SBD Chat for Tuesday, June 5

  • Good morning and Happy "TwosDay" as Jenne calls it! I've been up since four after spending a hour in bed trying to get back to sleep. Never mind! I paid some bills and did some other useful but boring tasks.

    Off to the dentist in Kingston this morning and may get to a garden centre while I'm in the city. My fridge is pretty bare so I need a big grocery store to replenish things like fresh fruit and yogurt. I can hardly wait for the local strawberries to arrive!

    It was cold and rainy yesterday afternoon so I opted for a short nap rather than gardening. Today is supposed to be better so I may be able to get the Village planters done this afternoon.

    Raising my mug and wishing you a good day.
  • I am waiting patiently for coffee.

    2012 is just not my year, and I am glad it is going by fast! I was petting my pup (she's 3 yearsold) last night, and discovered it's a high likelihood she has cancer. I'm a bit stunned. I'll biopsy tomorrow to confirm, then probably start chemotherapy. I'm not a chemo fan (dogs act fine with it), but this is the one cancer it can work well against. It explains why she's been extra-pathetic lately (she's a bit of an anxiety girl).

    On the other hand, I have a jam packed day at work. Hopefully that means it will be over fast and I won't have to many opportunities to act like a babbling idiot!!
  • Tammy, my heart is aching for you. My Lucy had cancer and she did fine with the chemo. I hope it works well for your baby
  • Tammy, I'm sorry you have such sad news about Reesie-pup, and I hope the chemo is successful.

    I left the bedroom windows open last night, even though the temps dropped down into the 40s, which made for great sleeping weather. It wasn't fun to have to get out of my warm, cozy bed this morning, though. Brrrrrrr!
    Another full day looms ahead, with more physicals for the girls (yesterday's appointments were canceled because of an emergency), helping out at Maggie's class party, and chauffeuring Audrey to violin and then gymnastics. I'd better fuel up with more coffee!
  • Tammy I too am sorry to hear about your puppy.

    Actually awoke to dare I say the sun this morning! Would like to take a long ride today, but my right hip is really giving me a problem this morning. Also, they are calling for more rain, so I think I may either walk or spin. Nothing too crazy today.

    The "critters" all cooperated yesterday. My friend will come home to a clean house too and fresh chalked shower (oh boy did it need it lol). Hubg his curtains in the living room and washed and ironed the rest. Gee I wish someone would do this for me lol. He texted me late last night, his daughter got a bear! That girl is something else!!

    Today is a home day, grocery errands etc. I am going to go back on P1 for a few days. Some of my choices lately are causing me to feel crummy. I am trying to figure out why I am so incredibly fatigued lately. I did not feel like this on P1 at all. Scale has been kind, not relinquishing and weight, but kind

    Have a great day
  • Tammy

    I'm typing on our laptop from an air-mattress in my son's new apartment. Flights went fine yesterday, then lost more shopping. He has cable and internet now. The shipment from home (with couch and bookshelves and stuff) isn't due until Friday (or maybe Thursday if we get lucky) so more shopping and niggles 'til then.
  • Good morning Today I am definitely not working. Off to get my enhanced ID so I can travel over the border. I have to go across the mountains so a lovely drive if the weather cooperates.

    Tammy I hope she responds well to the treatment if it's needed.

    I need to go fix my hair before they take the new ID pic. Can't have it looking like this
  • Good morning chicks!

    It is chilly but sunny in SE Ohio today.

    Tammy I am sorry to hear about your puppy. I hope she will be OK.

    I am counting today as my 1st day of South Beach phase 1. So far so good!

    See you on the beach!
  • Hello, everyone. I'm posting late because i was downtown on jury duty all day! I never got to serve on a jury, but the experience was fascinating -- at least 300 people called for 3 trials. The court's organization was most impressive, but I am glad to be home.

    I'm back, I hope, for the summer. I posted an I'm back post. I've learned so much from all of you and have incorporated much of it into my daily menus, so I hope and trust this round will go well.

    The weather here has been beautiful (between storms) this week. Today was really a "what is so rare as a day in June" day. Beautiful blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and quite cool for DC. We'll hit the 90s next week, they say, so I'm glad to have had a chance to TAKE WALKS! in cool weather.
  • good evening!! so sorry I've been MIA for quite a few days. I'm so sorry Tammy that you discovered what you very very best wishes that she will come through it!!
  • Ruth popped in to say Happy Twosday