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Default SBD Daily Chat for Monday, April 11

Hi everyone,
I got up a little early this morning, because I'm going to use my rebounder for 10 minutes. I'm trying to get into this habit each day no matter what other exercise I do because I have read it's so beneficial. I'll try it with the tv on, although I can't really put it too loud.

Today is my son's first day back at school after being out three days last week. Unfortunately he has just one more week and then it's school break for seven school days! He'll be going to a mini camp, so he'll be focused and everything, but still.

Not much else to say right now, just hope everyone has a great day.
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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Chat - Monday, April 11

Good morning from rainy and noisy Delta. I'm not talking birdsong noise which I love but thunder boomers. Poor Disney is freaking! She and Jazz both pushed open the kitchen door around 1 a.m. and joined me upstairs - for about two minutes as D. just wanted to walk in circles on the bed. She really gets upset with t-storms as they must make her recall Katrina.

I am off to the gym this morning no matter what. The rest of the morning has a "few" things booked in but I am off to Ottawa again after lunch for dinner and overnight at Shirleyanne's place. It's her birthday and the same six friends always get together for the event. Shirley has cancer that was supposed to do her in by now but she is doing well and living her life to the hilt. It'll be a fun overnight. The dogs will be at the kennel as one of her dogs is nasty to Disney.

Got a bit of garden stuff done yesterday, just cleaning out the raised bed. Nothing planted as yet. We are so much colder than you folks - USA Zone 4. I am trying to be patient. There is still a pile of snow in front of my potting table from winter ploughing and lots in the woods.

Raising my coffee mug to a week full of good things!
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Good morning! (OK - did this font change automatically? Is this my imagination!?)

MMCK - wow...good for you for getting up and getting it done!! FWIW - my DH bought me a FM receiver to hook up to my iPod, although only my ancient iPod will accept it. It's a receiver like they use at the Y here...so I can listen to the tv w/o waking the kids up!

Ruth - the sleepover sounds fantastic! How long have you been doing that?

Me - I started swimming, yesterday was day no. 3 of my life of laps! I'm sad to say I think I'm better at it then running. Sad because it's harder to get over there, and sad b/c what's the challenge of that? With running, you can do trails, races, different environments, blah, blah, blah. I definately need to incorporate it into my workout routine.

And I definately need to clean up my eating!!!

Start Date: May 5, 2008

Just trying to maintain on the beach!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Woke up to the woodcock peeting in the yard. The only time we ever seem to notice them around here is spring when they are very loud at dusk and sunrise.

Lots of traveling again this week - staff meeting today then back to Montpelier Wed. for a legislative meeting. I'm planning to spend 2 days on the western side of the mountains. I hope to stop by the heron rookery for a few pictures while I'm over there DW and I realized last night that we won't have dinner together again until Saturday! She has meetings 2 nights and a late work night, I have one late work night and Friday out with friends. We decided to go to Trader Joe's to stock up on quick and easy foods to get through the week. I also made a big pot of beans and veggies.

Ruth - Enjoy the gym!

Mathilda - How do you like the rebounder so far? DW loves ours but I just gave up on it.

Twynn- Maybe you can just mix the swimming in for variety and in the winter?

Hope your week is off to a smooth start!
Maintaining 78 lb loss since 2008 thanks to South Beach and the tips, support, and tricks I learned here.

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Good morning.

It's not thundering here today, but it very well may be tomorrow at this time. Today's supposed to be sunny and hot. I had to dig into the summer closet to find a pair of capris and a short sleeved top to wear! We'll be back to the cooler stuff after today, so I'm going to enjoy this brief respite.
I spent yesterday afternoon planting some cool weather seeds and seedlings in my garden, and tomorrow's rain will be welcome. It sure did feel good to be playing in the soil after the long winter. Hopefully, in another two or three weeks, we can plant tomatoes and the rest of the garden.
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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S/C/G: maintaining


Greetings from LA! Teen is sleeping, I'm catching up online, annoyed at having to pay for internet in an upscale hotel, DH is in bed watching a movie on his phone. He and I are clearly still on central time. The teen could sleep until noon any time zone! We'll wake him in about an hour to get going for the campus visit. Busy day ahead.

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Happy morning, all! Here's to a great day for everyone on this particular stretch of beach. Of course, here in Philly, it really WILL be beach weather today!!!

Be well -

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Good Morning

Matilda, thanks for getting us started! I look forward to hearing about how you like your rebounder.

Ruth, safe travels! I'm glad to hear Shirlyanne is doing so well! Have fun!

Twynn, great to hear how good you are at swimming...now how to fit it into your life. BTW-Rudi's doing better.

Cyndi, don't think I've ever seen a woodcock...before coffee I read, "woodchuck peeing"...lol Sounds like a busy week! Take care!

Linda, yay for capris out of winter storage...and fitting into them! My last years will fit again...such a change from the old days!

Karen, paying for internet??? Best get good use of it! Enjoy your day on campus!

bea, enjoy your beach weather!

Me, getting ready for blast off tomorrow! We'll be at our "swim shack" for 2-1/2 weeks. Of course, we sat in the dining room outlining our plan and when we went to turn off the chandelier, the toggle switch has broken. I've been on a ladder in my jammies already. I'm going to watch for our retired electrician next door...lol
Solution: A list
1. forget about light and turn off breaker at the box
2. get mandatory paperwork done
3. make salad for dinner tonight in Denver with Kirks DD, Neice and Nephew
4. email the kids and politely request a piece of halibut to cook stovetop instead of deep fried.
5. get moms flower area rototilled.
6. clean and pack.
7. cover bike with plastic for snow on the passes.
8. leave early and get to water aerobics by 9am Tuesday.

OK, have a great Monday everyone! TallandThin, hope your ankle is better!
Debbie R

My last 54 pounds lost on SBD My 2014 Beacher Bio!
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Good morning,

Sounds like alot of us are getting rain this morning. It was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Cleaned house Friday night so I wouldn't have to do on Saturday. Saturday went to DS track meet all day and then DH and I went to dinner and the movies for Anniversary. Yesterday was church and work but it wasn't too bad at all.

I have floor duty this week so might not be checking in- just when I was starting to get better again

Make it a great day everyone
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Morning Matilda, thanks for getting us up and going early this morning. I'm not sure what a rebounder is but the name sounds like it would be fun. Will have to google it.

Ruth, poor Disney. My daughter used to have a little fur baby that went absolutely crazy during a thunder storm. They got to the point of putting her with her favorite bed and pillows in the closet in the dark. Sounds mean but it really did help her feel better and calm down. I've read where they make "thunder shirts" for dogs that have this problem and they apparently help by making them feel more secure.

Tammy, oh I would love to have a pool close enough to get some laps in. I do miss that but we live so far out in the country that it just isn't possible.

Cyndi, I made a quick trip to Trader Joes yesterday too. Left DH in the car so it had to be quick or I would have had to listen to him fuss so just picked up some nuts (well a lot of them actually) and several bags of the dried green beans. Going to use Tammy's recipe and try making my own soon as I'm hoping they will be as good. Great snack.

Karen, hope you all have a great campus visit today.

Debbie, thanks for the good ankle wishes. It is improving slow but sure. Hope you get your A list finished today and have a safe trip tomorrow.

Rose, happy anniversary!

Well my cucumber seeds (now baby seedlings) are doing so well that I planted some squash seeds yesterday. Will see if they do as well.

Just talked to Black & Decker and my replacement weedeater should be here tomorrow.......yea! Now I will be able to finish the front yard.

Got a short walk in this morning just to test the sprained ankle and I found out that it isn't quite ready for much of a walk yet but it's getting there. Will try a bit longer tomorrow and see how it goes.

All this talk about gardens has got me wanting to get out there too but it's getting harder and harder for me to get down and back up to do the work so am trying to talk DH into making a raised area for me this year. Keep your fingers crossed....

I will remain on plan for one full year without giving up no matter what!

One for every ten pounds lost

1st goal by 01/01/11 - 270 met 12 31 10!
2nd goal by 03/19/11 - 250 lbs met 03 16 11
3rd goal - 242 lbs Oops - have to work on this one again.
4th goal - 212 lbs when I will move from being obese to just overweight
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Hi Everyone! Today is my first day following The Supercharged South Beach Diet plan. I'm excited to joing this forum. I did the HCG Diet in the past and being active in a forum and blogging really helped me stay on track and honest with myself. I have started a blog here too and would love to read any of your blogs as well...althought I haven't quite learned how to navigate and find people's blogs so a link would be appreciated. I just wanted to share my food for the day. And see if you all can give me any tips or tricks for phase one. (I should mention I have a severe nut allergy so you won't see any nuts listed as snacks or in meals)
Here is my menu for the day:

8 am:
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. Pace salsa
2 Tbsp. Reduced Fat Colby Jack Cheese

9 am:
Coffee w/ 2 Tbsp. Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Mate (is that okay???)

10 am:
1 Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese Stick
1 stalk of celery w/ 1 Tbsp Reduced Fat Cream Cheese

12 pm:
2 cups Salad w/ Red Leaf Lettuce, Cucumber, Green Bell Pepper, Green Onion, Celery, Clover Sprouts, and Mushroom
1 can (4 oz) Solid White Albacore in Water
2 Tbsp Newmanís Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Dressing

1:30 pm:
Coffee w/2 Tbsp Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Mate

I plan on having one more stalk of celery with reduced fat cream cheese and 1 oz. of low-fat turkey lunch meat for my mid afternoon snack around 3. I will have dinner tonight about 6 and it will be a bowl of home made chili that consists of extra lean ground beef, pace pacante sauce, kidney beans, black beans, cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder. Iíll probably put 2 Tbsp. of the colby jack cheese on the chili with some chopped raw onion and finish the night with a sugar free popsicle or fudgicle.

Iím a calorie tracker so my total calories consumed for the day will be about 1595. Iíve already consumed 96 fl. oz of water and will try to drink another 32 as the day progresses.
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Well, Good Night to you all! Wasn't able to sneak on here at all today until now! Hope everyone had a great day! See you tomorrow - which will be my 1 week weigh-in!
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