South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default HELP! PHASE 1 exercising too much causing no weight loss??

Hello! This is my first post here and I hope to bring more in the future. I have a small question/problem. I am on day 4 of phase one in the SB diet. So far I have been eating very healthy(chicken/lettuce salad/egg almost every meal). I have been exercising an hour or so everyday(for 2 weeks) before starting this diet and while on the diet.

The type of exercise I have been doing is kickboxing and aqua aerobics. I am 137 lbs. Ever since I started the diet my body looks a little bit different due to the exercise, but I have not lost any significant weight at all.

Should I not exercise at all during phase 1? Would that help me lose weight? I feel like this is starting to feel pointless doing this SB diet as I see absolutely no difference to my weight or body. I am almost tempted to go back to eating rice again(I am Korean, so this diet is A LOT harder for me as I usually eat a lot of rice.)

I had tried Adkins about 4 years ago and I remember losing A LOT of weight(about 15-18 lbs) during phase 1. However, I was a little bit chubbier(150 lbs). But I only did adkins for about 3 months and stopped and settled at 140 for the past 3-4 years while eating very unhealthy(only recently went down to 137.)

I wanted to try SB diet because I have high cholesterol and am pre-diabetic so a fatty adkins diet was a big NO NO for me... but any advice on how to lose some weight would be greatly appreciated.

(I am drinking about 8-10 500 ml water bottles a day)

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Hemy, it sounds silly but I doubt that you are eating enough. Could you post a day's menu? The revised version of South Beach has changed the foodlist slightly. You now should be eating beans and dairy. This is not Atkins but a good carb diet. It is also recommended that you not exercise during Phase I. Do you have the book? is the link to the revised list. The additions are in green print.
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I agree with Ruth - can you post a menu?

In 4 days, you might not notice a huge difference if you only have 10 pounds in total to lose. This is a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. SBD helps you eat healthier overall.

Exercise is fine. I always retain water when I exercise though so I don't notice a huge drop but for the end of the month when my body adjusts (I have a lot more to lose than you).

Please come back and post a menu for us.
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So breakfast is:
7-9 am (depending on what time I wake up)
3 egg whites
3 cups of salad(baby lettuce)
homemade dressing with cilantro, garlic, ginger, balsamic vinegar, olive oil (I use about 3-4 tablespoons I know it says to use 2 tbsp but I just can't)

snack around 11 am- 5-10 almonds or cashews

Lunch 1 pm
2 chicken breasts
3 cups of salad(baby lettuce)
homemade dressing (2-4 tbsp)

1/4 block of tofu with sesame oil and soy sauce

dinner 5-7 pm
2 chicken breasts
2 egg whites
3 cup salad(baby lettuce)
homemade dressing or caesar salad(with only 1 g of carb)

Snacks: low fat string cheese, fudgcicle

Other days
half a block of tofu with sesame oil+soy sauce

3 cups of salad(baby lettuce)
ceasar dressing

Snack:string cheese, fudgcicle

2-3 chicken breast
1-3 egg whites
3 cup of salad
homemade dressing

I am thinking maybe you are right, maybe I am not eating enough??? OR I am eating WAY too much tofu? I am eating WAY more than 1/2 a cup.... It's more like 2 cups each serving sometimes even more(I'm Korean so I love korean tofu soups and once in a while still eat it) I drink about 8-10 500 ml bottles of water a day too.

I also do NOT eat many dairy products(only 1-2 string cheeses a day) and I have not eaten any beans at all....And no I do not have the book....

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