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Default SBD Chat - Friday, April 22

Good morning on this most popular day of the work week!

The weather is cold and miserable, but we won't talk about that.
I'm going over to the farm to stay with the girls this morning, but will be off the rest of the day. Yesterday was a bust at the amusement park. The park was packed and the lines for each ride were hours long. The girls still had fun, even though they were disappointed. We've learned to never go to an amusement park on a holiday.

I want to give the house a good cleaning this afternoon in preparation for Sunday, and I should probably stop at the grocery store on my way home today. We're having Easter dinner here and the whole family is coming. I'm looking forward to it and just hope it's a nice day so the kids can have their Easter Egg Hunt outside. We did try to have it inside one year when it rained, but it was total chaos.

Have a blessed Good Friday!
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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Friday, April 22

It's finally Easter Weekend! I was expecting spring to be here by now with such a late Easter but apparently she missed the memo.

My stove was installed perfectly yesterday and sure kept me cozy and warm last night. It was so great not to have to mess around with newspapers, kindling and matches and to be able to just touch a button to get it on for a bit this morning. That's going to make a big difference in my life next winter.

This morning I go to a community Church service and then out to lunch with some friends. I'm definitely going for a salad as I'm fighting the regain monster these days. A bit of a NSV yesterday though when I discovered my new pants fit - and they are a size 14. That was quite a shocker as the old ones were 18 - no wonder they had the Saggy Baggy Elephant look! I also discovered some "new" size 18s that have been awaiting shortening for about a year. Time for a Goodwill trip!

The furries have been fed and pottied and are now back asleep. It's tempting to join them but I'll settle for another coffee.

How is your Friday starting? Any weekend plans?
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Good morning ladies!

Cottage - sorry the amusement park was a bust. Was this Hershey? I think I saw that one is open this weekend?

Ruth - glad your new stove is so great!

Well, I could've slept til 7:30, and was so exhausted last night, and guess who didn't sleep in? LOL....both kids, a cat, and 2 adults in the bed at one time this morning at 6 am. Needless to say, I finally got up. They don't even have school today!

I'm thinking of running to the grocery store this am to leave the kids with something to eat and start the easter shopping. THen off to work, which I think is booked . Darned that paycheck!!

Hope you have a fabulous Good Friday!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's ridiculously cold here but at least the sun is out. WFH on the phones again and probably the first three days next week too.

Cottage - Egg hunts were part of my childhood and my parents did the same for my daughter. My Gram assigned each of us a room so the big kid (me) couldn't find everything and leave the little kid out. Also, being the only girl, I often had different stuff that might not have amused my brothers
I'm smiling just thinking about it, hope your day will be as much fun as I remember.

Ruth - Congratulations on the saggy pants! The new heater sounds like a perfect solution for you and the doggies.

Debbie - has the crud moved on?

No big weekend plans around here. We aren't really holiday people and usually just use it as an opportunity to go birding while everyone else is eating big dinners. The weather forecast has improved so we will probably be at Plum Island again this year. I am looking forward to a day at the beach I've been spending my evenings scanning rentals in Maine and am so ready to be on vacation.

Happy Friday friends!

ETA - Sorry you didn't get to sleep in. Hope your workday flies by

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Hi everyone,
Went to a Maundy Thursday service at my church last night - since I transitioned over to this church in January, it was my first one there. I have to say that I honestly was moved and inspired. They were doing an all night vigil at the altar, but I really hadn't planned for that; perhaps next year I'll take an hour shift. I'm taking my son to a service at noon today and then we'll go on Sunday for the Easter service. The episcopal churches here get together for the Easter vigil on Saturday night so it is being held at another church, but I wouldn't be able to go anyway because we have an egg hunt at my son's Godmother's house and anyway, I'm having people over for Sunday dinner and will have too much to do Saturday evening.

As for today, we've got a bunch of errands (fun ones), then meeting a friend for lunch after church, then I'll come home and make the ham for Sunday so it's done. I'm still up and down on the scale which is frustrating, but I think I'm retaining water again (sigh) so I'm just going to keep on keeping on. I don't think I'll make my April goal, but it would be great to begin May below what I started April at.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Ruth ~ Congrats on the smaller size pants! It makes having to donate those brand new size 18s a lot less painful, doesn't it? I'm glad the lads got your new stove up and working so you could enjoy it last night, but I do hope you won't have to use it much longer this year. Have a nice time at the church service and the luncheon.

Twynn ~ The park was Great Adventure in NJ. It's really a shame that there's no way to avoid the long lines, especially considering the admission price. The girls only got on 4 rides, hardly their money's worth.

Cyndi ~ We have to let the little ones get a head start on the egg hunt, or it wouldn't be fair to them. Amber seems to know where each egg is hidden. The kids all have fun, though, and eagerly look forward to it every year. I hope you have a great birding weekend!

Morning, Matilda. I'm glad you son is better!

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Good morning!

TallandThin - I had a similar eye-opener a while back when I tried tracking online. It was amazing how much fruit and veggies added up too!

Linda - Bummer about the park. I'll cross fingers for nice Easter weather for you, and everyone.

Ruth - "The regain monster" - so that's what he's called. Must be a "he." Congrats on the NSV!

Twynn - I can't ever sleep in but it's me, no pets or kids. Okay, sometimes DH's snoring contributes.

Cyndi - Your weekend sounds nice. Where in Maine? We went to Bar Harbor a few years ago; love it.

Matilda - Busy day for you. I've been up and down this month too.

Rainy here today. I am going to my annual gyno appointment. Ugh. Then running some errands. Have many little details to take care of for the college stuff like hotel reservations and flights for three, yes three, trips to campus. (Orientation, move-in, family weekend... and the closest hotel is already booked!)
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Sounds like everyone is gearing up for Easter! We are having lunch at my mom's and I have baskets for my boyfriend and mom. I don't have kids yet, so it makes holidays more relaxing, but the anticipation is not nearly as high. My mom is supplying the lunch meat and breads, I asked her to look for at least one kind of deli meat that isn't sugar cured or anything. And I am making cauliflower "potato salad" and SB friendly cole slaw... hope it works out!

I am on Day 5 phase 1 and as of this morning I have lost 5 lbs! So exciting, definitely a motivator to keep going.
It is pretty stressful around here right now. I am waiting for the results of my interview at work, I only have 2 weeks left of school, I started this weight loss journey... blah, blah, blah...

Have a great weekend!
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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I've been semi-MIA. Things have been super hectic lately at work! Just wanted to hop in and say HI and HAPPY EASTER to everyone!!!!

Easter will be a cheat day for me, although I'm not allowed to go overboard. Small 1/2 cup servings of things. Hopefully there will be a fruit salad at Chris' parents' house for lunch or I'll really be doomed! Then we have my parents' house for dinner. I'm also allowed to have chocolate again since Lent will be over! YES!!!!! Moderation, of course. I've worked too hard to throw it all away for one day.

Taking Anna to get a root canal on Monday afternoon. Poor kiddo. Not looking forward to that, especially since Chris and Ginger have to work, so I'll be the only parent-on-duty there. I have a thing about teeth..... and eyeballs and finger nails. Hopefully I don't pass out in the room.

Otherwise I have all week next week off! Chris is off Tues-Fri, so we're going to do some hardcore cleaning, and were going to rent a dumpster to clean out the shed and basement, except it's going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights (how big IS a cubit, exactly?) so the dumpster may have to be post-poned until later on in the summer.

Hope everyone is doing well! I've been (mostly) OP. Have seen a definite slowing down of weight loss, but that's to be expected. Only 6 lbs to go! And I fit back into my khakis and gray slacks. Now to fit into my last 4 pairs of jeans! SO CLOSE!!!!

Anyhoozle, gotta get back to work. Break time is over. Hope everyone's having a fabulous day, and if I can't make it back in, have a WONDERFUL and blessed Easter.

Hippity hop,
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Hi ladies. Hope it's okay that I randomly jump in here! I've been doing SB for about a month now, and though I haven't had the time to check in daily (grad school is kicking my behind this quarter), I wanted to pop in and share how awesome I think SB is!

I've lost about 10 pounds since I've started and I am absolutely amazed at how easy it is to live like this. I haven't been perfect. Even on P1 I slipped up a few times, but just kept going. I've even gotten to a point of eating sweets in moderation--something I did not think was possible! It used to be that if I ate one cookie, my brain immediately started saying 'eat ten more!' The other day a friend offered me a still-warm chocolate chip cookie. I debated, but ultimately decided to accept it. I ate the cookie, and it was good... but I didn't want another one!

Prior to SB I was calorie counting. I was losing, but so slowly (10 lbs in 3 months). It was mentally exhausting to me to count and measure every single thing I put in my mouth. Now I just eat reasonably, and every time I weigh in, I see a loss. I'm starting to sound like I'm being paid by Dr. A, so I'll stop, but I just wanted to share how great this has been.
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Well I am getting on here late...for some reason at work, network it is very slow to get on here and maneuver around.

Happy Good Friday and Easter to everyone incase I don't get on here. Not sure what we are doing this weekend....if it rains like they are prediciting we may just stay home.
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Evening, ladies. Just popping in from work to say hello.
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