South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default On Plan Thread for 4/17-4/24

OR, try this variant of the Wendie Plan that we call the Maggie Plan:

Use all 49 WPA's in the first 3-4 days of your week, then stick to target for the last 3-4. It seems to work for many of the women on this board who try it. There are a few rules with it, though--you MUST follow the Good Health Guidelines, eat good healthy food. and have a glass of milk late afternoon/early evening.

I think this will be easier for me to do than the Wendie plan. So the first days of my week are Friday/Saturday/Sunday and Mon-Thurs. are the lighter eating days.

Sunday Phase 1.5
B: quinoa pancake, avocado, kefir
S: peanuts
L: turkey mb with sauce and parm cheese
S: had off plan snacks whilst walking around Costco
D: roasted chick peas, spanakopita

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Working on healthy
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Ah, the 17th on the old thread confused me. I'll close that one now that this one has started.
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Today's plan:
B: cottage cheese, sf jam, tea
S: laughing cow, celery
L: romaine lettuce, carrots, tuna with celery, onion, slice ww toast
S: pistachios
D: DH ate all my chili and my cacciatore - sheesh - back to the drawing (cutting?) board
S: unclear - mom will be here by then - might be popcorn!

D: lf cheese/salsa/veggie/chicken quesadilla, salad
S: too full from the dinner . . .

Be well -

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Phase 2

B: oatmeal, apple, walnuts, nf milk
L: protein smoothie ( unsweentened choc almond milk,spinach,1/2 banana,protein powder,choc Greensuperfood)
S: veggies and hummus
D: split pea soup, salad, 1 T rf blue cheese dressing
S: nf greek yogurt, blueberries
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Default Saturday 4/16

B: 1 piece turkey bacon, 2 eggs scrambled w/bell peppers onions and cheese
L: Chicken Breast and Salad w/ lf ranch
D: Taco Bake
Snacks through out the day: cheese stick, sf werthers, NSA fudgicle (2), and 5 swedish fish at the movies with my best girlfriend.

I keep having these little slip ups...1st with the couple bites of cake and the the swedish fish, but each morning I hop on the scale to a loss...Day six and I've lost 10.5 lbs....must be all the exercise I've been getting
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b-spinach feta egg wrap and coffee w/ milk
Lunch-lots of broccoli w/ cottage cheese dip, slice ww bread w/almond butter
s-banana (large)
d-ww pizza w/cheese and lots of veggies
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1: Greek yogurt, strawberry, coffee 1/2 n 1/2
2: sugar snap peas, baby carrots, south beach bar
3: black bean soup with laughing cow, pita
4: roasted pork , mashed cauliflower, green beans
5: dark chocolate
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Mmc, your weeks always seem to have eight days!

I'm off plan today (like the last several days), but I'll plan out my meals for the week here when I get home later tonight.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Phase 2: 1 fruit/1 grain

Weight: 239.0

Breakfast: 2 eggs; 2 slices turkey bacon; 6-8 oz V8; 2 cups coffee with cup 1% milk and artificial sweetener

Lunch: Spinach Salad with 2 slices turkey bacon (crumbled) and NF Feta Cheese

Snack: Apple with peanut butter

Dinner: General A-Rods Chicken (chicken and broccoli); brown rice

Desert: SB Friendly Lemon Torte

Not a happy weigh day today, but I think it's just one of those weird scale things... I weigh exactly what I did last week, but I snuck in a mid-week, non-official weigh in on Wednesday and I was down 1.5 pounds at that point... next week the scale will be friendlier, I'm sure.
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Monday doing Phase 1:
B: lf cottage cheese with avocado
L: salad with roasted chicken and dressing
S: carrots and ss peas
D: chicken patty and roasted green beans

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Yesterday, P1.5
B Whey , strawberries
s 2 hb eggs
L shrimp veggies
d ground turkey. veggies,
s PB, banana, sf choc sauce
Cals 1322
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Had a decent weekend -- food was on plan, alcohol consumption was not. woke up this morning only .8 lbs. higher than Friday, though, so I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage. Looking forward to a good hard workout this morning to get rid of those toxins.

wt: 145.8


1: oats and chia seeds soaked in almond milk, topped with 1 tsp. almond butter, 1 strawberry and a few blackberries
2: tuna mashed with avocado, red pepper, green onion, served over salad greens; baby carrots
3: grapes
4: chicken with mushrooms in a garlic white wine sauce; roasted broccoli
5: 10 almonds

exercise: 40 min. fat burner class, 25 min. treadmill, ab work
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Today's plan

B: Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and shredded lf cheese
S: Strawberries
L: Buffalo Chicken salad
S: Cottage Cheese and tomoatoes
D: Taco Bake
S: Mocha ricotta creme

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Come on Spring!
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** Sigh ** My losing steak has ended and I was up to 189 this morning with bad FBGL. I need to plan AND STICK TO IT!

Phase II

B. 20 grapes, two Ryvita crackers, 1 Laughing Cow wedge
L. 2 egg omelet, tomato and cucumber salad, pear
S. before 4:30 meeting - glass of skim milk
D. 1 cup vegetarian chili on a slice of ww toast, green salad
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Matilda, I have a question for you. I notice that you drink a kefir most mornings. At first I didn't even know what it was but later found it in the grocery store. In reading the ingredients, I noticed that there was a log of sugar included. What do I not understand? How does that affect your cravings and isn't that much sugar not a good thing? Hope you don't mind my asking. I'm just trying to learn.

Z - A question for you too. What kind of oats and how much and is it as simple as just soaking them overnight in (how much) almond milk?

Today my plan for phase 1.5

B - mock pancakes w/sf jam or syrup, v-8, decaf coffee w/sf creamer.
S - 1 hb egg and 1/2 apple
L - leftover spaghetti squash deep dish pie
S - 1 tsp almond butter
D - leftover spaghetti squash deep dish pie and grn salad
S - ?

Now that I've made a plan, just need to stick to it!
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