What have I done! Wednesday 12/26 beach chat

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  • Good evening, ladies. Slept until 4 PM today, catching up from all that sleep I didn't get during Christmas, LOL The past 2 nights at work were fairly uneventful, so that was a blessing. The screaming match w/ the ex on the way to work on Christmas Eve was NOT a blessing, LOL So much for trying to work things out. Oh well.

    jekel - Oh no!!! I hope you've gotten it fixed now!!! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas, though. Even though I had to work, I enjoyed the time I got to spend w/ family and friends on Sunday, for sure!!! And yes, definitely back on plan starting today. I feel absolutely disgusting. Blech.

    Ruth - Sounds like you did pretty well w/ your food choices. I don't think many of us would be able to resist caramel/cranberry/chocolate squares, LOL

    Cottage - Ugh, I am w/ you on the tummyache!!! Doesn't help that it's TOM, too...so I've got cramps on top of that yucky tummyache. I'm about to curl up w/ a heating pad and curse Mother Nature for a little bit, LOL Enjoy your time w/ the girls!!!

    Twynn - Ooh, a smoker sounds fabulous!!! As does a "sick" day to recuperate, LOL

    Lexxiss - Hope you had a decent day at work.

    WaistingTime - I think there's going to be a lot of us joining you on PH1, so you'll have lots of company, LOL

    Xan - Sounds like your weather is a lot like mine. Perfect day for a big pot of vegetable soup...if I could uncurl from my heating pad and go put

    Pearlrose - Hope you enjoyed the trip to the museum...and skiing sounds like lots of fun!!! I still haven't tried it...I'm worried that w/ my clumsiness I'll end up in a cast my first time out, LOL

    jenne - We can be a broken record together, LOL Every year I say "remember how gross you felt last year after eating off plan for the holidays??? Don't do it again!!!" And every year I kick myself in the butt again. LOL

    weezle - I don't think you could beat me hard enough to get me back inside a Sam's Club in the next week or so. I was there Saturday for about an hour and it was more than enough for me, LOL And I am TOTALLY jealous of Chris and his new Kitchenaid. I want a pink one SO BAD!!!

    Cyndi - I'm giggling at your signature that says your ticker is in a timeout, LOL Mine is just a liar right now...or I'm assuming it is b/c I haven't stepped on a scale to confirm since Thanksgiving. Bah!!! Go love on those fur babies...I've got one that has already demanded my attention a few times today, LOL

    Time to curl up w/ a heating pad and hope it eases my cramps. Geez, I'll be glad when I'm old enough to put TOM behind me. The one benefit to being fat(ter) was that TOM was so erratic that I only had to deal w/ it every 4 or 5 months. Not anymore...every 28 days, like freaking clockwork. GRR!!!