South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday Chirping on the Beach - Nov. 15

Good morning! Sure feels like winter out there at 23F so the dogs and I decided the trash can wait another week. I just don't relish lugging it to the road on a morning when I can see my breath. At least we have a long string of sunny days ahead. No snow here so far but it's waiting in the wings.

Not sure about what's on the agenda today but do know I must vacuum. Donna has been either sick or having to baby sit her grandchild lately so I need to tackle some vacuuming and maybe even see if I remember how to wash a floor. Wish me luck.

I know you south of the border Beachers are gearing up for Thanksgiving a week from today and I expect to enjoy the smell of turkey cooking wafting up here from the south. It'll get me into a Christmas mode. It's actually started because I've been digging out recipes and buying things ahead for my big Christmas Eve party. Buying things like shrimp and fancy cheese ahead of time sure lessens the shock at the cash register. I may do some baking to mail to my DD out on Vancouver Island.

Raising my coffee mug of Big Easy and wishing you a productive day.
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There's a thick coat of frost on my car windshield, so I know it's cold out there. And we had a power struggle with Amber this morning, as she was going to walk out the door without a jacket. Guess who won that battle? What is it with kids these days? They won't wear a coat unless you force them.

I'll be at Susie's all morning, and this afternoon I'm hoping to get the rest of Cindy's rose bushes cut back. I started on them yesterday, and I'm only 3/4 of the way through. It feels good to be out in the sunshine, though.

Ruth, that's a shame that Donna isn't feeling good. Did you mention that she has shingles? That could be pretty serious and I hope she's feeling better soon. And good luck figuring out how to work your vacuum cleaner,
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Good morning Ruth and the busy chicks who will chirp in later.

Ha! We are in a heat wave a whopping 32 this morning. Coconut has decided it's too cold and he likes to pee indoors on my kitchen floor. Might be time to break out the wee wee pads again. Except he likes to shred them afterwards. Talk about a nasty doggie lol

Back to work today, but feeling well rested which is good. Hope today to create a flyer to distribute at work to help my fundraising for the bike tour. Oh and pay bills too, sigh why must they come back each week lol

Have a great day, no turkey smells here yet, but the grocery store was insane yesterday!
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Good morning. I've been reading every day, even though I'm not posting. Nothing to say. And, honestly, feel guilty about saying anything since I'm pretty much not trying to stay OP. My mouth and throat are getting worse so I'm struggling to find things to eat that cause the least discomfort. Still haven't heard back with my test results. I'm worried about my nutrition so I think I'll finally try some kind of green smoothie. I hope my cranky blender can handle it! Off to yoga today. Boy, can I use some zen!
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Good Morning

Just trying to do a little bit of everything here this morning before we head to the pool. A quiet evening then pack up for a blast off tomorrow right after water aerobics.

Karen, I'm sure sorry that things don't seem to be getting any better and that you still don't have any test results. I'm looking at a Ninja fromC'stco for DD for Christmas. Seems it's better than a reg blender for green smoothies and lots less $$ than a vitamix. I hope you figure a way to get some nutrition going.

everyone else! Brrr!
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Good morning,

We are a Brrrr cold morning as well, I cranked up the car to defrost it this morning.

Okay I got meetings all day so can't post replies to everyone. I have to run to Macy's at lunch as my winter coat I ordered arrived it was tagged correct size but when I opened up bag it was 2 sizes too small bummer, wish I fit that size.

Have a great day everyone.
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Karen I think I speak for everyone, we hope you get relief soon. I can relate to the stress of waiting for results. I go every 6 months for a colposcopy because I have precancerous cells. Those suckers cannot seem to make up their mind if they want to go back to normal or go the other route! I get one good test, then six months later bam they change their mind. Debbie is right about the Nija. I have the three piece set. LOVE it! Makes awesome smoothies, great for chopping lots if veggies for soups too.

Please remember we are here for you

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Afternoon, ladies...just popping in to say hello.
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Getting back into it
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Afternoon all,

Also popping in just to say hi - and to whine about how difficult it is to go back to Phase I and get a fresh start. I begin my day with the best intentions - breakfast and lunch go according to plan, but by late afternoon, I'm caving.

Really struggling to get back into that place mentally and emotionally that allowed me to lose the first 30 lbs - and away from that space that helped me gain back 5 or more lbs.
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