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Default Beach chat for Wednesday July 11

Good morning, since I am pulling an all nighter I thought I would start us off.

Had a nice time at dinner with my son. We went to his favorite burger place. I started off good, by avoiding the bun. The fries and onion rings were my demise. Followed by ice cream later made for one ANGRY tummy. I did do 45 minutes of spinning which was no easy task. I am not getting upset with myself at all. I made the choice to eat poorly and now I am paying for it. Despite my eating I still worked out, which was positive. I hope I always feel this badly when I over due it. Maybe I won't do it too often. One meal certainly is not going to derail me. A fewdays of clean eating and I'll be fine.

We leave in a few weeks for our road trip. My friend is in charge of our snacks. He is so good. We are taking a cooler with water, seltzer, veggies, nuts, fruit and cheese. Since we are renting a house we plan on eating in more than out. I cannot wait to have our morning coffee on the deck over looking the lake. We plan on bike riding, lots of walks and canoeing. I told him it was important to me that we do some physical activity everyday. He is completely on board. I am lucky we share a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle.

I probably won't be checking in later, so hope everyone has a great day
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Jekel and those to follow. We can have coffee on the deck this morning and watch the sunrise which is clear and coolish. There's a leftover piece of the moon there and it's very pretty this early.

Jekel, not to worry over your burger place baddies. I must confess I had fries when I was in NJ last weekend AND a donut still warm from the fryer. We are human and these things happen. Good for you jumping right back on track. Your friend sounds like a great person and your lake holiday should be wonderful.

A hard visit to the nursing home yesterday afternoon as one of my favourite ladies died while I was there with Jazz. Anna loved my little guy - called him her Toby - and her family said she talked about him a lot. (They have been there every day and night for the past two weeks.) "Toby" and I have been asked to the funeral but I'm not sure he will be able to go.

Naturally that was a downer afternoon but last night's Fair Board meeting was an upper. Things are moving along well and my "team" are ready to do a blitz in hanging up all the schoolwork after it's judged. The judge and I will do it tomorrow at 10 a.m. (Vicki told me she was morning person so I suggested we start at six - she meant ten! ) We will be back into very hot weather tomorrow so I will go over early and turn on the exhaust fan.

Right now I am going to turn on the water in the veggie garden and then have a yummy raspberry smoothie before getting ready for the gym. After that I have a little space of time before going to the Clinic for pet therapy at the day away program. It seems sinful to sit on the porch and read in the morning but I'm going to do it! I've not even started the book for Friday's Book Club.

Have a Happy Hump Day and take a little moment just for you.
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Jekel - I hope you post a pic of the view!! I'm with Ruth - we're all human, and it's impossible to not indulge in some of those goodies occasionally. I do love me some good battered onion rings .

Ruth - Awwww, that's so sweet about "Toby". Sounds like she was blessed to have little Jazz in her life, and it really helped her out. It is so sweet you do that for them. BTW - raspberries sound AMAZING in a smoothie.

I have a cute pooch laying next to me, she's recovering nicely from her latest chemo. It shrunk them to almost normal!! Hooray! Now, if they only stay like that.

Today is a shorter day, with any luck. I may try to get into the mountains, but I haven't looked at the weather or anything. On these warmer days, I go into the valleys with the stream, it is sooo much cooler there.
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May I join you two for coffee on the deck? It's delightfully cool here right now, too, but it's supposed to heat up fast.

Jekel, I'm glad you and your son had a nice evening last night, and try to drink a lot of water and have a clean eating day today to make up for the indiscretions. Life does happen, but it's how we deal with the aftermath that matters. Your vacation with your friend sounds wonderful, and it's great that he's on board with you.

Ruth, that's so sad about Anna, but it's touching that Jazz gave her such happiness and comfort to make up for her Toby. I wish I were there to help sort the artwork, especially since I'm now experienced in that line. Enjoy your porch time, and I hope the book is a good one.

It's just your SOSO Wednesday here. Morning at Susie's, lunch and relaxing with the girls until it's time for Pony Club, stopping by to check in on Mom & Dad after work, and I may bake some zucchini bread this evening since I've been getting lots of requests. There may even be time for a quick dip in the pool while it's baking.

Good morning, Tammy! That's wonderful news about ReesiePup!

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Talking Packing for vacation!

Good morning beach chicks!

I am working on my first cup of coffee, today will be a busy day. I will be packing for vacation. I am leaving in the morning to drive to my daughters place in Wisconsin. I will be gone about a week. I look forward to our visit.

See you on the beach!
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Good morning!

Jennifer - That vacation sounds lovely.

Ruth - So sorry about your friend. Hugs.

Twynn - Good news!

Linda - My (formerly) favorite way to eat zucchini. Mmmm.

Cindy - Have a safe drive and fun trip.

I have my annual physical this morning. Then lunch with a friend later. I chose the place and know I can get a fabulous, huge salad. Just in case I finally decide to get my eating back on track! I think I've been rather stressed about some little things at work, lately, and that has translated into some serious emotional eating.

My guys drove back from CO yesterday and got home in the wee hours of the morning. The good and bad results from my teen's aptitude test - he's skilled at almost everything! Of course that doesn't mean he'd like it all. Seems he needs variety and will get bored easily. Oh, and how did they ever pick up that he's a procrastinator!? I'm curious to see what my teen thinks about all this when he's had time to process it and consider his quest for a new college major.

My other son called me yesterday to ask how to get chocolate off his work shirt. I guess I should just be glad I'm still needed for something.

Have a great day, all. Must hustle to actually shower early for a change.
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Good Morning

A flyby, but I always check in. Kirk has a backache this am and I need to massage some stuff on it, get work dressed and drink my smoothie in the next 20 minutes. I had the joy of going outside to pick our first cherries as an addition to the smoothie this morning.


Take care everyone!
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morning ladies,

jekel - way to get back on the horse
ruth - my condolences
twynn - hope the chemo works!
cottage - I wanna dip in the pool with you
Cindy - safe travels!
karen - I hope your appt. goes well and the stress goes away!
debbie - have a great day

as for me, I've got one more day off! yay. it was on my calendar and the big calendar so I am going to take it. I had a bit of a panic attack yesterday about lots of little stuff so I can use today to soothe back into things. I did Wii Fit yesterday, and will again today. Laundry and dishes are done as well so I think I will actually head out to the pool around noonish for a few hours.

Happy hump day!
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Good morning,

Quick flyby for me wasn't able to make it in earlier. I am procrastinating on finishing up a powerpoint presentation and need to get back to it since I present tomorrow yikes!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Good Day Chicks- Beautiful and sunny here today.

Jennifer- Good for you jumping right back on the wagon. I dont think I could have passed up onion rings they are my fav. Your trip sounds fantastic.

Ruth- What a sweet Jazz story, sorry about Anna. Hope you got sometime to
read on the deck today.

Twynn- Great news about your puppy

Cottage- I will have to get your zucchini recipie

Cindy- Enjoy your mother/daughter time, drive safe

Karen- Hope your had a great lunch with your friend. Hope your salad was great.

Debbie- I got one cherry on my tree this year.

Pearlrose-Hope your power point got done.

Jenne- Hope you enjoyed your day off.

Me- Went to have my ultra sound done yesterday and my stomach is feeling horrible today. I think I am going to have to change my eating to see if that will help. Today I am trying to eat pretty bland. Tonight is exericse class I hope I can make it through the class.

Enjoy your day my friends.
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