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Working on healthy
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Default Tuesday Beach Chat, May 15

Up before the alarm so I have to wait for my coffee. It rained all night again. Guess the drought is over.

I hear the coffee making almost done sounds. Can I get anyone a cup?

ETA - ah, that's better.
I'm off to an interview this morning. Not sure I'm interested in the job, even desperate as I am, but interviews are always good practice and it's been a long time. After that a visit with a friend before heading home. What's on your agenda today?

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Cyndi. It's foggy here but supposed to clear. My garden is still a tad soaked from Saturday's rain but I am hoping it gets tilled today. Good luck at the interview - too bad we have to work to support ourselves when we'd rather be gardening or reading.

Yesterday was an overdrive day, further complicated by a death in the Village. Somehow everyone seems to think I have the scoop and keeps phoning me with questions! Three new staff started orientation at the Mill yesterday and I took them on a Village walk which was constantly interrupted by nosy people! (The Diner was closed so they could not get the scoop there!)

Today is equally hectic with a very appointment for my darling Disney at 8 for bloodwork. We are monitoring both kidney and thyroid now for my poor old girl. We're not sure how old she is - Katrina was 2005 and she had to have been at least a year old to survive on the streets so she could be much older than we think. Her teeth are 25!

After that - Good Food Box packing and distribution, more orientation for the Mill Staff, pet therapy and maybe, just maybe, some garden work. I am thinking a late afternoon trip to town to scope out plants for the Village planters. When you need 8 dozen geraniums plus other stuff, you need to price check. If you have nothing to do, come and join me.

My ear worm today ... "I will survive"!
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Morning chicks!

Cyndi - good luck at the interview. Maybe it will open up a door, even if you don't like that one.

Ruth - Good luck for Disney today - be brave little one! I tried to hit a "like" button after your statement of "too bad we have to work to support ourselves when we'd rather be gardening or reading", but just couldn't find it .

I successfully did phase I yesterday, and wasn't even tempted by the chocholate (ghiradelli dark with mint!) my kids bought me for mother's day. Today the same, which is planned out and (almost) ready to go. I need to prep supper, make the lunches, and then go for a short swim before work. I *need* to start making exercise more of a priority, although tues and thurs are such long days!

Have a a great day!
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Good morning, and the coffee is much appreciated, Cyndi.

I hope you come away from your interview feeling good about it, Cyndi, regardless of whether you want the job or not. All in all, I hope you have a good day.

Ruth, I'll be thinking of you and Disney today and keeping my fingers crossed that her visit goes well. Speaking of another death in the village, did they ever find the body of the man who's boat overturned? I would love to join you in your quest for plants, but alas, work gets in the way. Can you wait til Friday?

We've been having showers since yesterday and both my garden and I are rejoicing. It's sure helping to get all my plants off to a good start.
I'm starting my day with my routine cut and color at Melinda's, and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about her very first grandchild who was born just in time for Mother's Day.
The rest of my day looks pretty full with piano and gymnastics, and I'm hoping Audrey recovered enough from her cold to go to school today. The school nurse called me yesterday to come pick her up, as the poor girl was feeling pretty miserable. I plied her with chicken soup and hot tea, and after a long afternoon nap, she was feeling much better by the time I left last night.

Well, I'd better get my salad and yogurt packed up and get going. Have a super Tuesday, everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Cottage, yes, they did find the man's body on Monday morning. Whew! The death in the Village was very sad and tragic - Sara was 32 and was working very hard at smoking and drinking herself to death. She was successful. Hers was one of those lives that you know will not end well despite lots of intervention. Unfortunately she left behind a 12 year old daughter which just breaks my heart.

Just rescheduled Pet Therapy to next week to clear myself time to breathe this afternoon.
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Good morning!

Cyndi - Good luck today.

Ruth - Another busy day for you! I am trying hard not to catch your ear worm.

Twynn - Good for you. I hate to tell you what tempted me to give in yesterday, thanks to my teen.

Linda - Gotta love a fresh cut and color. Thanks for reminding me that I need to schedule one for June. Our trip out your way hits when my roots will be really showing!

I have yoga this morning, then grocery shopping. Stocking up for our road trip. I also need to call my manager to be sure she'll let me take off yet another week (third one in my first two months of work) in June to help my son move, so I can book flights. My mom is giving me frequent flyer miles so I can at least ask for less days off, avoiding the drive both ways.

Confession time, because I have to admit to it somewhere... yesterday was my first eating binge in months. Not sure what set me off but I think it had something to do with all the off plan food that my teen brought into the house. I even searched to find my DH's hidden stash of candy. It was ugly. Stomach ache and all. Every time I eat crap I feel like crap, physically and mentally. So why do I do it!?

Okay, whine over. Back on plan. Thanks for listening.

Have a great day, all.
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Good morning. If you don't get here early you are way behind onthe posts lol.

Cyndi good luck on the interview

Karen we all have our moment. Admitting it and moving past one keeps it just a moment and not a habit.

The scale and I are not speaking today. Not to mention TOM and the lovely stress hormones I've been dealing with lately. I am OP still tweaking the grains and fruits. Trying to concentrate on what I do see; looser fitting pants, thinner face and more energy.

Have a great day
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Hey ladies,
A typical Tuesday here-work, pick up son, then tonight the contemplative prayer group at church. Just went to Modell's and bought a new exercise top and some 4lb. hand weights. We have a new running/walking track near our house and I've been feeling like a total schlep wearing my old workout clothes. Of course it's raining, so I can't go out there today. But I'll try my new weights when I get home from work.
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I'm at the library for my battery is low. Oh, well. It's a sunny day here so we're all excited. We got some business stuff taken care of so we're goofing off a bit this afternoon. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring yet.
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