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Red face Successfully completed P1 but then...

I went crazy! I could not stop eating. It started with a bottle of red wine. Then for a few days I was totally over-doing it on the grains (it was whole grain but I was having too much brown rice and whole grain pasta). Then one day I let myself have a cupcake!... And of course there is no such thing as just one cupcake with me... so I ate another one. It was my first time having anything dessert like. Ever since then I've just been eating whatever... Still in somewhat moderation, but definitely not South Beach.

I never cheated on Phase1, and I was to the point where I wasn't having any cravings for sugar, I don't even know why I ate that cupcake. My progress isn't completely erased. I lost 13 lbs on P1, I went from 203 to 190. Yesterday I weighed myself in the middle of the day and I was 196, normally I only weigh in the mornings. I'm pretty sure I was probably bloated as well because I had ate at Chillis I'm back on the bandwagon today though. I feel good about South Beach, and I know I want it to be my way of life, I guess I'm just still learning what I can and can't do.

I'm going to do P1 all over again because I'm having a lot of cravings. I think this time when I reach phase two I am going to skip grains for a while and just introduce fruit. How did you guys transition to P2?
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Even when I'm on Ph2, I severely limit grains. I just can't limit and portion control them. 1/2 cup of rice or pasta? Pu-lease! Fruit doesn't cause me cravings. I have all of it I want. I have open-faced (one slice of ww bread) sandwiches 1-2 times a week.

Get back on Ph1 to get the cravings under control. Don't beat yourself up over a cupcake. You can do this!
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What Chelby said The important thing is that you get back on plan right now. I agree doing at least a few days of Phase 1 again should help.

Technically I've been on Phase 3 for the last 3+ years and I still rarely have more than 1-2 grain servings per week. Fruit causes me no problems. Even fresh whole corn or sprouted corn tortillas are okay for me in moderation, but the minute I add grains, especially wheat, I start having problems. Based on everything I've read we don't actually need grains if we are eating a balanced diet with lots of different veggies and fruits, so that's what I've been doing. Some people do okay with grains but it's surprising how many of us don't. The important thing is to keep figuring out what works for your body because that's what you need to know to make this a lifestyle.

Congratulations on jumping back in!
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Hi there,

Good job coming back! It sounds to me like wine might be a trigger for you. Unlike some of the other chicks, whole grain is NOT a trigger for me so I can have 2 servings a day and still lose. It's all about learning what triggers are for you (for me, it's fruit in the morning, corn and it seems like I overeat when I don't get at least a serving of cheese in a day).

Again, great job coming back. I've done and re-done SBD at least 5 times in 7 years but I keep coming back. A few times, I totally missed years worth so the fact that you are back on plan is something I can really appreciate.

Maybe it's best to skip the wine? At least until you are a few weeks into Ph2?
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I also do fine with fruit. I find that I start to slip up when I don't have enough vegetables. They really help fill me up and I truly enjoy eating them. But lately I haven't been getting to the grocery store as much as I'd like and haven't been meal planning enough.... I need to get back on that.

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I think I can...
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I'm right there with you luckyme. I was doing great on phase 1 then got sick and couldn't really handle much cheese and yogurt. Not like that's the end of SBD but I used it as an excuse to just eat totally off plan. The crazy thing is that some of the things I really didn't enjoy! The sweets didn't taste good to me anymore.
Back on plan starting today! I've gotten a bunch of recipes from the board and will be heading out shopping in a few.
So phase 1 starts again. I actually like phase 1, I guess because it's easy.
We can do it!

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