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Old 01-02-2013, 06:30 AM   #1
Come on Spring!
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Default Up and at 'em Wednesday, January 2

Here we go with another exciting year. 2012 is soooo yesterday.

I am off to the gym this morning after a ten day hiatus and fully expect to lose 20 pounds before my Cuba trip on the 17th. (Wouldn't it be loverly?) I'm also doing pet therapy at noon today and will be taking along Donna's wee Yorkie-Poo as well as my two. Should be fun.

Epiphany is not until the 6th but I am starting to de-decorate a bit. I'll leave the tree and creche until then but am feeling ready to ditch Christmas and get on with 2013.

It's very cold this morning at only 10F and more snow is coming tomorrow. I'm glad Donna is driving to the gym this morning as her car will be warm by the time she picks me up.

Have a lovely Hump Day whatever you do.
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Amen to 2012.

If you are on to a breakthrough on how to lose 20 lbs in the next 2 weeks, Ruth, please do share! Somewhere along the way, extra poundage has managed to attach itself to me with superglue and I'm having a heck of a time shaking it off. I hope Lulu does well at Pet Therapy today!

I've started to put some of my decorations away also, except for the tree and nativity. I usually take everything down on New Year's Day, but I'll wait for Epiphany this year, especially since it's on a weekend.
I work today and tomorrow, then have another 4 days off, although I'll probably go over to the farm when Jake and I get back from his appointment in the city on Monday.

to all our Newbies, and I hope everyone has a super OP day!
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Good morning chicks! It seems all us old members are having some velcro problems, good thing we have influences like Jennifer to remind us to try to keep it off!! So I sent the cookies with DH to work today to get them out, and am glad the holidays are over.

Ruth - have a blast at pet therapy today. You need to hurry up and patent your weight loss trick!

Cottage - oh, four days off you lucky girl! What ever are you going to do?!

Me is same ole same ole - work, try to get a work out in, then family evening.

PS - I am completely ignoring my decorations to another time.

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Good morning! And welcome to all the new Beachers.

Ruth - Good for you, heading to the gym.

Linda - I hadn't even begun to think about taking down the tree. Hmmm.

Twynn - Velcro - tee hee. I soooo wanted to toss all our leftover crap this morning before DH and DS got up. (It is trash day, after all.) They'd kill me!

I'm cleaning up from our gathering yesterday. DH and I are going to see Les Miserables this afernoon with my mom. I'd have put it off even longer - I hate crowds - but she was getting antsy and her husband has no interest in going.

All I can say about food and eating OP is that I am glad the holiday season is over! DH is reading another book about eating healthy, more vegetarianism stuff, and I am hoping he'll finally commit to actually making that about more VEGETABLES and less "non-meat that is horribly unhealthy crap" (like frozen pizzas and pasta and...).

Have a great day.

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Working on healthy
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Good morning It must be a work day, I've been drinking coffee since 5:30. Sure hope I'm still awake at 8:00 pm. I am so glad I'm starting back with a 3 day week. I'm definitely not in work brain yet but I'll get there before i have to be at the statehouse next Wed.

It's in single digits here and I'm just not going to think about it. I travel with my own climate anyway.

Yesterday was on plan though too much food and I exercised. Here's to another successful day! I decided to do a 30 in 30 hooping challenge - 30 minutes a day for 30 days. That should help me get back on track. Today I also have yoga. I updated my ticker and am very embarrassed about it. I haven't let things slide that much since I reached goal in 2008. I plan to be back at goal by my goal anniversary in June!

Almost said happy Monday It's hump day. I can make it to Saturday!
Maintaining 78 lb loss since 2008 thanks to South Beach and the tips, support, and tricks I learned here.
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Good morning to all the chicks new and veterans (we are not old, just seasoned lol)

Tammy yes I meant minutes on my post. If I logged that many hours I think I would be invisible lol oh and unemployed as I would never make it to work!! Loved the Velcro comment!!

Yesterday was a quiet, but productive day. Fixed the ceiling fan (apparently the blades loosened), washed and prepped uniforms, shined my boots, put things in the attic I won't need or use for work this year, laundry blah blah blah. Did have a completely P1 day which felt really good. Going for a second one today. Might prove challenging as we are going to the movies tonight and I do enjoy their popcorn. I may sneak in some mixed nuts and string cheese in my purse.

Ruth have fun today! When you get a chance, please make the exercise challenge a sticky. Thanks

Linda enjoy your days off

Cyndi glad your work weeks will be shorter. I love my 3 day weeks! Ok the work days are long 12 hrs plus an hour commute each way, but the days off make up for it

Karen enjoy Les Mis. I heard it is very good. Hope hubby gets on board with you. I am introducing a new veggie every month into my life this year. January's veggie is cauliflower

Hope everyone has a great day

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Good Morning

Sorry I didn't get to say hello yesterday. I got home from the airport late the night before and work was very early. When I got home the internet was turtle-like due to all the traffic on I-70.

We traveled this morning and are looking forward to a 104 degree soak at our hot springs....air temp is 6 degrees. We have today and tomorrow here and will travel back over Friday around noon.

Enjoy your day everyone!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me the kids want to hit the slopes earlier today. My son turns 21 today where did the time fly.

I still have all our decorations up at home will have to take them down on Sunday when we are back.

Stay safe chickies and here is to a great 2013 and that we lose all the extra weight that has attached itself to us. I am also in the velcro stage.
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Hi! Work has been so busy. I'm finally done with training. But I wanted to let you know I'm here and on track.

Happy freakin new year

Have a great night girls!

July SW: 129
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Good evening, ladies. I had a shift party at my house last night and consumed far too much alcohol on an empty stomach. I am not as young as I used to be and I am certainly feeling it today. As an added bonus, in my drunken stupor I was bound and determined that my friend, Brandon, needed a chair to sit in so I decided to bring him one. In doing so, I fell down the stairs and dislocated my kneecap. I relocated it myself this morning and it feels much better, but it's still very swollen and bruised. Ouch!!!

Last night:

This afternoon:

Ignore the fact that my legs need to be shaved, LOL

Ruth - 20 pounds in 2 weeks would be awesome!!! If you find the secret, please share, LOL

Cottage - I took all my decorations down yesterday before the shift party. On the one hand it's sad to see it come down, but on the other hand it feels really good to have it accomplished.

Twynn - Good job sending the cookies to work w/ the hubby. Out of sight, out of mind!!!

WaistingTime - You're going to see the play or the movie??? I really want to see the play, but I went to see the movie w/ my mom last week and I loved it!!!

Cyndi - If it makes you feel any better I haven't even stepped on a scale b/c I know it's going to be bad. I had gone back to PH1 and then my shift decided we needed to have a shift get-together, so I indulged last night w/ alcohol and off-plan food. Today I'm going back on PH1, though, and I'm sticking too it. I'm going to attempt the gym this morning, too, if my knee will allow me to. LOL

jekel - I love movie popcorn, too, but what always gets me is the White cherry Icees. Oh how I love them!!! Thankfully they have stopped selling them at our local theaters, so the temptation has been removed. Mixed nuts and string cheese sounds like an excellent idea, though...good thinking!!! I'll remind myself of that Friday when I go to the movies w/ my friend and my cousin.

Lexxiss - Oooh, I bet a soak in the hot springs would feel GREAT on my knee right now, LOL Enjoy!!!

Pearlrose - Happy 21st to your son!!!

weezle -

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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Hi everyone! Late to the party today (which is probably going to be the norm on work days.) No 9pm bedtime tonight, either - this is going to be more challenging than I thought.

Pearlrose, our children share a birthday! My daughter turned 17 today
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Kristina Marie
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Hello ladies! Today is my first day on P1! It's been tough as I worked a long 12 hrs but managed with lots of preparation to stay OP.

Sorry I'm on a tablet or I would attempt personals... I took our Christmas decorations down around the 27th because I wanted to put down my new area rug and not have needles all over it! The holidays come and go so fast! Especially when you're married to the Grinch like me! ;-)
~*~ Kristina ~*~

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Hi all!

Late check-in tonight. In fact, it's almost tomorrow :P

Ruth - I'd love to get to Cuba one day. On the last cruise, we circled Cuba so many times, we almost could say we were there! We couldn't dock in Grand Turk sadly.

We woke up late then put away decorations and totally redid the bins with the holiday stuff (all holidays) and the closet/storage so I feel accomplished! Tomorrow, we'll tackle the cleaning.
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