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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Monday, June 20

Good morning and here's a cup of coffee for you. At 47F, it's a tad chilly for deck-sipping but there are a couple of sweaters available.

The Piper's did not show yesterday as one of the "kids" was sick. I was actually a tad relieved as I was able to do a good long afternoon of gardening. Claire and I put the second coat of paint on the Church doors - she does the high part and I do the low - teamwork! The problem with that is that I get more spatters on me. I had a nice non-BBQ supper and dozed off watching TV until a paw on my knee woke me at 10:20. "Mum, I want out for potty."

Today I will take the darned audit stuff to the accountant in Gananoque. It'll be good to get all that paper off my desk and onto his. I'm sure he'll have lots of questions about some things but I am confident. (If I go to jail, please don't send me a cake with a file in it! )

So here we go with the middle of June week - tomorrow is the longest day and after that the days get shorter again. We do have a glorious time of year ahead of us though and I intend to thoroughly enjoy it!

Come and chat.
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Good morning:

Sorry I didn't get a chance to check back in yesterday. We had a nice father's day but I did go off plan at dinner. Today it's back on track. Sad news - my sitter called last night, and unfortunately she has miscarried. I feel so badly for her.

On tap for today: at lunch I have to run over to my son's school to give him his medication, so my exercise will involve a brisk walk. I think the day is supposed to be ok weather wise, so that will be fine, I would have taken a walk anyway probably. TOM is imminent and I'm feeling a little bloated/crampy/anxious so I can't wait for it to show up already. Hope everyone has a great day...
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Where did the weekend go? I need another day or so to recuperate!

Ruth, just drop off the financial report and run! Enjoy your drive to Gaganoque, I'm told it's a scenic drive.

Matilda, that's such sad news about your sitter, and I am sorry. I hope your son is recovering nicely.

I was surprised to see cloudy skies this morning, but it's not raining. I have to head off to the farm a little earlier now that the girls are home and then we'll decide how to spend our day.
I have a vegetarian egg casserole in the oven right now for my breakfasts for the week, and it smells heavenly. It was certainly a challenge to stay OP over the weekend, especially on Phase 1, but I made it through without any bumps or bruises.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's a cool start but looks like it will be a perfect week weatherwise. I am off to a full day staff meeting. I don't mind them so much when they are every other week Also I get to carpool and not driving is nice occasionally.

Ruth - Apparently my teasing about girl grills got me in trouble. I broke our lawnmower yesterday and could have used some help. DW said she usually puts the whole bottle of motor oil in. After I did that I actually read the dipstick (who puts instructions there?!) and it said "no more than 20 oz). Off to the repair shop.
What seeds are you still planting?

Matilda - So sorry about your sitter.
What day is your son done? Must be soon.

Okay, off to plan my day and drink more coffee. Have as relaxing and easy a Monday as possible

Cottage I knew you were going to sneak in while I was typing. Congratulations on weekend success!

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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - I'm trying to picture you with lots of little paint splatters in your hair. Is the paint white?

Matilda - sorry to hear about your sitter. Enjoy your walk, hopefully the weather will hold out!

Cottage - Great job making it thru phase I on the weekend!!!

Cyndi - Me thinks a whole bottle is a tad too much?! Bring lots of coffee to the meeting!

Me - I'm not sure 4 days on plan/3 days off will work . The scale was still down 1 lb from last week, I was a bit surprised. Since I couldn't decide if I should do phase I again (ummm....which probably means I should), and I didn't go grocery shopping after camping, that means phase II!

We did have BEAUTIFUL weather camping though. It ALWAYS downpours when we're trying to break down, but not yesterday. Maybe the curse is broken!!?

Just a normal day for, some form of exercise (we'll see what the weather is doing), and then home with kids to cook, clean, grocery shop.

Have a great day!
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Happy Monday everyone.

We had a hectic weekend babysitting and I'm glad that last night I had no little boys waking me up and today I can get back to routine. Poor DH pretty much had his no Father's Day but we are rescheduling his dinner for later this week.

Today we have another roofer coming for an estimate; tomorrow is the last one I think. And then a late lunch with the blogger I met 6 weeks ago when she passed through town. She and her husband are on their drive back home and this time DH will join us too; I'm sure he'll like them as much as I did. So much social eating lately but I feel I am finally getting a handle on that. Major progress for me!

I'll check in later... off for some morning niggles.
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Good morning,

Ruth- Enjoy your drive today

Matilda- sorry to hear about your sitter, that is sad.

Linda- good for you making it through the weekend on Phase 1.

Cyndi- frustrating isn't it sometimes....

Twynn- glad you had fun camping

Karen- Have fun at your lunch

Today is busy day for me at work my boss is gone so I have to go to all of his meetings as well hold down the shop.

I have committed to trying to lose 5 lbs. I think I am focusing so much on the big picture that I am overwhelmed so I am going to cut it down into smaller goals and move from there. Did my interval workout this morning and it is so humid I was completely drenched in sweat by the time I got home.

Have a great day everyone

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Good Morning

It's been pouring rain since last evening. I'm not too chatty this morning but will be back to my usual self tomorrow. Our Vet opens at 830 and we're headed there as soon as they open...then some chores before we travel later today. I'm beat but committed to eating OP. Love you all...

Matilda, sorry to hear about your sitter and her miscarriage.
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Good morning,

Ruth - I can just picture you and friend painting the church door. Something out of the Marx brothers.

Mathilda - hope son is feeling better and always sad to hear about a miscarriage.

Cottage - great for staying on plan. Hope it does rain.

Cyndi - glad you can relax during the drive to an all day meeting.

Karen - nice when you can meet someone you like.

Pearlrose - yes, small goals really work.

Debbie - The rain does not help with ones stress. Safe travel.

me - the weekend was not on plan, had a great father's day celebration but I must say I did keep my portions small. Back on plan today. Sciatica is getting better but I have to remember not to over do it.
Have a nice Monday
take care
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Good morning everyone,

I "second" all of the feedback comments so far - I share the same feelings as those who've posted before me.

I had a long exhausting weekend preparing for my upcoming horse show. And looking back I realize I didn't do a good job staying OP. Subway sandwich Friday & Chinese on Sunday for Fathers Day. Time to have a clean, well-planned week. Today I've got work, riding, more horse show prep (cleaning tack, packing clothes), and hopefully get to bed early so I can feel good tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone!
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Happy Monday! I love u Debbie and the rest of the crew.
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