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Default Monday Beach Chat for 8/13

A big mug of coffee to get this Monday after 2 weeks vacation started.

It's back to work and the normal routine for me. I'm eager to see my girlies again and listen to all their stories of what they did at camp and at the shore, but on the other hand, I'd love to crawl back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

I have no idea what time I'll be home this evening, but I'll see you on the other end. Let's make it a good one!
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Good morning, Linda, and all who follow!

I have a big day today! My trainer's new gym is finalllllly ready and my mom and I are starting back on our twice-a-week workouts. (The gym was supposed to open the beginning of June; long story.) I'm a tad worried about how hard my workout will be and how much I'll be aching tomorrow since we'll do much heavier weights than what I do in group classes.

Then I get my hair cut/colored. Run to the grocery story. And work the closing shift.

Have a great day, all.
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Morning ladies!

Cottage - curling back up in bed sounds like a GREAT idea. Hope the girls have lots of stories for you!

Karen - have fun at the new gym, sounds great.

I have a staff meeting at work today, woo. hoo. LOL...can you tell I'm excited? Plus a full day at work, appt for myself this afternoon. I need to figure out supper tonight too - any great suggestions?!?!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Another rain-ish one here with showers off and on for the next few days. The grass is recovering and is actually growing. Raising my coffee mug in encouragement to the farm crops and pastures. (A dairy farmer friend has been feeding the poor cows hay from this June since his pastures were crunchy brown.)

I have really been goofing off lately and the scale and my body are showing it. This morning I am going back to the gym, the first time since mid-July. It will not be pretty but my PT Linda is kind and gentle. First, a smoothie with Fibre1 and fruit plus other healthy stuff. I wonder how a tomato smoothie would work - I have lots of them! I see a large batch of salsa in my future this week.

Looking forward to the weekend in Montreal to see "Wicked" with my crazy cousin Cathie. I've even decided to take the train down there rather than drive - not that I'm getting old, just do not like driving the 401 on weekends.

Off I go for a smoothie and then to the gym. Happy No Moaning Monday!
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I'm up and drinking my coffee. The ex called at 650 again. I didn't get to the phone in time so I don't know what the excuse is.

I'm down 2 pounds.
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Oooh Ruth - So jealous on seeing Wicked. My DD's class had "for Good" as their graduation song, and she sang the Elphaba solo - It was something I will always cherish. Enjoy!
Everyone else - sounds like it's back to the grind for all of us. I'm finally feeling a little less frantic, a little more caught up. That certainly helps my mood. I may have dodged a virus bullet, too. DD had a tummy bug over the weekend. Thought for sure I was getting it yesterday, but it seems to have passed. Yay for healthy eating! I'm really thinking it makes a difference in my immune system.
Alrighty - off to the races! I'll check back later.
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Good morning,

I woke up to thunder and rain so no run outdoors for me, so I did Zumba on the Wii instead.

Back to the grind for me as well, I still have an eye rash going on went to doctor and he gave me eye drops and I didn't wear my contacts all weekend. It was all cleared up but I was like my wrinkles are getting very noticeable better use my eye cream and viola eye rash is back. I threw away the my eye cream as that is the only thing I added back.

Hope everyone has a great Monday today.
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Good morning ladies. I am enjoying my last two days off before going back to work. Yesterday was a little disappointing, maybe because I really do not enjoy being in the company of my brother at all. Partly because he never contacts my mom (ever) but mostly because he is very boisterous and arrogant. The food was good, my son certainly endulged. The service was poop. Truthfully I think because they automatically include a 20% tip. Brunch cost $120 for the two of us! I don't mind dividing a bill equally to make it easier. However, my brother's bar tab had to be close to 100 bucks. Sorry I a moaning so I will stop....soon. My son was not permitted in the casinos so our options were limited. My one sister and her hubby walked around with us for a little while. Everyone else went gambling. I did play one slot machine and won $58 so I was happy. I let my son drive part of each way so he way happy.

Later in the evening, after bringing him to his dad's, I dropped my car off for service and did an interval walking / running program. I needed to clear my head somewhat. So at least I started and ended the day in a positive. It is beautiful here, so I will take my work out outdoors. I do need to stop snacking at night and figure out why I am so restless / anxious lately.

Enjoy the day
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Hi Everyone!

I had to leave the house at 5am for a 2hr RT to the airport BEFORE going to work for 9 hours. I did make my green smoothie for drinking in the car. I had already decided to give FLYLADY a try so I still have chores to do that didn't get done before I left. Fortunately, I've already seen progress so I'm motivated.

See ya'll tomorrow!
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I always get on here WAY after the fact...nonetheless, good evening! I'm having a pretty good day, even with a rocky start. Chessa (my partner) and I have inventory at work once per fiscal period (every 4 weeks). It is normally at 5 a.m. but Chessa had to do hers at 3 a.m.! So, needless to say, we were both up by 2:30 and I just couldn't sleep anymore. LONG day! Found stuff to do around the house until 5 when I had to meet my chef at work to count inventory, worked 5 - 3, then home for a little nap I'm always insatiable on inventory days with such an early start, but I've been making great choices and now have a spaghetti squash pizza in the oven.

Tomorrow we are both off work, so that will be nice...lots of stuff around the house planned, along with a long bike ride (trying out a route for Chessa to bike the 11 miles to work!), and a trip to the dog park or walk with the puppies.

Hope everyone has a great Monday evening!
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Working on healthy
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Hello all, guess it's too late for coffee

Debbie - glad to see I'm not the only one here tonight! I was going to try flylady right before Julie got sick. Thinking about giving it a try now. What do you think so far?

Today I met with the new campaign director and had a long, honest discussion about expectations, work, etc. So far I really like him and think I can work with him. Seems to be a fan of open, rational communication (not the former directors strength) and totally supports reasonable work loads and boundary setting. I really hope this works out!

Hope your week is off to a good start. At least we all made it through Monday!

ETA Angie

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