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Come on Spring!
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Default Hump Day Beach Chat - October 10

And the day has started with a major hump.

Disney survived her dental surgery and is now minus seven teeth! She ate my specially prepared soft supper eagerly but unfortunately it didn't sit well overnight. I have major cleanup in two rooms this morning! Not a good way to start the day. It's rubber gloves, putty knife, paper towels and Mr Clean time once I finish my coffee. I doubt that I'll make it to the gym for 7:30.

Quite pleased about the Mill financial situation for now. We did well at the TD Festival and yesterday out long-awaited Trillium grant arrived. I know it's not my money but it'll be nice to see us out of using our line of credit to pay bills and salaries. AS soon as I get the tax return and the audit stuff off my desk, I'll be able to relax.

Happy Hump Day, Chickies.
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You're better than we are Ruth - we just tell our clients to add water to dry for 10 minutes or so then feed. Would that help the GI problems? So glad to hear she came thru surgery fine yesterday, modern medicine is fabulous!

I have 3 dentals today, I am excited to do the techniques I learned this weekend! I am hoping to get out at a reasonable time to take a hike, the weather has been fabulous. My draw for a nap may win over though...

What's on everyone else's plate today?
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Sorry you have to start your day by cleaning up some messes, Ruth. I hope Disney is feeling much better now and recuperates quickly, poor thing.

I'm hoping I can get over a frustrating hurdle today and get our Verizon straightened out. We changed plans on Monday and have had nothing but trouble ever since, and trying to deal with them over the phone is exasperating, to say the least. Today it's looking like I'm going to have to call them again. I guess it's a minor thing when you look at the big picture, but still.
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Come on Spring!
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Tammy, I gave her soaked dry this morning. I think my mistake was adding grated raw carrots to the mix. Should have stuck to just egg and bread.

All is well now and my two back rooms smell of Pinesol and Febreeze. The doors are open to air things out and we are hanging out in the front of the house until it all dries. The day can only get better now. Right?

Cottage, I hate dealing with stuff like that. Ma Bell really frustrates me as does Revenue Canada our IRS. For someone who was a bureaucrat, I do not cope well with those folks.

On with the day not that I'm over the biggest hump ... I hope!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Today will be a much slower day, just the usual driving and visits then home by 4 for yoga. hopefully no injuries this time.

Ruth - What a yucky way to start your day. Hope the rest is smooth sailing and Disney's tummy has settled.

Twynn - Hope you have time to do something you choose this afternoon (it's a good day for a nap around here).

Cottage - good luck with Verizon

Time to figure out a breakfast plan and get this day rolling.
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Good Morning

Oh, Ruth, I know your story well...but have never tried a putty knife. I hope poor Disney is feeling better...I know it wasn't fun for her, either. The rest of your day can only be better. Thanks for getting us started, anyway.

Our trip went well and we met our friends for dinner before even heading to the house. I've goofed off on ancestry stuff this morning and now it's time to get going. My agenda is pool and perhaps looking at the bike sales that are going on. Then I think I'll work on the ancestry stuff later (if I don't buy a bike)

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning, ladies. I tried to sign in and post in yesterday's daily thread, but couldn't seem to quite connect. I think it was my internet connection at the Command Post, though.

Anyway, oral surgery yesterday morning went well, but it looks like I've been punched in the lip. I mentioned it to everybody I saw last night at the fair in an attempt to avoid the awkwardness while they stare at my lip trying to figure out what happened, LOL I have a total of 4 stitches and have to go back in a week or so to make sure that everything came back fine from the lab (nothing out of the ordinary is expected, but they send it off just in case). I expected to be sore, but I'm really not.

I'll be back on my regular shift tonight, so I'm probably going to head off for a nap shortly. Hope you ladies are having a good day.
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Good afternoon, I was up early, but getting my son up and to school on time is no easy task! Darn teenage years. Came home and made the meatball casserole and the deep dish spaghetti squash pie. Tasted both and they are delicious. decided to take tomorrow off from work as I want to keep going on my major cleaning spree. No ride today as planned due to rain. Will take it indoors later after I drop my son off at work. Time to clean more windows and was curtains YEAH me lol
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Not sure how it got to be 6:30 pm, but there ya go . . .

Got kids up and going, grabbed a babble cheese and a glass of V8, and ran off to PT. Them to help my good friend buy multitudes of mums for her son's wedding, being held at her house Saturday. Ran home, got kids, took kids to activities, and back to get my OWN mums for the front bed.

So - I guess that was how it got to be 6:15 pm.

Back on the wagon today after MIL's dinner last night, which included the best margarita I think I I ever had.

Be well -
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Not sure why I'm wired the way I am. Got the bad news that my dad's friend passed away, so I cried some, blew my nose, and immediately wanted to eat, even though I just finished dinner less than an hour ago. It wasn't cravings... It was like a deep urgent need. Thankfully I caught myself and I may make some tea, but I'm not eating a frozen pizza. It won't bring Robert back. So I may just have to deal with the negative emotion and pray my dad is doing ok.
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