeling pretty helpless at the moment.

Update: Just heard from Donna's DD and Cuba is definitely a go, no matter what happens. Whew! I'm outta here to get pretty toes!
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Good morning,

Cottage sorry to hear about your mom but glad it was minor!

Ruth glad to hear that your trip is still on, did you hear how Donna's sister is doing?

to everyone else

I have to get a presentation ready this morning and I have meetings booked solid today. Drove in instead of taking the bus/train since I have a late meeting and Awana is tonight.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Still OP, just super busy. Working until 5 now, and last night I came home, fed the family (including Anna's mom,) and we all went graduation picture outfit shopping (pictures are tomorrow.) It takes a parental tag-team sometimes.... So missed most of Biggest Loser, put away some laundry, watched Deception, and went to bed.

Tonight Anna has a little function at her high school for next year, so that should be fun for her. I hope it's everything she dreams it will be!

Ahh to be 14 again. No thank you.

Well gotta start out the door. Have a great day!!!

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good morning,

Cottage - sorry to hear about your mother. Wishing her a speedy recovery and take care of yourself.

Ruth - so glad you are able to go.

Jen - glad you are enjoying your commute. How long does it take.

Cyndi - Nice to see you smile.

Scmoodles - I agree with you. I found her performance kind of mousy. After a while I felt like I was at a greek orthodox mass, where every word is sung.

Karen - hope you can stand the smell from the floor.

Pearl and Weezle - have a nice day.

me - got to stock up on meals for DH for when I go to DD. Going at the end of the month probably for 3 to 4 weeks.
take care
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Caught up on the daily posts.

Sophie it takes an hour in the train

Today was an unexpected training day. The Metro North Railroad fire chief took a small group of us on an excursion. We got to see areas that the public doesn't ever get to see. The terminal is quite complex and extends from 42 to 57th street. We trekked 7 stories below the lowest level of GCT. The east side access project will connect the Long Island Railroad to Metro North. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017, but I do not believe it will be on schedule. We walked over 4 miles. We walked through the tall glass windows high above the main concourse. By the end of the day I was thoroughly confused lol. Tomorrow I know I need to catch up on administrative paperwork.

Lisa you couldn't pay me to be 14 again!!

Ruth so happy your trip is still on

Cottage, keeping you and your family in my prayers

Cyndi I'm smiling with Karen. What a nice and well deserved surprise.

Tonight when I was talking with Joe, he told me his son was very impressed with what Joe and I accomplished this weekend. I had to laugh because he asked his dad if he helped or if everything was my doing. He even told his dad to thank me.

Well I better get my butt to bed 3:30 will be here long before I am ready for it

Oh Cyndi, the egg muffins were amazing!

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