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Come on Spring!
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Default SBD Weekend - March 12 & 13

Good morning! My timely reminder just popped up about the time change. I hope I remember to set the clock ahead tonight so I'm not late for church tomorrow. It'll be nice to have daylight stretch into the evening.

We got snow last night! No fair! It's a good thing I picked up some flowers when I was in town yesterday or I'd really be in a snit. Aside from some red gerberas, I got some pots of "shamrocks" (oxalis) that look very cheery on the windowsills in the kitchen. I bought an extra for Donna who has had a really rough time lately.

Right now I'm about to launch a dog rescue in my dog yard. Because of the melt, there is a creek running through the yard and poor Disney is afraid to cross it. I'm hoping she'll be brave enough to splash through it if I go out there. So ... into the warm clothes and boots, hoping this works. I know I'll get wet.

Back later.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good morning:
Ruth, I love oxalis too. Last year was the first time I saw a green one, usually I can only find purple. Maybe I'll pick one up at the green market today...

I'm having a blood test this morning (part of my yearly physical through my husband's union) so I can't have coffee and I'm so upset. I need my coffee!! My appointment is at 8:30 and they are usually pretty good about doing the bloodwork immediately (then directing you to the kitchen where coffee and snacks are waiting) but that's still 2.5 hours away and I've got to get myself into the city uncaffinated.

Other than my physical, I am meeting a friend for lunch in the city and that's about it for today for me, the rest of the afternoon will be chill. Tomorrow will be busy (one hour less time, and then church, and we are meeting a friend for an early dinner) so I want to get everything I need to get done for the weekend done this afternoon. Hope everyone has a great day...
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Good Saturday morning! It's looking to be a long day, and I want to enjoy my coffee and some ME time before the day starts. It's my son and DIL's much anticipated moving day today, and I'll have little Tyler ALL day. Jake will be busy helping them move, so the two of us will be on our own. I'm planning on taking him to story time at Barnes & Noble this morning, and it should be nice enough to spend some time at the park this afternoon. Hopefully, that will wear him out enough to take a little nap.

Ruth, thanks for reminding all of us to set our clocks ahead before going to bed tonight. Can you imagine the chaos it would cause if didn't happen on a weekend? I'm sure the shamrocks will bring a bit of cheer into Donna's life and make her smile, and enjoy your flowers, too. Sorry about the snow.

Good morning, Matilda! Or, at least I hope it will be a good one after your blood test and a nice cup coffee!
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Be happy.
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Good morning!
I've got my to do list made and I'm getting ready to lock the doors and pull the shades to ensure I can get everything done today.

Enjoy your Saturday!
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Come on Spring!
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Heidi, my friend Lianne has a door mat that says "GO AWAY" in big letters. Maybe you need one too.

Just rescued my darling Disney and managed to get soaked. The ice can hold a 25 pound do but not a 190 pound woman. I did take my cell with me when I went out in case a 911 call was needed. Coffee and a hot shower are about to happen.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Good Morning

I'm with Heidi, focusing on the house today, except for some exercise at the pool...and perhaps a bike ride there. They're having a chili challenge tomorrow at church to raise money for the youth and I decided this morning that I am not going to cook...unless I hear from the youth director that they're short on entries

Ruth, ouch...more snow! I hope you are warm and dry now after your morning adventure.

Matilda, coffee is getting closer! Yay for getting your bloodwork done!

Linda, your day sounds busy. Have fun at Barnes and Noble and I hope the move is smooth.

Heidi, go for it!

OK, pups have been out. I'm off to project land. OP!
Debbie R

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Good morning, everyone! It's sunny here, and yesterday was in the 50s. I actually got to take the kids to the park, and it felt great! So, I'm still totally loving South Beach. My one month SB anniversary is in 3 days. My goal was to lose 10 lbs. I'm anxiously awaiting the one-month-weigh-in, but worried that since I got my period on Wednesday I will be retaining water...hoping not though since it is a few days away. Enjoy the weekend, everyone (and thanks for the clock reminder, Ruth)!

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Good morning.

I did not sleep well last night - lots of dreams about eating lots of off plan food. There was this one spice cake in particular that stands out in my memory. Yesterday I did stay OP but in the evening ate too much in an attempt to stay awake. I wish I just ate when I was hungry

Today our HS boy's basketball team is playing in the state finals. DS is filming one more time but DH decided to make the 3 hour drive to watch. DS1 is in Boston with a carload of college friends attending a gaming convention. Not much else going on. Might actually get more work done on the scrapbooks today. Finally tried printing off photos with our new printer.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be back later... after tea and emptying the dishwasher and whatever else distracts me...

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Working on healthy
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Good morning Our snow is melting and I can see more and more bare spots The squirrels can't jump onto the feeders anymore. Today I'm going to get out for a walk, even if I have to wear my rain pants to deal with the mess. I'm sooo sick of being stuck inside.
We are looking forward to the clock change around here. We've been going to bed at 9 and waking up at 4 for the last week so I think our bodies were practicing

Ruth - poor Disney! Hope you are all warmed up and relaxing now.

Mathilda - Enjoy your relaxing afternoon

Cottage - What a fun day ahead for you!

Heidi - Love that idea! Happy and productive Saturday

Debbie - It's still too early for me to ride my bike. The sides of the road are either muddy, creeks, or snow covered (maybe I'm just a wimpy bike rider!). Happy swimming, biking and organizing

Nicole - Your post makes me want to jump in the car and drive south! Good luck with your weigh-in

Karen- Any chance you can sneak a nap in today?

Technically this is a calm weekend before the next busy week. We just found out our bill is going before a joint committee hearing Tuesday though, so there will definitely be some work this weekend after all. I also need to go into town to Staples for copies. DW and I are thinking about grabbing lunch somewhere. I have to keep stopping my weekend shopping urge because we are going to be in Montpelier Mon. - Wed. so no need to stock a lot of produce up for the week.

Other than a little work there will be cleaning, a little laundry and I'm definitely getting out for a walk today. Such excitement
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Sun's out - hoping to go for a run. Working back up to 5K world . . .
Have a great day!

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Big plans (work, hiking, a cheat meal I've been looking forward to for a month) this weekend. Oh, and iPad2 - got the last one at my local Walmart. Happy day!

Hope you have a spring in your step this spring day!

- Annie
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Good morning!!

We are leaving soon for the Odyessy of the Mind competition. It will be an all day event for me since I am the coordinator for our school. The things we bite off and do for our kids. In this case not just my personal kid, but my kids at school. I am not the coach of my son's team, because I wanted a few of my kids I work with to be able to do this, so I coach them. The kids were so excited yesterday. They also were excited, because we got shirts made and they turned out great.

Have a great day!!

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Live, Laugh, Love
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Karen - I did the same thing last night, only my dreams were about coupons! Chris said I'd talk to him for a minute, then I'd start mumbling in my sleep, he'd ask if I was ok, then I'd talk to him for a minute, then back into my dream mumbling again. Yeesh. Was it a full moon?

Speaking of coupons, getting ready to go to the store. Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!

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Hi all!

Jasmine - good luck for the competition, I love doing things like that with kids at school :-) However much I moan about having to give up my evenings/weekends, it is always worth it to see them get so excited and proud of themselves!

I didn't end up going shopping today because my friend has a cold and wants to sleep it off before going out tonight. I have a cold too, but I am not hardcore enough to go out clubbing with a cold. Sometimes I think I'm old before my time...

Instead I cycled to the out of town supermarket (no running because I can't breathe through my nose!) and took advantage of their -25% on all organic food. Now I'm making orange, cranberry and walnut muffins because I've decided to move on to phase two.

Have a nice day everyone
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Hi chicks, I'm getting a slow start this morning. We hosted a movie night in town last night and didn't get home until midnight. I slept in 'til 9. I hope that will make up for the daylight savings time change tonight. I hate that spring forward.
I think I'm dragging because I decided my project for the day will be basement organization, as I've got lots of stuff on the floor down there, and this is the time of year it becomes a swimming pool, so I need to get everything up and put away. But I'm not looking forward to doing it.
I'm down to a half dose of prednisone, and all I do anymore is pee, so I'm hopeful I'll have good scale news at my doctor's appt on Tues.

Jasmine, good luck at Odyssey of the Mind. That's a great program. Kudoes to you for volunteering your time to help out.
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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