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Default SBD Daily Chat: Tuesday, 1 March

Good morning, everybody!!! It's a fairly calm night at work, so I've been trying to catch up around here a little bit. Hope today finds you all happy and healthy. I'm just about done kicking this cold bug that's been running rampant in my body for the past week.

Plans for today are gym, sleep, gym, work...seems to be the running theme lately, LOL I'm on week 2 of C25K and it hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected. Made a mistake and ran uphill last night for my first session of running...took me the whole 2 minutes to catch my breath, LOL!!! Doesn't help being sick, though...hard enough to breath w/o adding running uphill to the mix!!!

Anywho, just wanted to get us kicked off. What are your plans for the day??? I hope a lot of you are getting to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having lately (minus all the thunderstorms we had tonight, of course). Have a good day, ladies (and gentlemen, if any join us today)!!!

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Morning, Natasha. I'm sorry you're feeling icky but I'm glad it's on its way out. I seem to have come down with my first ever case of pink eye. Lovely. We were at a friend's house the other day and their big huge really cute and cuddly lab licked me in the face and that's the only thing I can think of causing it. :/ I've been putting my awesome germ-fighting power milk in my eye and it makes it feel a lot better. Hopefully that'll do the trick. If not, it's off to the doctor with me. This is pretty miserable.

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Hi everyone,
Natasha you are doing so awesome. You have almost lost 100 lbs! What an inspiration. Kara, we got an email last night about a case of pink eye in my son's class...I am praying he doesn't come down with it.

I am so glad March is here. It's going to be a great month, I can feel it. Spring is definitely in the air, and I think the groundhog was right since we've really had spring like weather since shortly after he came out. As for me, the day at work includes some heavy budget planning and photo work. I'm bringing a small table lamp to my office, as I just can't seem to get the lighting right there - the flourescent overheads are too strong, but my task lamp is not enough.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Come on Spring!
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Oh dear! I hate to hear of sick chicks! Get better soon, you two.

No power outage so far this morning so the house is nice and bright and warm and water comes out of the taps! It rained all day yesterday and the snow is much lower - I even can see the deck in places. It's made of wood! Who knew?

Disney is "on" for pet therapy this afternoon so I need to do some grooming this morning. The wet sticky snow really did a number on her coat. We also have two quilts to deliver to cancer patients and will try to work that all in this afternoon. Just call me Ruthie Roadrunner! My car is nice and clean after yesterday's rain but that won't last long on the sloppy back roads.

Hey! March 1! In like a lion and out like a lamb? Haven't checked the weather yet but I have my fingers crossed. It's a long month but we'll be much closer to spring when it ends.

Come and chat.

ETA: at Matilda. Smart lady to bring your own light!
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Visualizing the Goal
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Matilda, I hope your light does the trick. I *hate* the light fixtures in our house here. No matter where you stand in the bedrooms it seems like you're between the light and whatever you're trying to see. Grrr.

Ruth, hope your busy day goes well!

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Happy 1st day of March!

Natasha, I'm glad you're finally kicking that cold and feeling better. I just noticed how much weight you've lost, too, and Congratulations! You have come a long way and are doing great!

Kara, sorry about your pink-eye. What is this power milk that you're using for it? Anyway, I sure hope it doesn't give you too much trouble and goes away fast.

Matilda, I hope your extra lamp does the trick for you at work, and that it's a productive day!

Ruth, hooray for the power being on this morning! Did you have any more outages after the big one yesterday? I bet Disney will look so cute and cuddly after her grooming session today and hope she can stay nice and clean for a while. We're heading into "muddy-paws" weather, you know!

It looks like the first day of March is going to be clear and calm today, coming in like a lamb. I hope it plans to go out like a lamb, too!
I have my monthly cut and color at Melinda's before I head off to the farm for the day. I want to start going through the girls' spring clothes to see what they're going to need for the warmer weather. Audrey has shoot up several inches over the winter, so I know she'll be needing a lot of new clothes. Looks like a shopping trip will be in our future!
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Good morning! I'll stop back in again later, at lunch time. I've got early bus duty this morning and the new hairstyle still takes me sooo long in the morning! I'm rushing now! Have a terrrific Tuesday friends!
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Good morning! I cannot believe it is March already. This year seems to be flying by.

I am visiting a hospital today that our charitable foundation gave a grant to last year. I hate stuff like this but my mom wanted me to go with her so I am. But at least it will keep me from snacking this afternoon! Struggled with that yesterday again. Sigh.

Kara - Pink eye

Enjoy your day everyone. BBL

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Visualizing the Goal
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Linda, I'm actually dripping breastmilk on my eye. It's supposed to be able to help. We'll see. harharhar No pun intended.

Heidi, hope the bus duty goes well!

Karen, that's nice of you to accompany your mom to the hospital. I bet your visit will mean a lot!

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Good Morning

I've read all the chatter...I'm going to have a cup of coffee and head back to bed. It's the only day I can do it, my mom and sis keep me running!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Good morning!!

I am excited for today. This evening I am going down into Denver to listen to a talk by the head of Teach for America. She has a new book out about how every kid can succeed. I am very curious to hear her comments. This theme is very important to me and sadly I feel like it is not common in schools. There are a lot of excuses given in public education.

Kara-I got pink eye for the first time last year. I did not enjoy it.
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Good morning It's another WFH day for me. Can't remember if I mentioned that one of my car windows spontaneously broke Sunday? I'm sure it wasn't really spontaneous but there was no obvious reason for it. I'm not driving more than I absolutely have to before it's fixed on Thursday.

I'm already behind this morning so no personals for now. I'll be back at lunchtime and hope to catch-up then
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Onederland or bust!!!
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Ick! Sounds like we've got some chicks feelin pretty icky right about now! Feel better ladies! It is March, though, which at least for me and hopefully for you will mean warmer weather and the chance to get outside and get some of that wonderfully restoring fresh air!!!

I don't have *too much* on the agenda today, but I'm going to try to get in my daily mile and maybe even walk the 2 miles to Walgreens then back! The scale said up .6 lbs this morning, but I'm sure it's three factors: it's my TOM, so I am bloated and won't be shedding this water weight for a couple of days. I went to bed really late last night and only got 6.5 hours of proper rest. (My face is even puffy because of this.) And I went for a run last night at 11:30. It was about a mile but over hills and up stairs... My calves and inner thighs are sore today, so no doubt they are retaining water to repair. Hopefully if I take it easy and WALK today on fairly level terrain, tomorrow I will drop some of the water weight. Isn't it frustrating when you can't do much of anything about water weight?!?!

Everyone have a WONDERFUL beachy day! <3
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HI HI HI HI. Ok, so I didn't have a "whoosh" or anything so I'm starting out March heavier than I would have liked, but I'm going to be SO OP this month that I'm going to lose SEVEN POUNDS. That's right, I said SEVEN POUNDS. And I will be back on track to start out April. I am very ambitious.

Busy day, just thought I'd pop in and say HAPPY MARCH!!!!! Spring is sooooo close! Have a great day girls!

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Happy March everyone,

Sorry to hear of the chickies who are sick.

Kara- you crack me up- hope it works

Okay back to work for me it is
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