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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Thursday, April 14

Coffee and tea are ready to help us wake up to face the day. I've been up since 4:30 but the dogs have gone back to sleep. I can hear Disney snoring under my desk.

This morning I am off for early coffee at the diner with the gang and am then taking my porch flower boxes over to the greenhouse to be filled and pampered for a few weeks. I can't safely plant them outside until mid-May so this will give them a good start. I'll also scout out flowers for the 22 village planters. There were 24 but the snowplow ate two! After that I'll take a trip to Brockville for Staples and hardware odds and ends and will avoid the evil Chinese Buffet.

So that's my morning.

What does yours look like? Set and sip a bit!
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Morning ladies, morning Ruth! I really hate planting! I have huge flowerboxes that were built that line my enormous deck (instead of a railing). Previous owner was a green thumb with green house and, I just put some vinca and full sun flowers and hope for the best. It's pretty when they're in though. But so much work...I don't have the patience for it. Anyway...dr's appt today. I'm bummed and I really don't want to go because I made this appt over 6 mos ago and had thought I'd be less weight than 5 lbs! UGH. And it PMS week so it might not even be that. Blah...if I get bad news after I've been working so hard for 6 weeks I will be so mad! But it's been over 3 years since my last physical and pap that I know I must go. I just hate going embarresed! And I don't like the nurses! Anyway...that's my day...blah!!!
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Good morning, Ruth, and those to come.

Ruth, is the diner back to it's normal, summer hours yet? It must be fun to sit and listen to the farmers and the locals discussing their plans. I hope you do manage to avoid the Chinese buffet while you're out.

Cindy and I took the girls to the garden center yesterday for some veggies for their garden, and we're going to get them planted this afternoon. I let them do all the work, but have to supervise where to plant everything. I was sorely tempted to buy several flats of annuals, but I know it's still too early for most of them and had to hold myself back. Besides, I don't have any place to store them in the meantime.

I took a peek at my garden, and everything is thriving and looking good after all this rain. I'm hoping today's sunshine will encourage the seeds to sprout.
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

The rain has washed away most of our snow now. No matter which window I peek out I can see at least as much bare ground as snow now. It's still raining now, but supposed to dry up this morning and hit 52 degrees this afternoon. I think spring is finally visiting western Maine!

Things are still crazy busy for me right now, and I'm slipping back into my old habit of stress eating. I'm avoiding junk and artificial sweeteners but eating too much and the scale is showing that. *sigh* If I can't change this trend I may go back to a limited use of artificial sweeteners, at least until I get through this hectic, stressful patch. I'd hate to back track but when I feel like I just have to shove something in my mouth SF gum and SF jello don't rack up the calories the way nuts, seeds and fruit do.

Kristen, I hope your doctor's appointment goes well today. I think we all dread those annual exams. *hug*

Enjoy your Thursday, friends!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Another spring day making me itch to work in the garden.

Ruth - Now I'm wondering if I can fit a visit to the garden store into my day Stay strong when passing by the evil buffet. Maybe plan some homemade crack slaw for dinner so you have a buffet-like but much healthier meal to look forward to?

Kristen - I love gardening but have trouble finding time to fit it in. Of course if I didn't spend a day a week chasing birds I'd have more time You're somewhere around me aren't you? I finally have a snow free yard!

I've got a doctor's appt. too. It must be the week. I actually have one today and one next week because I have a separate girl doctor. Don't know how I planned two physicals in a 8 day stretch, that wasn't clever! I haven't made it back to my goal weight so not so happy about the scale either

I talked to the lead on our campaign yesterday and it looks like 4 day weeks for the summer are a go. I'm so excited to have a garden day to look forward to! I did that a few years ago, involuntarily, and really loved it. DW also works 4 day weeks so some weeks we will take long birding weekends but most weeks I will work in the garden and do stuff around the house. I'm going to work on a decluttering project too. That's just impossible to find time for most weeks. I'll keep all that in mind the next 2-3 weeks when work is crazy. Our bill should move through the second House committee next week then go to the floor. We will work crazy hours until it's voted out of the house. Hopefully we will wait to move through the Senate until next session, so life will calm down by the end of the month. There's even rumor of an extra few days off for the team once we get to the other side of this stretch.

I'm still really struggling with being perfectly on plan. I have days when I eat something off plan and more days when I just eat too much, grazing and picking way beyond what I need. I am getting regular exercise in and that is definitely helping but I'm feeling slightly out of control with the food. I'm debating a Phase 1 week but, to be perfectly honest, I don't want to give up my apples. They are really the perfect snack on the road and really satisfying. This maintenance thing has been a constant process of trial and error for me. I wonder if it will ever become second nature

I suppose I should start planning my day. I am definitely including a walk outside in that plan!

Cottage - Happy gardening! The gardening with children classes were always my favorite part of my previous job. So much fun

Heidi - I so understand. We can get through this!

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Good morning chicks!!

Ruth - do the plows normally take out some planters?!?!? Enjoy the diner!!

Kmac - ugh. Good luck at the doctors. I have "white coat syndrome" and can feel your heart pounding when you see/hear them coming!!

Cottage - SO jealous....I have not planted our greens yet . I need to bribe the DH!

Me - we have a pastor's appreciation for the kid's school today, then off to work. Whoop, whoop. I might try to go on a swim during my lunch break, my schedule looked pretty slow. I'm making a spinach mushroom crustless quiche . Maybe I'll get to snag a sample?

Have a great day!

Cyndi and Heidi - I am also finding maintenance SOOOO hard. Cyndi - I've done phase I with no grains, would that work for you?

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Happy Thursday!!

It will be a long one for me. I didn't sleep so well last night thanks to hubby not driving down the mountain. He sent me pictures and it was amazing the amount of snow they were getting. We got lots of rain. It will also be long because Tanner has two practices tonight. Thank heavens for Diet Coke

I do not have an once of grardening skills in me. So Bravo to all of you that do. For me living in a condo is great, because we have very little yard work. Luckily, my Dad loves it so Tanner gets to play in the dirt with him and we get the fresh veggies.

Have a great day!!

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Good morning!

Kristen - I go next week. The the "girl doctor" as Cyndi puts it. Hate it.

Heidi - I'm with you. Yesterday was the first day in weeks that I overate just sitting around at home and I attribute it to stress with the college stuff. And having protein bars left over from my trip. I trashed the rest.

Cyndi - Great news about the summer. I also wonder if it will ever be second nature.

Hi to everyone else!

We had a great conversation with DS about colleges last night. Both from the content perspective and that he was in a very good mood. (He often suffers from the teenager grouchies.) No firm decision yet but he definitely is leaning towards one now. I'll be glad to have it done and then I can move on to the stress of everything up to him leaving and graduation next month
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Good Morning

After a near perfect day yesterday, I woke up with a seriously tweaked back and a scratchy throat. This is nixing my plans for the day because even if the back improves I won't be able to take Bing to the hospital to visit patients if there's the possibility I'm getting sick. I will get to water aerobics and just take it very easy and keep my distance from the others.

Take care everyone!
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Good morning,

to those that need it this morning.

Tonight is DD1 Soccer game and then DD2 dance, so not a whole lot of time for anything else.

Going to try to go for a walk at lunchtime, the good news with trial period of new responsibilities- no more floor duty whewhoo

Make it a great day everyone.
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Hi everyone, checking in a bit late here...don't know what was up with me yesterday. I didn't eat a different breakfast than I usually do, but I was ravenous and craving by lunch. Ate a different lunch than I had brought which was all on plan and should not have caused any further cravings, but by mid afternoon, even though I wasn't hungry, I was fighting a craving for cake. I never eat or want cake which is the odd part. My office mate keeps jars and drawers of candy (good candy too - mini snickers and twix) stocked all the time and I'm never tempted, but yesterday I was, and knew that I could not stop at even one. Went up the cafeteria in search of a lara bar (see my other post) and found a good substitute which calmed the cravings until I got home and ate about 3 oz. of full fat cheese not planned for. SIGH!!! I'm feeling less crave-y today and hope it won't be like yesterday!

Other than that, I love my rebounder!! I'm doing great with it. Hope everyone has a superlative day...
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Awesome beautiful sunshine to day - I think it is memory of my dear friend's mother-in-law who passed away last night. Everyone - hug and kiss your loved ones. Be kinder than you need to, for you never know the struggle someone may be having. It is a great thing to have this place for us all to come and see affirming statements and acceptance every day.

Be well.
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