TGIF on the Beach - October 19

  • Good morning and help yourself to coffee. Feeling a tad dragged out this morning but I'll perk up soon.

    As usual, yesterday did not go as planned. (Does it ever?) However my house is nice and clean, I made some progress on the tax stuff and worked in some mending and quilting.

    Off to the gym this morning and then I may finally make a quick trip to town for odds and sods - like lightbulbs, a frying pan, bird seed and other glamourous stuff.

    Happy Friday, Chickies!
  • hello guys i restated the diet(due to they let me go of work for 2 weeks) on 16th andi am down to 257 out of 260.

    i do the recipes fromthe sbd cook book but i wonder: how could sbd meatloaf be a diet recipe ???? it s toooo good to be a diet recipe an to easy to make. ty cookbook
  • Good morning Sitting in my kind of yucky hotel room drinking very weak coffee and trying to wake-up before heading to the conference I'm working. So glad they will have better coffee there! Why is it so easy to be away from home for fun and so hard for work? Got the whole yucky coffee, hard to sleep, just out of sorts thing going on. I bet that won't be a problem when I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks!

    Ruth - enjoy the glamorous life of the retired
  • Good morning! I'm starting my morning with Pumpkin Spice coffee. MMMMMM! Want some?

    It's storming outside right now, and makes me glad I have the day off. I will be setting out around noonish to drive to NJ though, and hope the rain has let up by then. It's not fun to be on the expressway in heavy rain. My DD is throwing herself a birthday party tonight, so I'm going over early to help her get ready, and spend the rest of the weekend with her. The party should be fun; everyone is supposed to bring 5 of their favorite things, and we'll go home with 5 of everyone else's favorite things. I wonder how that's going to work, though, since they'll be 14 people there.

    I'm ready for more coffee, and I have to feed another load of clothes into the washer.

    Enjoy the day!
  • Didn't perk up and have very low blood sugar. I have eaten and am going back to bed for a bit instead of forcing myself to go to the gym. Donna isn't going either as she's feeling ill. We may both have the same bug.
  • Ooohhh, Ruth, hope you're not getting sick and perk up soon. CHeck in with us later!

    Irina - I haven't tried the SBD meatloaf, glad you like it. Welcome back!

    Cyndi - it is truly painful when you can't get good coffee in your hotel. At my class a couple of weeks ago, I'd stop at panera after leaving the hotel to fill up. Ahhhh...

    Cottage - travel safe in the rain, and have fun tonight. Sounds like a great idea!! You'll have to tell us what you received as the 5 favorite things!!

    For me - it's nice because the kids have the day off, DH has the day off, and I work it's a nice quiet morning! His eyes did bug out last night when I told him he can plan supper since he has the day off (and don't forget his new diet!). He's kinda used to me just having everything done and ready for him, esp. if it's healthy.

    Huh - DH just got in the shower....quite bizarre for him to be up this early!!
  • Oh dear, Ruthie! I hope you and Donna feel better soon! Get some good rest.
  • Good Morning

    Ruth, thanks for getting us started and I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Irina, welcome back! Enjoy your two weeks off and your SBD restart.

    Twynn, yay for a peaceful morning!

    Linda, safe travels!

    Cyndi, ouch for bad coffee in your hotel!

    Me, slept in now off to the basement for organizing before the heating guy comes....down to Denver later for moving. I hope the heater guy comes sooner vs later.

    Have a great Friday everyone!
  • TwynnB u should try it is wonderfull incredibile.
  • Good morning slept in today until 8, such a rarity! Enjoying coffee and a smoothie. We had a wonderful hike yesterday right here in Yorktown. Actually got my heart rate up!! Today we are staying in, which makes it easier to stay OP. My BFF, her kids and boyfriend and my friend Joe are coming to dinner. Ham, turkey, acorn squash, asparagus and mashed garlic potatoes (not for me) will be served with homemade key lime pie (made from authentic Florida key limes) for dessert.

    Time to get moving have a great Friday
  • Greetings from pitch black LA. The two hour time difference kills me! Flights went fine. Debbie - I thought of you while we sat for 2 hours waiting for our connection in Denver Took DS and some friends out to dinner last night (everyone ate but me; I ate sandwiches on the plane that I'd packed) and then the teens had a frat party. He has classes until this afternoon so DH and I are going to be tourists. And shop for my hiking boots.
  • Hi ladies!
    Cottage - what pumpkin coffee brand are you drinking? I have the Dunkin Donuts one and I'm not 100% in love with it, but it's pretty good.

    I have a really light day at work so I'm fixing to go for a long run (13 miles). I'm running a marathon in December and my training has been... um... not great, haha. Here we go!!
  • Quote: Hi ladies!
    Cottage - what pumpkin coffee brand are you drinking? I have the Dunkin Donuts one and I'm not 100% in love with it,
    It's Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice, and it's the best I've tasted!