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Default Food help, phase 1

I am confused about the part of the plan under beans/legumes it says, "Start with a 1/3- to 1/2 cup serving size. Limit to one serving daily; vegetarians may have additional servings."
My question is... the start with and limit to one phrases seem to negate each other... any ideas? Also, if, for example, I have a bean soup for lunch with no meat and then the taco bake with dinner or the roasted chick peas for a snack and them chili, is this not ok, or it is because for one of the servings I am using it as protein with no other proteins/ meats?

Also, what are your interpretations as far as pimento cheese spread... looking through the ingredients list the only thing I wonder is cream, but it is pretty far down the list. I was wanting to use 2 tablespoons as a snack with some bell pepper strips.
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It's saying when you start eating beans first start with a 1/3 or 1/2 cup serving and only have one serving a day.

A lot of people have a different opinion of what one serving is, that just defined it for you.

I haven't done phase 1 in a while but I would say if you are only supposed to have one serving of beans a day in phase 1 then no you can't have all those beans you must pick one meal to have them with and go with that, just until phase 2 I am assuming, unless you are a vegetarian.
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My understanding is that the limit is more for digestive reasons than plan reasons. Beans contain a lot of fiber and can be hard on people who aren't used to them (and those in the same room)

Many of us eat more than one serving of beans a day. I am a vegetarian and often have beans at every meal.
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My guess, too, Cyndi, is that since beans are calorie dense there might be some type of concern for a person getting protein from a meat source to limit them, which would not be such an issue for us vegetarians. (There! am I calling myself one, now!)
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