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Default Starting Phase 2

Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I've looked to it for some answers over the last couple weeks.

I just finished phase 1 and have started reintroducing the forbidden foods today. I have to tell you, a bowl of oatmeal has never tasted so good!

I was having serious trouble with my energy levels at the end. I've been working out a lot and I don't think the grain/fruit free thing was helping me in that area!! I did drop about 7 or 8 lbs though!! yay!

Here's my question. How many servings of grains/fruit are we supposed to start with? I feel like the book doesn't really say. And, I can't follow the meal plans... requires too many ingredients per week!

I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast along with some nuts and a handful of blueberries. Then, I had some pummelo for mid morning snack (again, tasted soooooo good). I was thinking maybe that's all I should have for the day, unless I decide to have an apple with some pb for a snack this afternoon.

Anyway, what is the best way, do you think, to play with numbers of servings at the beginning?
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My understanding (I haven't read the book in a while) is that you start by adding up to 1 serving of grains and 1 serving of fruit per day. (Though many people on the board begin with less than that...called Phase 1.5).

As you discover what foods set your cravings off, you can move to trying to include up to 1 serving of whole grains or fruit per meal...?
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I started off REALLY slow.. Like, one serving of fruit on Monday with no grains, then another serving of fruit on Tuesday (still no grains), and so forth until I was certain that the one serving of fruit wouldn't mess me up with cravings, then I added a second serving of fruit. I personally didn't add grains for the first week and a half of Phase 2, and then I dropped one serving of fruit and added one serving of grains.

Eventually I found the "happy place" with grains and fruits, but it took a while.. Just pay very very close attention to your cravings and "hunger" levels and you should be just fine
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I added oatmeal first. Had that every day for a week before adding in a fruit. Started maintaining after adding in one extra grain/fruit, no more. Now I pretty much only have sweet potatoes or squashes, no grains.

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Thanks for the responses! So far, I've done two fruits a day and a grain in the morning. My energy levels were really suffering with the exercise I've been doing. I have felt physically SO MUCH BETTER today and yesterday. Let's just hope the scale is nice to me next week!
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You might stall for a couple of weeks. That's really normal and happens to a lot of us when we transition to Phase 2. Don't worry as long as you stick to the plan you will start losing again
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I am on phase 2, and while I'm sure I eat more fruit and grain than other Beachers, I have found with my workout schedule it is what works best for me. I have about 3 servings of whole grains and 2 servings of fruit a day. I don't have cravings either. I pass on all white breads, rices, potatoes, etc., but I do love my whole grain bread-especially with natural peanut butter!!!

My advice is to figure out what works best for you--introduce foods slowly and see how you feel. And if you have a "bad" day, just do better the next day. It is working for me!
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I stumbled in phase 2 trying to find my right combination, but I feel I pretty much have it.

For me I have grains around lunch time to give me an energy boost and then usually post-workout as well. I also discovered about every 5th or 6th day I need a boost and have and extra serving of grains - usually oatmeal in the morning along w/ my usual grain serving at lunch. That extra "grainy" day helps keep me OP. It is kind of like a re-feed or something.

I don't really eat fruit - maybe an apple once or twice a week but I am more of a veggie girl.

My P2 transition was not very pretty, but everyday I just tried to make the best decision and eventually things began to fall into place. It is trial and error and frustrating, but worth it!
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