Greek Yogurt and Dark Chocolate ----

  • I have a couple of questions for you guys. I did SBD a few years ago with good success (lost about 20) - but I had the old book, so I think there may be some changes.

    I may have been doing my own modification back then ( I thought it was in the book, though) - I would eat dark chocolate in small quantities, still lose and not get cravings. My question is - what kind of dark chocolate do you eat? I've tried the really high percent ones and they are too bitter for me. Last time I would eat the Dove dark and it didn't seem to affect me negatively. My hubby just bought me the little Dove dark bites and I had a couple last night. So good Is there a dark chocolate rule of thumb nowadays? Honestly, I've always wondered why the sugar wouldn't be a bad idea, but if I just eat a couple little pieces it doesn't make me crave.

    Also - I keep seeing people talk about greek yogurt - I am a vegetarian and am always looking for more protein. The thing is that I really don't like yogurt. I tried plain before and I thought it was just awful. Is greek yogurt better? What does it taste like? What do you do with it?

    I am on WW points, trying to follow SBD. I got sort of off track there for awhile but I am doing great this week with just my SBD foods. Feeling much better already, although the scale hasn't budged this week. I'm at a set point, though. I've been here before. I just have to hang in there.

    Anyway, thanks for any help
  • Hi, Karendisney,

    Plain greek yogurt tastes the same as plain yogurt, the only difference is the texture. It is much thicker, almost like sour cream. I do not like the taste of it plain, but if you add some nut butter and the sweetener of your choice, it is delicious. Or you can use vanilla extract and cinnamon instead of the nut butter, or pumpkin and spices, or berries. It's basically a blank canvas.
  • If you're going to go high percentage dark chocolate, go HIGH quality. You're not going to be eating the entire bar in one sitting, so the extra cost won't be that big of an impact. I really like sharffenberger 70%. Lindt 70% is pretty good too, for a pretty decent price (I think they are sub $3 per bar).

    as far as plain greek yogurt, I don't find it as tangy as plain regular yogurt - maybe the thickness has something to do with that? different brands taste different - especially the lower fat varieties. i would recommend experimenting to see what your favorite brand is. my favorite fat free plain greek yogurt is fage, but i will get chobani in a pinch. my least favorite is dannon. blech. it is gritty. look for one that doesn't have a bunch of thickeners in it. as far as flavoring it - sugar free flavored syrups, sugar free pancake syrup, berries (in phase 2), cinnamon and vanilla extract...the possibilities are quite endless. it is a great, filling snack or breakfast for me.
  • I eat dark chocolate regularly and didn't used to like the taste of it, but now I save my nut serving and spread my almond or peanut butter on it. It tastes like a dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup. I do use the highest cocoa concentration that I can find. Less sugar & more antioxidants.
  • I still get very confused on the yogurt we can have on Phase 1. Help??
  • Quote: I still get very confused on the yogurt we can have on Phase 1. Help??
    Yogurt in Phase I has to be nonfat or low fat plain yogurt, no flavored ones regardless of sweetener used. You can flavor the yogurt yourself with SF flavorings, vanilla, Splenda, SF jello powder, etc.
  • Thank you Anne! Flavored yogurt in Phase 2?
  • Kiko, it's in the FAQ's:

    artificially sweetened non-fat flavored yogurt (limit to 4 ounces daily and avoid varieties that contain high fructose corn syrup)