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Working on healthy
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Default SBD Chat - Monday September 26th

Good morning Beachy Chicks Hope your week is starting off slowly and gently. I've got a big pot of coffee ready to pour. Can I get anyone a cup?

I'm off to the hospital in a little while. Yesterday they ran one last test and discovered that DW has some fluid around her heart. That's probably what caused the fainting. The likely cause is some kind of virus or infection, which explains the white count too. This morning they will remove some of the fluid so it stops putting pressure on the heart. It's a simple procedure other than the location and we hope they will get her in early rather than late in the day. Especially because she's had no food since lunch and nothing to drink since midnight. Now we just hope this won't interfere with her surgery date, three weeks from today. hoping this all resolves today and she has the next 20 days to really get strong and healthy ahead of the surgery. This is far more drama than anyone needs but I guess it's just life.

Time to feed the kitties and get the laundry on the racks (yes, I actually did manage to do laundry and clean at 5 am. It's Cottage's influence )
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Be happy.
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Good morning Cyndi, I'll be praying that all goes well for Julie today.

I had a great weekend, my mom turned 78 and we celebrated her birthday and had a great visit. I ate quite a few things I shouldn't have though. I'm hoping to get right back on track today.

As always, I'm rushing. Have a terrific Monday friends!
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Good Morning

Cyndi, thanks for getting us started this morning. I hope Julie's procedure is quick, successful and timely, so that she may get nutrition ASAP, and hopefully come home. You take care, too.

I had a restless (worry) night. I'm going to see if I can get some rest and turn my day around. I'm being tugged between both places right now and left some things unresolved with my mom that I can't deal with from here. I need to find a way to relax this week. I'm thinking it might help to make a list.

See ya'll in a bit.
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I just helped myself to your coffee, Cyndi. Thanks! I'll be sending up supportive thoughts and prayers for Julie, too. It is a really simple procedure to drain the excess fluid, but still, it's scary and upsetting. My mother underwent the same thing, and we were told it's usually the consequence of a viral infection. Once they drained it, though, she was fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Julie.
BTW - I did clean the bathroom already this morning, just so you know.

Heidi, a cheery Good Morning to you, and a belated Happy Birthday to your mother! Does she still check in here occasionally? I hope it's a great week in the classroom!

I'm looking at my week, and it's looking pretty good. The girls have off school on Thursday and I'll be babysitting my grandson, Tyler, for a few hours on Friday. And for a very welcome change, it looks like we're going to have a rain-free week!
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I had the craziest dreams last night! They woke me up too early.

Cyndi, I'm thinking of you both today.

Debbie, How old is your mom? Would she ever consider moving closer to you?

Heidi, Have fun with your kiddos this week.

Cottage, Are you the Flylady in disguise? When I was a SAHM, I lived by Flylady principles, and my house was sparkling. Now that I'm working full time, I try to stay one step ahead of the Hoarders show.

Me: I am being extremely good with my eating, but the scale is wonky. *sigh* Oh, well, I'm plugging on...

It will be a very quiet week in the office. My former (favorite) Executive Director is officially gone. The new Executive Director is going to training at the National Office three days this week. We'll have some breathing room. Do you remember the movie "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin? There was a wonderful wedding planner, Frahnk. He walked around the house saying, "I love this, I love this! We change everything!" That's the feeling I'm getting from my new Director. I'm a little apprehensive of the changes to come. But, I'll survive that, too, hopefully.

Thanks for the coffee, Chickies!
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Morning to all. Day 8 for us on the beach and loving it! Just checking in to say hi!!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning everyone from sunny and summery Delta! I'm glad I didn't pack away all the summer clothes.

Cyndi, you know I'll be thinking about you and Julie today. I hope she can come home soon and start building up with your healthy food.

Heidi, I'm glad your mother had a good birthday. I'm sure she realizes that 78 is the new 58 as I do.

Debbie, I hope today brings a bit of resolution to the mother issues. I divorced mine for a couple of years which changed our relationship for the better.

Cottage, I love the way you leap into your week. I wish you had been in my kitchen this morning to make coffee. Carley's artwork is still on my fridge and much admired by visitors.

Chelby, Cottage IS Flylady. When she visits, she just goes ahead and does stuff. I don't think she's ever done the 27 Pitch here though since I've never noticed anything missing. I hope you get that new Director trained fast.

Jerseygiirl, I can't remember if I welcomed you but . Happy Day 8!

Finally had a decent sleep which is a good thing as I need to go into overdrive for a few days. I did enjoy the Food Fair yesterday and met a few wheat growers who want to have the Mill grind their grain next year. When I came home, Liz came over to pick up some things and we sat and sipped tea for the rest of the afternoon. She's been my neighbour since 1999 and we see each other a lot at parties, etc., but it was great to take some one on one time. (She's having problems with her sister whom she calls her "blister"!)

Monday is beckoning so I'll just get on with it. I need to crank up my week and just get on with it. I'll be in Ottawa Saturday/Sunday so can't just say "I'll get that done on the weekend."

Enjoy your day but take a little "me" time too.
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Just back in from enjoying a stroll around my yard with my coffee and admiring my new hibiscus.

Debbie, I sure hope you and your mother can get your problems ironed out. That's so sad! I can't even imagine being on the outs with my mother.

Chelby, think positive about any possible changes your new supervisor may want to make. If he sees how smoothly you all run the place, it may be a relief for him. Hang in there!

jerseygiirl, just think, you're more than 1/2 way through Phase 1 already! I'm glad it's going so well for you, and keep up the good work!

OK, a disclaimer here. The main reason I cleaned the bathroom is because I noticed a certain little 4 year old grandson's aim isn't so great. (I could never figure out why the male species can't sit on the seat like the rest of us. )
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Good morning all ambitious chicks!

Cyndi - said a prayer for Julie this am, and hope she gets to go home soon!

Cottage - WAY too ambitious, although I understand!

Chelby - "wonky" is one of my new terms. Guess it's becoming popular, eh?! Hope the scale goes your way soon....

Debbie - hope you find peace and sleep soon!

not full personals today, sorry! I just got back from the grocery store, that opens up my afternoon for a trail run. That is, if I ignore the cleaning! It looks like a beautiful day, hope work is over quickly!
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Good morning, everyone!

Chessa has come down with a bad cold. I think the combo of the funeral/death of her friend and a couple of CRAZY days at work were enough to put her under the weather. We're off yesterday and today from work, but she is just down in the dumps and needs lots of TLC. All she wanted last night was the pizza that I had told her about with the TJ's whole wheat pizza crust. So, I obliged the sick girl and made some bbq chicken pizza with peppers, caramelized onions and lf cojack cheese. It was delish!!

As usual, yesterday we put off cleaning and dog park, so that will happen today. I also have to go into work, I don't know if I mentioned I have to terminate a manager today. Anxiety!! My boss will be there and has promised to jump right in if I'm drowning, so I'm sure it will all be okay in the end. I struggle with a guilt conscience when I terminate anyone, and a full time, salary employee is proving even worse.

Cyndi--that sounds scary! I'm glad to hear it's not a serious procedure though. I'm sure she'll be back home shortly after to start strengthening up for the surgery! Can you remind me, one more time, what her diagnosis is? I didn't look it up last time to learn more about it but I would like to.
Heidi--have a great week!
Debbie--a list always seems to help me! Hope you can have a relaxing, restful day.
Cottage--I love a rain-free forecast! Enjoy it and the start of your week.
Chelby--I had to laugh when I read the Father of the Bride comparison! I do love him, but don't know how he would be as a boss! I can't imagine losing my boss, so I feel for you. Maybe a week without the new one will help soften the blow and aide in the transition?
Jersey--keep up the great work!
Ruth--sounds like you had a really fun day yesterday! What exactly is your role at the mill that you talk about?

Coffee time.

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morning all!

Cyn, I hope Julie's procedure goes well.

I am off to urgent care for my foot and perhaps a tetanus shot and/or antibiotics!
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Working on healthy
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Jenn - good luck! If my Mom were reading this she would remind you to wear shoes and tell you it wouldn't have happened if you had been. She is not a fan of bare feet and blames everything on not wearing shoes

Thanks everyone. Procedure is at 10 so this piece will be over soon and we can work on getting her healthy and strong.
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Good morning!

Cyndi - Hope all goes well today. I'll be thinking of you both.

Heidi - I had my own little off plan foray. Darn my husband buying candy!

Debbie - Sounds like you need some and

Linda - I've refused to do toilets for years since I live with men and I am NOT the one who makes a mess!

Chelby - Enjoy the quiet week. Bummer that you lost your favorite.

jerseygirl - Just a few more days of PH1 to go!

Ruth - How was book club? What are you reading next?

Twynn - Wow, early shopper. I bet it's nice and empty then.

Angie - Sounds yummy; I've never had pizza like that. Also never had to fire anyone. Eek.

Jenn - I had to get a tetanus booster this year myself. Hope your foot feels better soon.

I've had lots of food and eating dreams the past two nights. None of it OP, of course. I'm even cheating in my sleep! Off to the gym with my mom today, then groceries. Yesterday I went shopping for new workout shirts since it is getting cold for my cami style tops and my old shirts are in desperate need of replacing. Found nothing. Why do they make them so tight and long!?
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Good morning,

A quick drop in for me- hope everyone is doing well.

Have a great day
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Hi everyone,

Cyndi, I'm thinking of you. How did things go with the procedure?

As for me, I took off of work today, still recuperating from my surgery. I'm trying to build my strength back up by taking some short walks instead of staying in bed all day. I am eating some SB food but still in the comfort food mindset so I am not following SB 100 %. Maybe I'll be more motivated to follow SB more now that I have some things in my closet that are close to fitting but are just a bit too small. I really want to get back to being my normal self again, sigh and I am a bit nervous about going back to work tomorrow. At work I have to stand for 5 hours and I get one 15 min break. I have a chair/stool I can use but my co-workers get worried when they see me use it because in the past I felt like I was going to pass out and I used it then. I try not to sit down. I am going into work tomorrow and going to try my best.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are all doing well.

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