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Come on Spring!
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Default Tranquil Tuesday Chat - August 14

Good morning. I just typed Tranquilt and corrected it but perhaps that's a signal about what I should do today! The quilt Cottage and I pinned last February is still sitting there waiting patiently to be machine quilted.

Not a single thing on the agenda today which is unusual and just great. I'm sure I'll find something to fill in the time though. I still have the tomato invasion to deal with - salsa anyone? I do still have my Grandmother's chili sauce recipe and just may do that for old times sake - I can buy salsa but not Grandmas's chili sauce. I also have orders for three rum cakes which could be made and stashed in the freezer. I'm sure I'll find something to keep me off the streets and out of the pool hall!

My ticker has been re-instated. I've porked up a bit lately and need to get back on track. I'll work on 20 pounds at a time because I really need to get into the 160s for the first time since 1980 - before some of you were born!

Raising my mug of French Roast in a toast to Tuesday.
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I'll join you with my mug of Sorrento, Ruth. I don't know what your weather is like today, but it's overcast here with storms expected all day to make for a great day to stay home and quilt.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday, but after lunch we had time to come back here to my house for a swim, and Amber joined us. As you might imagine, there was lots of giggling and squeals with 3 pre-teens!

Today I'm going to do a little tidying while the girls have a riding lesson, then there's piano and violin lessons, then home to celebrate Amber's 12th birthday. Yes, there will be cake, but I'm happy with just a small sliver.
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Good Morning

I slept in a bit so I thought I'd check in while I'm upstairs. I can't wait for my first cup of coffee this then home to work. Not much new here.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning all you chicks!

It's kind of a dreary morning out...overcast and drizzly. I did pull up some weeds and the overgrown greens in the garden yesterday, but I know the cukes and tomatoes will appreciate the rain. I need to find out when to plant my fall crop of greens!

I was exhausted yesterday from work and 2 meetings. The pup's leg does so much better if I walk her, so we still went on a walk late last night, which I definately could use too. Today - my schedule is packed again (heeelllloooo!! It's supposed to be slowing down now!!), so I'll be happy if I get a lunch break. I get a short vacation at labor day, I can't wait!!
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Good morning!

I'm off to yoga, then the store, then work this afternoon. My teen's college roommate is flying in today (from his home in Florida) so they can drive my son's car back (to CA) together later this week.

Have a great and OP day!
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Good morning! Up early on my day off to get some work done on a couple online courses I'm taking. Not much on the agenda today other than coffee-drinking, some studying, a bike ride and a dog walk. I probably should clean the house at some point too! If it doesn't happen on my day off, it doesn't happen!

Tonight we're going to dinner at my parents' house. My sister eats really healthy too, so we're doing some tasty SBD-friendly food.

Off to drink my coffee.
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Good morning, nice cool morning here. Went to the movies to see Hope Springs. Very cute, touching movie. it was nice to be in the company of adults at the movies. No profanity or nudity either! How refreshing!

Picked veggies at friend's garden and hit my favorite farm stand too. I plan in making SB friendly zucchini breads / muffins and freezing some. Plus I will be making more zucchini chips.

After breakfast I am going to clean out my bill basket as it is way over due. Back to work tomorrow

Have a great day
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Good morning. Pets are bugging me for food, so just a quick post. Working from home today - yay. Helping DD get her college transfer/schedule stuff worked out.
I saw yesterday that several of you talked about fly lady. I never really got through all the "babysteps" but it was really making a difference in my house. I think I'll jump in with you guys and get back to flying. It will make my husband less crabby for sure.
Okay - gotta go. The older cat is going to do damage to DD's computer if I don't feed them! They'll do anything to get attention when they're hungry!!!
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Tranquil Tuesday indeed -- only a half day at work today Hopefully the morning isn't too hectic! I guess I should go get going!
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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me in between meetings at the moment. Sounds like everyone is doing well and starting to get in to the "fall" season lol.

DD2 starts school tomorrow so that will be great. I did much better eating yesterday and hoping for even better day today.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Took dd to orientation. We found her class rooms and met her teachers. She's excited for school to start. I'm excited to cut down on child care costs.

I'm doing well on phase 2. No cravings with the oat meal. Now to add a bit of fruit.
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Howdy folks! Just popping in to say hullo before I run off to work (yay, another night shift). Been veggie-ing it up with the garden bonanza. Anyone care for (oh my god is that another one I missed?) squash? I'm growing baseball bats over here...

Made a new recipe tonight, blackened tofu (using the Daily Garnish recipe! No link as I understand that's against the rules...) Hubby even liked it! Went well with the stir fried veggies.

Wish me luck (and caffeine)...

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