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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Friday, June 8

Good morning. Lots of birdsong out there this morning and the day is unfolding beautifully - so far. Of course, rain is in the forecast for the next three days. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

My garden, including the weeds, is looking lush from all the rain and I'm starting to eat radishes, lettuce, spinach, chard and green onions. Sugar snap peas coming soon! I do have more cucumber, celeriac and eggplants to set out - maybe this weekend?

Jazz and I are off to work the Health and Wellness Expo at the Brockville Country Club for the pet therapy group. We are partnered with Mr Brie who is a very large Standard Poodle. He and Jazz get along very well and look pretty cute sitting together in their special red scarves. I hope I have time to take some pictures.

Raising my mug of Italian roast to toast your TGIF.
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Good morning Guess if I'm going to wake-up at 4:30 and the rain isn't coming in until later I might as well go for a walk.

Ruth - It's been too wet to even get near my garden this year. I really hope I can get something in there in the next two weeks!

Back later for more check-ins
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I'm raising my mug of Wolfgang Puck's Sorrento to this lovely Friday morning.

Ruth, that must make quite a picture with wee Jazz paired up with the large poodle! And I bet Jazz is the leader, right? I sure do miss him and Disney and will have to plan a visit very soon.

Cyndi, enjoy your walk! Everything must be lush and green there after all that rain.

Gee, it's the beginning of my 3-day weekend and I don't have any commitments. Jake and I do have to run up to the pool supply store for some things, and there's the normal grocery shopping, but I hope to spend a few quiet hours poolside with my book and a tall glass of iced tea this afternoon before everyone gets home.
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Ruth - I LOVE standard poodles!! That would be a dog I'd love to have one day. My DH said no (I joked he wasn't comfortable with his sexuality), but I bet if he met one he'd enjoy them. SO smart!

Cottage - enjoy your weekend, and esp. today. Maybe you'll get some quiet alone time?!

I'm grateful that I don't work until 1 today, yesterday was another exhausting day. I know today is a packed schedule, but it's only 1-6. The kids are off school now, so I'm not sure if I'll clean or drag them on errands .

I will admit I am not eating well this week, but I've actually lost weight because I'm not really eating much either. I hope to get results on the pup today.
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Good Morning

We travel today-both directions. I hope it's not too difficult for Kirk. The worst part is house to car and back. It's a beautiful morning...I tiptoed out with Bing just a few minutes ago.
I really stocked up at Costco and Whole Foods yesterday. It was heck hauling everything in but I should be set up for awhile. Food has been spot on except for my evening snack but calories are low and I get lots of exercise all day running for two. I'm calling that good.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning and thank you for the kind words yesterday. The house was very quiet last night without my son. I did manage to clean his room which was no easy task. Took longer to do his room then the entire house lol. He is not talking to me, which may be a good thing right now. I went on "vacation" yesterday, thank you for whoever posted that yesterday, made me laugh.

I was feeling like crap when I got up and thought "hey get on the scale and make yourself feel worse." I got a nice little surprise and am down a pound! I'll take it! Once the new tour signs on duty, I will make my breakfast and round two for coffee. I think it is Kirkland's.

Decided I needed a mental health break and took tomorrow off.

Enjoy the day
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Good morning.

It was another productive day with our son yesterday. Among other things he bought (after debating it in the store for a full hour) and put together his desk and got bedding for the bed that will be delivered today. And ties and a belt and a wallet and a watch.

Unfortunately his crate that is being relocated from home with the rest of his furniture and belongings has been delayed and may not get here today. I which case I'll fly home early tomorrow and my husband will stick around and drive back on his own whenever. (I have to work on Monday; he doesn't work.) If the crate manages to get here today, we'll unpack and hit the road together some time tomorrow. Since we'd planned to be busy today, I'm instead going to head out on foot and explore all the shops within walking distance. (My DH has been having us explore the restaurants and it has been hard to reign him in to one meal out a day. Both for cost and calories!)

Hope you all have a great Friday.
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Late checkin for me,

Had to take DD2 for her follow up appointment for her pneumonia- she was given clear bill of health. They will just monitor for rash next time we have to give antibotics instead of marking her as allergic to amoxcillin.

I had a lovely swoosh when I got on the scale today- down 5 lbs since Wednesday and all due to complete op eating (including fruits). My morning run didn't hurt my knees and feet hardly at all so ran more, I think I have my mojo back

I hope everyone has a great day. Tomorrow is DD2 first swim meet so we will be off to that bright and early.

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Cyndi - congrats on your FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you're not getting pounded by hail right now, but it looks like your area might be 'gettin it'!

Twynn - I'm so sad about Reesie wishes on the results.

cottage - I hope you got to lounge by the pool for a bit!

Ruth - wow your're eating your own grown veggies already?

Pearlrose - congrats on the whoosh!!

Karen - yay for another productive day

Lexxiss - congrats on being spot on with food!

Jekel - oh I"m sooo sorry to hear of the troubles with DS. HOpefully time away from you will open his eyes to what he had. It must hurt but yes sometimes our kids disappear and some rude little monsters take their place but hopefully it is brief!!

I've been doing a diet of something that is part South Beach, part 'I want this' and of course I haven't lost more, but I haven't gained either. I do appreciate that you all realize the personal challenges of being a pastry cook!! mind over matter, mind over matter...

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