South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default TGIF Beach Chat, Friday-Oct 14

Good Morning

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I'm really happy that Cyndi got us started on our weekly challenge again. It's really helped me stay OP all week! Today I'll just continue with my perpetual list. I pulled out the abacus and am counting how many times I go up and down the stairs in the house everyday. I may have found some walking buddies, too. They're a group of 4 women who walk every morning after they drop the kids off at school. I'll meet them as they pass by this morning and give it a try! It would sure help me while I'm over here away from my beloved pool.

What's on your agenda today? Stop by and say hi
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Good morning, Debbie, and to everyone else who will be joining us later.

Debbie, you put a thought in my head, that I should start counting how many times I go up and down stairs in a day. I know I must go up and down them at least 20 times, if not more, every day. They've been my saving grace as far as exercise goes. And I always take the stairs, rather than the escalator or elevator when I'm out. May as well take exercise where I can get it! You have yourself a great day, and enjoy your walk with your walking buddies.

What's on my agenda for today? I originally was supposed to work today since the girls are off school, but Cindy told me yesterday that she wouldn't need me today. I guess I should probably clean this house since it got neglected since I was away last weekend. I MUST get to the grocery store, too, and there's always laundry to do. Sounds like a fun day, hmmmm? I'll have to plan some fun time in my day since I don't believe in all work and no play.
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Good morning!

Life has been crazy is busy and things are really picking up speed in the home-buying dept. We met with our lender to talk about more $$$ stuff yesterday, mapped out our finances between now and when we are estimating closing to ensure we will have more than enough to bring to the table, and are looking at some more houses on Monday. It's all feeling so real!

I've been mostly OP, not on P1 as I was thinking, but P2. It is funny though, because now I can't really lose any more weight until we move, because all my clothes are already a little too big and we can't really spend extra cash on clothes before we close haha!! So, I guess maintenence it is until after the New Year, then I'll plan to hit it hard again. I'm thinking I was maintaining with P2 and a little too many fruits/grains, which is probably p3 anyway? I'll plan on that.

Cottage- how fun to have a surprise day off!!! Enjoy yourself and the nice feeling that comes from a clean house
Debbie- I have recently started walking 3 miles/3 times a week with a good has reminded me how much I really enjoy going for nice long walks, especially in the fall. Enjoy yourself!

Back to work. Have a great day, chickies! Hi to everyone else.

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Angie, how exciting for you and Chessa! My WL has been slow but focusing on maintaining AND staying OP has been a real blessing for me as I learn to live with life on life's terms. Keep up the great work!

Linda, nice that you got the day off! I'm sure you'll find something FUN to do in addition to all your chores.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Well that was an "exciting" start to the day. Not sure what happened but coffee clogged up and the grounds got into everything causing the pot to back-up. It's a mess that will keep giving this morning. I think I managed to salvage the coffee after a few steam burns, but cleaning the coffee maker is going to be a much bigger job. Still haven't had coffee but I'm awake now!

Cottage - Enjoy your found day. Will getting some of those chores done free up your weekend a little?

Debbie - Hope the walking group is good company. That challenge is helping me too. It's one of those little things that can make a big difference for me.

Angie - Happy house hunting!

I have to pat myself on the back for making good choices yesterday. The day spiraled out of control even though I had carefully researched all the food options and thought we would be able to work within the schedule we had. That didn't happen and even though breakfast was around 6 we did not get to stop for food until after 5. We went to Whole Foods and that pizza bar was really calling my name. I was tired, super frustrated and cranky and my blood sugar was in the toilet. Instead I thought about what I really needed and bought some baked fish (a large portion), an Indian veggie patty made with chickpea flour and some roasted veggies. It was just right and I felt so much better after I ate. I still craved a cookie or other baked good for a couple of hours but overall I felt better and the brain fuzz cleared up. I know that if I'd gone for the pizza that wouldn't have been the case.

Well, it looks like the coffee has filtered through enough for a cup! Happy Friday everyone
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Hi, Cyndi! We have that coffee issue from time to time. It's always in the morning and is ALWAYS a BIG MESS! I hope you're enjoying your cup by now. Great choice last night! You're right, it feels so much better when you resist the food that's calling out and make a better choice! I hope your day is less frustrating than yesterday, for sure!
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Popping in quickly on this rainy Friday - will be very busy at work this morning and I am already running late AND I got suckered into working on Saturday as well That just means that I can take a comp day for my wedding on Tuesday instead of burning vacation time.

Off I go. Have a great Friday all!!!
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Good Morning from Beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama! The weather is perfect. We had a lovely walk on the beach last night and ate steamed Royal Red Shrimp for dinner. The only problem so far is the bed I slept on last night is the worst. bed. ever!

Debbie and Linda, Have you ever used a pedometer to see how many steps you take during the day? When I was a SAHM, I walked about 9000 steps a day just doing Mom stuff. Now that I work in an office 8 hours a day, I MAYBE walk 500.

Anyway, my friends are starting to move around. They must smell the coffee. Have a great Friday!
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Good morning chicks! So good to catch up on all of you!

I am sitting in the dark in a hotel in Tusayan, AZ, which is right outside of the grand canyon. I didn't adjust as well to the new time (it is 9 am back home), but the rest of the family did! It is going to be horrible getting the kids up on Monday to go to school, I am dreading it!

Today, we're visiting the south rim of the grand canyon, which we also did yesterday. I don't remember having a fear of heights, but I do now!! I think it wouldn't be nearly as bad if I didn't have kids...I have no control over if they do something stupid. Tonight we go back to Phoenix, flying out tomorrow . Back to the real life. (um, and cleaning up my food!)

Have a great day!!
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Good morning,

Debbie- loved your Mr. Rodgers reference made me smile

Cyndi- yuck for early morning messes- I had a doggie one to pick up this morning

Cottage- hope you find some fun in your day

Angie- Good luck with the house hunting

Jenn- well atleast your Wedding day will be a comp day

Chelby have fun at the beach

Twynn- I definitely have a fear of heights

Busy day here at work but wanted to pop in Day 5 of Phase 1- not sure if I will do the full 14 days as I leave on Monday and staying at hotel may switch to 1.5 but I already feel back in control and have had no cravings for a couple of days now which is why I did.

Okay back to work
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Good morning! Loving all the connection on this forum! Reminds me when I used to be on a forum quite often- I met my fiancee on there about 4 years ago!

Looking forward to the weather warming up this weekend, supposed to be a high of 71 today, then 81 tomorrow! Day started off well with some almond meal pancakes, looking forward to lunch- leftover pesto chicken from last night! Work until 3 (yay for early fridays!) then will do a Zumba sesh then to stamping and mailing off homemade wedding invites (while possible watching Jersey Shore, a horrible guilty pleasure!)

Looked in the mirror this morning with a smile on my face. Not because of what I see but because I know I'm changing it!

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I think I can...
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Good Day All Happy Friday!
Dropped DS off at pre-school he's going on his very first trip! To the pumpkin patch. I'm so NERVOUS ugh lol.
DS, DD's and I will be making Jack O'lanterns this weekend.
Tried to make Hash browns out of Turnips this morning, OMG grossest thing ever (sigh) but I've never been a turnip fan. Dumped those and fried up some Radishes instead, much better.
Promised DS a happy meal for dinner so no cooking for me tonight! Glad it's Friday!!!
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Good morning, lovely ladies!

Debbie - Walking buddies sounds great! I love when there is conversation to make the exercise pass more quickly.

Linda - Enjoy your day off and do something just for you

Angie - I'm excited for you! I love to watch House Hunters on TV.

Cyndi - Kudos to you! Real pizza always makes me crave (and often give in to) other things.

Jenn - I hope you'll post a wedding photo for us.

Chelby - Sounds awesome. I started taking sleeping pills when I travel a few years ago; I learned that trick from my mom.

Twynn - Oh yes, much worse as a mom with kids there too! Not to mention mine were laughing at me.

Rose - Glad you are doing so well with the eating.

boriqua - Glad you are joining in here.

mxKiki - I've made something similar with zucchini, egg, parmesan. Very yummy.

I've been to the gym with my mom for our workout with the trainer and did a bit of elliptical at home with my husband while watching "Unforgettable." It is one of my favorites of the new shows. Will do some treadmill still this afternoon, maybe finally catching up on Glee or watching some cooking competitions. It really helps me to do cardio to have that TV distraction. We are supposed to get a delivery of roofing materials today; the roofers show up sometime next week. Eating is good and I'm going to make a Hungry Girl recipe for lunch now....
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Hey all! I'm back on track with healthy eating!
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