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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Monday, May 2

Good morning and welcome to the start of another week.

Spring is still not completely dressed and ready to roll and neither am I. We have another stretch of rainy days ahead but I refuse to let the weather drag me down. The trilliums are finally in bloom in my woods so my avatar is appropriate.

Had a super fun time at the shower yesterday afternoon. My abs are sore today from laughing - sure beats crunches. I avoided Wendy's gorgeous cupcakes but did indulge in some tiny part sandwiches and wine. When I came home around six, I found that Moel had been here all afternoon cutting up the huge hunk of pine tree in my yard and then raked up the debris. Of course he gets the wood but it still was great of him to do it. I have good neighbours.

I'm off to the gym, the bank, to vote in our federal election and then will spend a couple of hours with the Quilting group. Later this afternoon it'll be "me" time and I plan to read, cuddle dogs and decompress. This is going to be a really stressful week so I am going to schedule relaxation.

How does your day/week look from this end? Sit and sip a bit.
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Hey everyone,
Ruth, thanks for getting this started. Your day sounds busy but rewarding. My day is essentially work and then coming home and starting to plan for our trip on 5/14 (to Texas). Work is still weird but I'm feeling a little detached from the issues and deciding just to focus on what I want to get done before I go away. I have several goals and will make a list. My vacation coincides nicely with the end of the semester so I can really tie up some ends before I go and come back prepared to jump into prepping things for the fall. I'm determined to remain as emotionally disengaged as possible from the insanity (and the insane) currently running the place.

We had a great weekend with my brother and sister in law and are looking forward to seeing them again Memorial Day weekend. Seems like it's going to be a fun summer. Have a great day everyone!!
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Good morning chicks!

Ruth - sounds like you had a great time if your abs are sore! Make sure you keep that little bit o' time for yourself .

MMCK - Glad you enjoyed your weekend, you needed a relaxing time in b/w the chaos of work.

ANother week, another $. Nothing too exciting. I'm trying to use my calendar more...and then I actually schedule in "mop floor" and "swim", etc. to make sure I get everything done. I told the DH sometimes I feel like I'm supposed to be super-mom (not of his imposing), but what am I supposed to drop? I'd much rather be thin than to have a clean house!

Have a great day!

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Good morning Ruth and Matilda.

It's looking to be a wet week again here, too, but it's very pretty with all the flowers and trees in bloom. April showers sure did do it's job, at least. I planted some snapdragons and verbena yesterday to celebrate May Day.

It should be another interesting day at the farm. The crew will be laying the flooring in the hall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house, so that means that we'll have to go outside and around the house to the other door to access the rest of the house. Fun, fun. I guess I'll have to keep the dogs locked up in the mudroom to keep them out of the way, too, which they will not be happy about.
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Aaargh. One day that I actually manage to sleep past 5:30 and my mother wakes me up with a text message from her cruise I think I'll be grumpy today. Ate a ton yesterday, all OP except for a few Costco samples, but way more food than usual or that I was hungry for. Not sure what was up with that. I'll be back on track today.

DS has his first of 5 AP tests today. Has to get up early for all of them, I think. Tonight DH and I have our first pre-graduation event, the parent reception. I told him we should go after the dessert part, just for the information part. I think he'll go along with that idea.

Debbie and TallandThin -

Matilda - Glad you had fun.

Twynn - "I'd much rather be thin than to have a clean house!" I'm with you on this one!

Linda - Well will all the work be done?

Have a great day everyone. I'll be back after I wake up a bit more.
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Good morning, ladies. I have been MIA from the boards lately but not for my efforts. Down a bit more. Seems I'm in a good place calorie wise. And also my blood pressure is coming down (checking on my own and it's well within normal ranges)! So....the good fight continues! Should be 60 's here today...2 houses to clean in the morning but if I get them done quiclky, I should have from noon on to myself...until baseball tonight! Hope everyone is well!!!
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Good morning everyone! I've been lurking on the daily chats for a bit and realized I should just jump right in (and sorry, I'll still be learning names)

Ruth - Glad you had fun at the shower yesterday - painful abs from laughing is always a good problem

Matilda - Getting excited for your trip? May have explained this in previous dailys, but going to Texas for any particular reason?

Twynn - If only there could be more hours in the day, right?

Linda - It's definitely a rainy spring out here too, and allergies are killing me (which I've never had to deal with before). Anyone know of good over-the-counter allergy medication?

Karen - Ugh, I remember taking my AP tests, they can be a pain...but definitely can't argue with the college credits they provide!

Kristen - Glad the blood pressure and calories are going well For baseball, are you watching, playing, etc?

As for me, I was maid of honor in a wedding this weekend on Long Island...and although it was an absolutely fantastic time, I totally need to decompress today. Between that and nasty allergies, I wish I could just sleep all day today, lol...but at least I can work from home today, give me a bit of a reprieve from looking alert all day long. Hope you ladies all have a great day!

Oh and by the way, I'm Ashley

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Karen, at the start of this remodeling project it was only supposed to take about 3 weeks, but they've already extended it to another couple of weeks.

IRLPinkGirl, I know it's not SBD friendly, but after suffering from awful allergies for years and trying everything else, I've found that taking a spoonful of local raw honey is the only thing that works for me.
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Good morning,

Ruth - there is so much rain this year, wonder when we will be able to get our gardens in order. I started some seedlings of sunflowers and hollyhocks and those are up.

Matilda - keep thinking vacation, that will be a good way to get around all the negative stuff.

Tywnn - go with the thin. Housework is always there.

Cottage - love snapdragons and verbena. Have a nice day going around the house.

Karen - going after dessert is a good idea. Boy, graduation is a big thing down your way. Not so much here.

Kristen - enjoy your time to yourself

Ashley - I guess you didn't have time to watch the wedding.

me - I think I will get rid of some more clothes in my closets. I just can't do a clean sweep all at once it just hurts too much. And voting of course is on the agenda. We finally rebooked our trip to France and that is happening on September 1st, 13 weeks of total clean eating.
take care
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Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. Things have been a little off the charts in terms of

Saturday I played in an Ultimate tournament and had no subs the second half. Much exercise! Eating was fine during the day, but Saturday night was DH's 25th high school reunion. Luckily, most everything was pretty good: ate the insides out of the baby spinach quiches, ate the insides of the mini-quesadillas - am sure it was regular cheese, but all was balanced out by the Ultimate all day!! Dinner itself was an awesome salad, green beans, and beef tenderloin. Gracious it was good! Allowed myself a lemon triangle (would have been a lemon square, but I cut it in half) for dessert. VERY excellent night - avoided all the food pitfalls anyway. Many members of his graduating class actually looked MUCH older than he does, so I think that made him feel good!

Sunday included practice for the teens until noon, lunch with DH, and an afternoon/evening with a dear friend who is having a very very hard time with life. I count my blessings - I love my family, my life, and I look forward to each and every day. Kiss your loved ones. Cherish them.

As always, be well.
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Back later...gotta take my mom to an appt.
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Good morning all,

This looks to be a crazy week this week, I am balancing floor duty (still not completely pulled off it yet) we are down a couple of staff so had to get on HR to get moving with the interviews so we can replace them and there are going to be meetings added to my schedule this week.

Yesterday got a lot of outside stuff done- cleaned the porch gutters and trimmed some limbs getting close the house. Didn't get the second story gutters done yet- how brilliant is this- myself, DH and now DS are all scared of heights and the dang gutters are 24 ft up in the air. Guess it will DD1 getting up there with us holding the ladder steady as she goes. DD2 have fun getting up on the porch roof with me to assist, I normally don't allow her to but decided she is old enough to assist if she wanted to and kept her very close to me. Also got the weeding done around the house as well and the outside basement stairs are all clean from leaves and mud.

Whew- I guess it is nice to sit on my behind all day today heheh

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today
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Hey Debbie, hope to see u back later! Hope everyone is doing well.
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Cottage - I've heard the raw honey, 1 spoon daily,works great, and we're starting to try it on dogs too! What was funny is I have a 95 lb dog with a large wound (from a malignant tumor) on its side, and I told them to get some raw honey in case we need it, since honey on wounds works great. The dealer asked if it was for allergies, and was surprised at the answer! The wound looks great, btw!
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