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Default Wednesday's Daily SBD Chat for 7/18

Can you believe we're halfway through July already?!!! Summer flies but winter drags. Even with the heat, though, I'll take summer over winter any day. Even if we are supposed to reach 100* before noon today.

Plans were quickly changed yesterday when Cindy found out about a horse derby. The girls wanted to go, so off we went to bake in the heat for 2 1/2 hours. It was fun, though, and the girls both had excellent runs. We barely had time to go back to the house for a quick shower and change before violin lessons, but we made it.

So we're going to try again today to go birthday present shopping, and Audrey needs to stop by Joanne Fabrics and Crafts for a specific material for a project she's working on. Severe T-storms are predicted for this evening, but I hope to get a swim in before they arrive. I'm thinking cauliflower crust pizza will make a nice ending to the day.

Who's ready to join me for more coffee?
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Good morning I'll join you

Git home VERY late last night from dinner. More like early morning, by the time I was able to get into bed it was after 1. Up for work at 3:45. Oh I am dragging today, but worse something I ate left me with an angry tummy. Itbwasnt that I hate huge portions, but rather foods I normally do not eat on a regular basis. The pie (homemad apple raspberry) was worth the discomfort. It is so bad I actually dumped my morning coffee, I am certain my co workers will suffer for this later lol

We had a very nice time and enjoyed the company of a spry 94 year old woman! Sharp, funny and extremely wise.

Working through Saturday and then only one week until vacation begins!

Stay low today it's going to be a scorcher!
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Good Morning

Our temps have cooled in Colorado, at least up in the mtns. We've been getting some rain every afternoon, too. It's been nice to take the watering chore off my list.

Work again today and I think I'll try to do as little as possible when I get home. I was snacky at work yesterday. Fortunately, it's not an everyday thing.

Have a great day everyone!
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Cottage - I was thinking the same thing as I opened up the it really 1/2 way thru July already!?!? I can't imagine sitting thru a derby (those poor horses!) for 2 1/2 hours in that heat.

Jekel - Oh, I can't exist on that little sleep anymore!! I hope you can get more coffee!!

Nothing TOO exciting today - work, maybe a work out (hmmm..bring a swimsuit for the indoor pool!??! It's too hot out otherwise!), a meeting this afternoon. Normally, DS has martial arts, but it's cancelled this week and next, so that gives me time to cook up the garden's bounty....squash, and greens!!
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Good morning,

Cottage I have been battling the heat for swim team as well, but the end is in sight. Hope you get your swim in

Jekel, I could not get by with that little sleep, hope yor tummy settles

Debbie we could use a cool down and rain

Twynn, I got my run in this morning but have tough time cooling down to get ready for work in time still sweating for far too long

Today nothing on the schedule tonight tomorrow nite is prelims for swimming.

Have a great day everyone
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Halfway through July?! It's hot here too with no end in sight. We are in a heat advisory or some such thing and the predicted temps for the coming week are all over 100 degrees. Gotta be grateful for air conditioning I'm off to work later this morning. Then grocery shopping. Such an exciting life I lead.

Have a great day.
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I'll join you in more coffee, cottage! *Must... have... coffee...*

I worked until nearly midnight last night. Came home to a good dinner! (After I emailed the husband asking if the list worked out for him. His one word response: "List?" Fortunately he found it and cooked.)

Today I'm getting ready to head out to take my 21 year old brother to have a surgical fistula put in... poor chap's got autoimmune kidney damage and is on dialysis. Hopefully come December (after I finish school) I can give him a kidney and buy him another couple decades!

Going to go make a puffed scrambled egg in the microwave and some coffee... and then maybe crawl into the shower. Anyone else feel like a swing shift upsets your body clock more than a straight night shift?

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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Come on Spring!
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Late check-in today. we finally got some rain (not a lot) BUT we also got a tornado which knocked out the power in nearly 4000 homes. It just got restored now. We were lucky but Athens, the next town, is in really bad shake with 200 year old trees down throughout the whole village. Our power went out at 4 PM and was just restored now. Of course, no power means no water here in the boonies so I am about to head for the shower and carry on with Pet Therapy this afternoon.

Spent the morning upstairs in the Fair Hall tagging and recording schoolwork winners so a shower will feel like heaven!
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Cool I'm back from vacation

Good afternoon chicks!

I am home from vacation. I am exhausted after driving 11 hours yesterday. I did a great job of eating gluten free but not so great eating on plan. I am back on program, sort of, I slept in late and had a good SB breakfast when I got up. I will not get all my meals and snacks today.

It was hot in Wisconsin and it is hot here today. They are predicting storms. I hope we get it because we need rain. My feet and hands are swollen and my weight is up.

See you on the beach!
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