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Lexxiss 09-20-2011 04:58 AM

SBD Daily Chat-Tuesday, Sept 20
Good Morning:sunny:

It's shaping up to be a beautiful day here....still no frost. Mom is leaving after we pool this morning then I'm planning a 100% down afternoon. I'm going to knit. It's been so busy and I think I have to travel tomorrow or Thurs. morning. oh well.

What's happening on your Tuesday agenda? Stop and say hi :cofdate:

:welcome2: Amy (seabiscuit) to our daily chat!

Have a great day everyone!

Heidi58 09-20-2011 06:08 AM

Good morning Debbie!
Thanks for starting the thread. Yesterday I waited and had to leave for school before it was started. I really need to get over my foolish "don't wanna start the thread" thing. :lol:

It's cool here this morning too, but no frost today. I'm not complaining about the cool weather though, my classroom is so much more comfortable in weather like this. I'm loving my job more than ever this year. I've got an especially sweet little bunch and they are all so nice to each other I keep wanting to pinch myself. It may just be the 'honeymoon phase' but whatever the reason it's such a nice way for them to start their public school career!

Enjoy your Tuesday friends! :hug:

Lexxiss 09-20-2011 06:24 AM

Good Morning, Heidi! I haven't gotten to say how great it is to have you back. I'm glad to hear you have such a sweet bunch of kids! I remember kindergarten...I was enthusiastic and super excited. I didn't turn into a demon until 4th grade.:lol:

My rationale for starting the daily chat is that it is something I can do to help our wonderful, hardworking and underpaid Mods, Ruth, Cyndi and Cottage. You already know how easy it is to start a thread and I have two tips;
1. Make sure the date is correct :lol:
2. Make sure you have the right day of the week:lol:

Have a great day!

cottagebythesea 09-20-2011 06:37 AM

:coffee: Good morning.

Thanks for starting us up, Debbie. Enjoy a restful afternoon of knitting. :)

Heidi, I'm glad you're enjoying your students so much this year! It looks like it's going to be a great year for all of you with such happy, eager-to-learn students. I'm glad you're back, posting with us again, too. :)

It looks like a rainy day here. We've sure had plenty of that, lately. I think I'll make a pot of my Hobbitshire Soup before leaving for work.

Chelby29 09-20-2011 07:23 AM

Happy Monday is Over! :)

Debbie, Sometimes getting the date right isn't as easy as it sounds! My boss brought me a fax dated, 6/3/68. I guess I sent it out on my birthday! :lol:

Heidi, Yesterday, I watched two Kindergartners on two different sides of the building pitch BIG fits. They didn't want to go to school! I have so WANTED to act like that! :D

Cottage, We are getting rain, too. At least it isn't the weekend.

I'm down one of the three pounds I was up yesterday. sigh.... What a pain!

This just might be one of the busiest weeks of the year at my office. My boss is retiring. Thursday night, we are having a staff dinner for him. Friday, we are having a community reception. My week will be full of food porn. I survived the pizza yesterday. I need strong resolve, and maybe a tight girdle. :lol:

Ruthxxx 09-20-2011 07:39 AM

God morning Heidi, Debbie and Cottage - plus whomever pops in while I'm blabbing.

Debbie, you definitely deserve a "me" afternoon after your past few days.

Heidi, don't make yourself late for work waiting for someone to start the daily! Your class sounds delightful and makes me miss teaching a wee bit.

Cottage, is Hobbitshire Soup in the recipe section? It's feeling like soup and stews these days. I have some cooked lamb meat and broth in the freezer and am thinking either pilaf or soup for supper tonight.

Chelby, stick with resolve and forget the girdle. I well remember them and how I hated them. I did think I needed one a few months ago (big event) and discovered they are now called body shapers. The one I got did flatten the bulges a bit but was not comfortable.

We have what the Irish call "a soft morning" with a gentle drizzle happening. That's good because it will keep me from going out to work in the garden which the men and machines thoroughly cleaned up yesterday. I need to clean out the edges of my much smaller veggie garden which still is pretty big. 50' by 30' is big enough for one woman and two dogs, I think.

Today Claire and I lug in big crates of veggies and fruits and split them up into orders for the Good Food Box. Folks are really looking forward to it as it's the first distribution since June. For $5 or $10, you get a big bag or box of produce straight from the wholesaler or local farmer. It's a good deal and sort of a surprise every time.

Pet therapy will be happening at the nursing home today and Disney will be all excited. When she's bored or unsure, she goes in circles, a habit from all the time she spent in crates in various shelters, When we go to the nursing home however, she knows exactly what to do and behaves like an angel.

I'd better get out of here before I turn into Kaplods!

jerseygiiirl 09-20-2011 07:40 AM

Good morning everyone. I try to remember everyone's name and what's going on with them and then I start to type and wham nada! Anyway, I'll get better! Chilly morning in Jersey and I'm on day 2 of phase 1. Exciting stuff! I already feel better!! Off to drop my daughter offto school and catch up on all the dvr'd shows from last night. Then it's work I go!

TwynnB 09-20-2011 07:41 AM

Hello ladies!

Quick pop in - had a fabulous weekend at the cabin, and stopped at the Flight 93 memorial on the way home. Lots of food porn, I didn't plan as well this time. Back on the wagon today.

My van is at the transmission shop, I'm hoping nothing too bad and expensive! DH will pick me up in the next hour for work, then off for a full day.

Have a great one!

Cyndi and Cottage - how did you like the moroccan tagine? I bought a butternut squash on sale last night for it!

CyndiM 09-20-2011 08:10 AM

Good morning :coffee2: I'm always a little slower starting when I'm at mom's. I don't get up until I hear her and then I have to make coffee and chat with the parents :) It takes awhile. Mom's new thing is she wants to buy me a pressure canner. I mentioned wanting to start canning so now she wants me to find one I want and order it as an anniversary present. hmmm

Debbie - a relaxing afternoon sounds perfect! I've been tempted to get back into beading. I used to do a lot of it (even did some craft fairs) but haven't touched my stuff in years. Of course I'd need glasses for it now.

Heidi - Good morning! Wow, what a nice way to start the school year :)

Cottage - I have to try that soup this year. Maybe next weekend. I do love soup season though I wish we could just have a very long fall and then spring.

Chel - go for the resolve. You can do it.

Ruth - another busy day for you. It does sound like a good, busy day though. I love the Good Food box idea

jerseygiiirl - :welcome3: to the Daily Chat. I try to start my day out here most days. It really helps keep me focused on being healthy. It's also fun :)

Twynn - I loved the soup. I added peppers, cinnamon and cumin as suggested. I really don't see what the chicken adds or how you'd even taste it. I actually hope there's another leftover for a bowl when I get home tomorrow :) Thanks!

Today is thrift store day with Mom, perfect activity for a rainy day. My Mom has gotten so good about making sure there's more than enough of anything and everything I need to be on plan when I'm here. It's almost easier than being home.

Happy Tuesday friends

jenne1017 09-20-2011 09:14 AM

Morning ladies,

Still hurting here. I can't believe my JoJo cat is gone. I am at work today and keep crying on and off. Just so glad I didn't fall off plan yesterday like I wanted to.

Rain here too - wish I was at home in bed curled up.

Cyn - Glad your mom is keeping you OP. Jersey - Welcome! Ruth - I love that Disney does pet therapy. What a good thing.


southmplsgirl 09-20-2011 09:19 AM

Good morning to all!

We got some very sad news in our house yesterday. A close friend of Chessa's died of ALS at age 30. He was married to one of Chessa's friends that she has been close with since they were in high school together. He had been married ten years, and they had two small children. He was diagnosed just under two years ago, and progressed so quickly. Chessa was heartbroken because she hadn't visited them in awhile. It was just a very sad day.

I'm off today, but do have a work meeting later for the 401k committee that I sit on. We have a weekly Tuesday night dinner with some friends, and Chessa had made a beef stew in the crock pot yesterday that we didn't eat because we ended up seeing some friends to cheer everyone up after the sad day. So, it makes dinner easy tonight! Beef stew, green salad and maybe asparagus or brussels sprouts.

So, SBD question...on p2, if you have leftovers that have root veggies but are having root veggies with dinner, would you still have those leftovers for lunch or would that be too much p2 items? The only other p2 item on the day would be an apple. So, specifically, it would be Moroccan Tagine for lunch, beef stew with sweet potatoes and carrots for dinner, and an apple as a snack, those would be the only p2 items. Too many? Just fine? This area is so gray for me and I would just appreciate an opinion! TIA.

Debbie - Have fun knitting! I tried learning last winter, but could never cast on loosely enough and would end up getting frustrated. Maybe I should give it another shot this winter!?
Heidi - That must be so nice to not start out the school year with problems! Hopefully it stays that way :)
Cottage - Hobbitshire Soup sounds fantastic!! I'd love the recipe. Funny, I don't know why it sounds good since the name doesn't really hint at any ingredients, but I should say it sounds intriguing....
Chelby - I think I have some water weight right now too...I hate it! Stay strong this week, you'll be so glad you did.
Ruth - I think I'd say we are having a soft morning as well. Have fun at pet therapy!
Jersey - Good luck on day two! What shows did you DVR?
Twynn- Did I mention I made the tagine? We LOVED it! Still have some leftovers in the fridge to finish off...
Cyndi - I must say, your parents sound pretty fantastic :) Have fun today, I adore thrifting!

WaistingTime 09-20-2011 10:00 AM

Hey, all.

Debbie - I desperately want an early frost! My allergies are horrible.

Heidi - Tee hee... I'm scared to start it too! But now that my nest is empty I'm sleeping too late so no worries anymore about that. Glad that you are loving the class.

Linda - My son has a phone interview with a company in PA that he connected with at his college career fair. Chances are good he'll end up out your way! Your soup sounds intriguing.

Chelby - I have to think hard every morning about what day it is! Hope your week goes well. :dust:

Ruth - That box sounds like such a great thing.

Jerseygiirl - It gets easier... but I still forget names:( We'll be watching Tivo'd shows when we do cardio this morning.

Twynn- Welcome back. Sent you a PM... want that soup recipe you love so much please.

Cyndi - Sounds like fun with your mom. And how lucky that she accommodates your like that.

Jenn - So sorry about your cat. :hug: How's the new place?

Angie - Sorry about your friend. Very sad.

I'm dragging thanks to ragweed. Biking outside seems to do me in. Yesterday we rode almost two hours in the morning and in the afternoon I took a nap on the couch. Oh, and snacked too much too! Major headache last night. So, I told my husband that now that we are back in the saddle, I think twice a week is all I can handle. Sigh. Got my beans in the crock pot today and meals planned for the week... my husband is trying gluten-free to see if it helps with some issues he has. Much harder to plan that than SB compliant! Off to Costco too. Hope I have willpower to walk past the sample ladies.

Pearlrose 09-20-2011 01:18 PM

Good afternoon everyone,

I really want to come here everyday and post to stay accountable but yesterday my calender was nothing but meetings so couldn't make it but I did log all of my calories and did stay within my calorie count for the day.

I think logging will help to be accountable and it's an app on my phone so I can do on the go and I am not using exercise calories in the calculation.

Hope everyone had a wonderful afternoon

Desiroo 09-20-2011 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by southmplsgirl (Post 4039830)
Good morning to all!

We got some very sad news in our house yesterday. A close friend of Chessa's died of ALS at age 30. He was married to one of Chessa's friends that she has been close with since they were in high school together. He had been married ten years, and they had two small !

Angie- so sorry to hear about your families lose.:( my brother n law has ALS and was officially diagnosed early Jan of this year. My brother n law is an amazing man and so full of life. Yesterday was his birthday an although I could not go- boy scout mandatory meeting- my husband went over with my four boys to wish him a happy birthday. Talk about aggressive and fast.... He is now fully bed ridden. They have a daughter, my niece, who is in her senior year of high school. He is sharp as a tack though. Iwas actually thinking of trying to make him one of this green monsters to try. He is also on a breathing machine that helps him breath in and out. My boys were very happy to see their uncle yesterday, although I was concerned for my youngest..its been just in the last few weeks that he has gone from his wheel chair to fully bed ridden. sad to lose someone - that's for sure. Sorry his life was shortened at such a young age. Life is precious!

Well, recap: at day 12 I fell off the wagon. I wanted to though. I enjoyed the party for my two friends - ate one of my gourmet cupcakes and had a few yummy martini's. Sunday: I was either hung over.... Or just majorly a royal B- I felt horrible - didn't want to do anything... Got back on my plan P1: day 1 that Sunday ... Yesterday hit the gym.. Still felt BLAH... and then the major headache hit... Paybacks are a B- i tell ya!
Today so far so good. Made it to my spin class again... And came home to eat my lunch... Not so ravenous as I was yesterday... Finished off the last of my 5 bean chili and a bit of cottage cheese.. I feel so full now.
Tonight I have yet ANOTHER school open House... And its Taco Tuesday here in my house - for me I use lettuce to wrap my tacos and fat free refried beans.

Also, I had mentioned in one of my posts I was going to be staying on the Ph1 neighborhood ultimately until our ball on the 22nd of Oct... But we have a wedding to go to as well on the 8th of Oct.

Have a great day/night: cheers! Desiree

Anyhow - I hope

CyndiM 09-20-2011 02:34 PM

Angie - so sorry to hear about Chessa's friend. :hug: to you both.
As far as food - that's something you will need to figure out for you. I could definitely eat all those things in the same day without problem. OTOH one grain serving and I'm struggling, so definitely an individual thing. You could replace the apple with a string cheese or nuts if you are concerned. I know, not really an answer :)

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