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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD (Sort of Weekend) Chat - Friday, April 15

Good morning and TGIF although I wish it were Monday!

My agenda? Gym, banking and then baking. It'll be a really hectic weekend so send out the search party if I don't show around here.

It's supposed to be a rain and cold weekend which one would think would affect the crowds at the Syrup Festival. What usually happens though is that folks can't work outside so come here for the day. Aside from the pancake and syrup schtick, there are two auctions, three bake sales, tours at the Mill and Museum, a silent auction, a craft show and general hanging out at Bob's Diner. It's so busy, we have canceled Church since all of us are working!

Sunday evening will feel great!

What's up on your TGIF?
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Wow Ruth! I would love to come up and visit your little town someday. I can't believe they even cancelled church!!

I don't work until 2, but have a pretty full schedule. Car worked on, get the taxes in the mail (hey, but I have 3 extra days!!), long run, cleaning. Should keep me out of trouble!!'s done, must load up!! (DH made only decaf, good grief....)
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Ruth, you're starting the weekend a day early, aren't you? Although today is the start of my weekend. I'd love to visit the Syrup Festival, it sounds like fun, even with the rain.

I have to hang around and wait for a delivery of mulch and garden soil, so I'll get some housecleaning done while I'm waiting. They told me they'd be here early, so I hope I don't have to waste the day waiting on them. Afterwards, I'm heading off to spend the rest of the day with my parents. My mother just finished her first round of chemo, and she's tolerating the treatments pretty well, so far.

Twynn! I hope the decaf is strong enough to get you started for your busy day!

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Weekend chat, huh? LOL! Okay...I'll play. I have to work today (3 houses, ugh)! Of course, I can't complain when I didn't work since last Wednesday. Oh well. Squeezing in a work out first and I should go to the dump first. I'm still not up and at 'em from my big let down yesterday. Working on it. Off to begin my day. Have a great one everyone!!!
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Come on Spring!
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Oh dear! I'm right into the weekend, I guess. I'll just put it in brackets so folks will know what you teasers are on about!
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Working on healthy
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I was very excited to read that it's the weekend. Please don't change it!

It's a quiet morning here. DW has a photo gig up north and stayed there overnight to make the morning easier. I'm off across the mountains to Rutland today. Should be interesting and a nice day to head over the mountains. I'll leave early so I can check out birds along the way. Tonight I'm meeting a friend for wine and catch-up

I miss DW but I'm excited about the whole pot of coffee being mine. I am a sick woman but hey my BP was 117/60 yesterday so the coffee is mine (we won't talk about the "summer moments" and caffeine. I'm ignoring that). It looks like I will have to give in and take thyroid meds. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 9 years ago but my hormones have stayed good so I haven't taken meds (I really hate taking anything if I can avoid it). Yesterday the doc found a nodule though so I'm sure my primary will want me to try the meds. Guess it's a good thing I scheduled both physicals 5 days apart. It seemed pretty silly at the time

Ruth - Sounds like a crazy weekend. I hope you sneak a few minutes in for dog petting and maybe wine. Hope the weather is better than it looks from here

Twynn - My taxes are sitting in an envelope until the last minute. DW got a refund (thank you DOMA for that fiasco. we would have a refund) so hers went out early. I owe so mine will sit until the last call Monday.

Cottage - Happy gardening. Hope you and Mom have a nice day together.

Kristen - but you are up and at 'em. I'd whine my way out of working out too.

Have a good Friday friends!
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Got up early thanks to a bad headache and can't think well enough to figure out the weekend stuff! But I know that I have my workout with my mom today.

Yesterday I started some much needed Spring/pre-graduation party cleaning. Baseboards! Can't remember the last time I touched those and they are nasty dusty. Did two small rooms and figure I can handle a room a day without feeling overwhelmed. Not sure what I'll tackle next - maybe the wood blinds. We sent out the invites for family yesterday so I guess that is behind my little spurt of motivation. Can't believe how fast the end of school, and my son's HS years, is approaching!
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Good Morning

I'm still under the weather...back is tolerable and the cold is irritating. I got alot of sleep so I need to see if I can get something done this morning.

Linda, your mom is in my thoughts...I'm glad she has made it through her first round of chemo.

Kristen, glad to see you here this morning...take care!

Ok, off to paperwork land.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning and TGIF!!!! We got some crazy storms here last night, complete with marble sized hail! It seemed to come out of nowhere! Well, I was voted president of the PTA last night so we went out for a celebration dinner. Had a wonderful new york strip, asparagus, and was amazing. I have over half of it left! Giving blood today so that will be my "big" meal before going in there. Had my first cheat last the restaurant, fondue....I don't think they used dark chocolate but I did stick to just the strawberries and one small bite of a graham cracker.
Not to much planned for the weekend....DS2 has a baseball game in the morning which are usually pretty fun and entertaining. Other than that I am going to plant some tomato plants, do some homework, and clean. Good stuff. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday
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Hey everyone,
I also sort of feel like it is the weekend, even though I'm at work. A disappointing weigh in this am (up 1.6 lbs according to the scale, which is bs) but since I've been on plan and exercising a lot more I know it's not real. I'll still try to reach my 4 lb. goal by the end of April, perhaps I'll make it. Will I have a woosh? Hope so.

Tomorrow is a busy day - get up early, exercise, dye hair, meet friends for coffee, take son and friend to a play, an easter egg hunt and then dinner with friends after the hunt. Sunday will be quiet with just church and a costco trip. Tonight, just relaxing at home with wine and doing some laundry. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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So good to be able to check in here - even for 5 minutes. Crazy week, crazy day - teh weekend can start RIGHT NOW!

Of course, now I have massive guilt for having no mulch, not having cleaned baseboards, haven't planned the egg hunt - oh dear.

Thoughts and prayers to all who need them.
Oh and i was ALMOST at 165 this morning. Gonna play Ultimate tonight - maybe that will get me over that (or under that?) hump.
Be well -

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Morning my friends, any coffee left?

Ruth, you do have a busy weekend coming up. Try to find just a little me time to take a deep breath and relax. Hope you can manage to stay on the beach while around all that food porn.

Tammy, enjoy your run.

Linda, You are just a bit ahead of us. We should be picking up our soil tomorrow I hope. Then comes the job of getting it into our new raised garden planter. Good exercise, right . Glad your mom is doing alright with the chemo so far.

kmac, glad to see your post. Hang in there girl, you'll figure it out.

Cyndi, sorry about your thyroid meds but better do what your doc says. Have a safe drive and hope you see a special bird today.

Karen, yes graduation will soon be here. Our youngest GS will be graduating from eighth grade this year. So sad that we won't have any young ones any more but then the next generation has started as GS1 and his wife are expecting our first great this Fall.

Debbie, sorry you're under the weather. I thought I had a cold a few weeks ago but it turned out to just be alergies. Don't know which is worse though. Hope you feel better soon.

Jessica, or should I say Mrs. President! Congrats and from experience, I'll say right now that you are going to be one busy lady now.

Matilda, got fingers crossed for your woosh.......

Today I think I'll drive down to the shopping center and get my walking around the front and back of the stores before taking time to go inside. Need something different to look at while walking.

Hope you all have a good Friday and can relax a bit at the end of your work week this evening.
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