On Plan Thread - 1/15- 1/22

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  • Phase 2
    B-berry oatmeal
    L-green smoothie*, cottage cheese w/ hot sauce
    S-ww toast w/ almond butter
    D-lentil and kale soup

    *Note on green smoothies: spinach in a smoothie- flavor undetectable. Kale in a smoothie, not so much.
  • lol UNT. I discovered the same thing a few weeks ago. it is a good thing i like the flavor of raw kale, but i think i prefer it massaged with some nama shoyu instead of sweet with berries.
  • Day 17 of Phase 1 - only one more day on it!
    B: kefir, edamame, hb egg
    S: roasted chick peas, seaweed
    L: salad with chicken breast and caesar dressing
    S: carrots, almonds
    D: 2 veggie burgers and 2 pcs. cheese
    PP: 34
  • Day 3, Phase 1

    Pre-workout - light string cheese
    Workout - 25 minutes strength training, 30 minutes elliptical
    Breakfast - breakfast casserole with green peppers and cherry tomatoes
    Snack - celery with laughing cow light cheese
    Lunch - turkey burger, sauteed kale in evoo, avocado, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber
    PM Snack - almonds
    Dinner - taco bake! mmmmm
  • Phase II - diabetic
    B. sliced orange, 2 Ryvita, 1 wedge Laughing Cow regular
    S. V8
    L. c. ww couscous, assorted veggies, tuna and black olive salad on spinach
    an apple with c sf yogurt and cinnamon
    S. 1 glass skim milk (I'm working on more dairy)
    D. pork schnitzel (ww breading), roasted broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions
  • Day 3/Phase II

    B: Oatmeal w/1T natural p/b (260 cal)
    S: 1% Cottage cheese w/1/2 cup mixed berries (125 cal)
    L: 1 serving turkey sausage w/mixed peppers and sauce from leftovers (185 cal)
    S: 2 h/b eggs (150 cal)
    D: 2 Cups cannellini bean soup (400 cal); 1 piece p/b bread (200 cal)

    Est calories for Wednesday; 1320
  • Had an enjoyable cheat meal last night, but made sure we ordered only enough for one satisfying meal so there'd be no leftovers... this way we don't make it a multi-day cheat. Yesterdays caloric total was 1700. I was actually expecting it to wind up much, much worse. In any case, it was a much needed bump to my calorie intake. I want to lose weight, but not at the expense of my metabolism!

    Did have a pre-breakfast oops though: 1/2 a hot chocolate. I'd been waiting outside the infiniti dealership in -30C. When they opened, they handed me a hot chocolate as a walked in (what service -- would've been nicer if they'd just opened the doors a little earlier!), and I chugged 1/2 of it before it clicked it was a no-no!
    B: half a fried egg, cheese, bacon sandwich on w/w bread. Diet Pepsi Lime
    Sn: V8
    L: Greek salad with chicken. Probably. There's also a chicken and white bean soup on in the caf, so I might get that instead if they haven't added noodles or other crap to it.
    S: Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mozza, and ?sundried tomato. Green beans. I might grill some roma tomatoes too if I'm not too lazy.

    Weight today was 169.8! 160s! Without a "bathroom celebration" too

    I'm doing alright for cravings so far, at day 5 of phase 2. Even at last night's cheat, I wasn't just inhaling the calories the way I usually do. The real test will be today. After last night's refined carbs, and the hot chocolate earlier this morning, I'll have to be acutely aware of my hunger cues. I think the key is to not satisfy cravings triggered by sugar with more sugar to prevent the cycle from starting again.

    I've been really bad at taking my vitamin and omega-3 supplement. I don't know why taking two measly pills is so hard for me to do on a daily basis. I know I need them. I'm Canadian, so I'm probably already vitamin D deficient And without the grains for two weeks, and with my limited servings now, I'm definitely well on my way to a multi-vitamin deficiency.
  • 1: oats with pears and cinnamon
    2: 1 c. mexican chicken soup, 8 oz. skim milk, tangerine
    3: smoothie (1/2 c. ff plain yogurt, 1/2 c. skim milk, blueberries)
    4: bbq shredded beef, arugula and spinach salad, roasted broccoli

    exercise: 60 min. interval training
  • Phase 1 Day 11

    B: almond crepe, milk
    L: left over black bean soup, green salad
    S: veggies and hummus
    D: chicken and veggie stir fry
    S: yogurt mixed with sf jello
  • Zef-Love your new picture!

    B-berry oatmeal
    L-ww pita w/ babaghanouj and lettuce, hard boiled egg, some cherry tomatoes, and greek yogurt w/cocoa powder and almond butter (insanely delicious)
    D-romaine salad w/ cherry tomatoes and apple, lentil soup
    S-hb egg
  • Phase II

    B: V8, veggie omelet with Egg Beaters
    S: RF cheese stick
    L: Salad, salmon, chickpeas
    S: Skinny latte
    D: Chicken Parmesan with NSA pasta sauce, sauteed pepper, mushrooms & onions
    S: Almond butter
  • Phase 2

    Oranges (2)
    Vegetable Soup
    Water (8 cups)
  • UNT - Thanks

    New discovery: coconut milk. my son can't have dairy and the store I stopped at was out of almond milk so I picked up coconut milk. It's sweetened, though I have seen unsweetened varieties (and I think they were just out of stock on that) but it is SO SOSOSOSOSOSOOOSOSOSOSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo super good.
  • Z-is that the same as the kind you cook with? Does it come in a can? If so they also make a "light" (low fat) version.

    Day 18 of Phase 1 - last day!!! Weigh in tomorrow!!!
    B: kefir, edamame, hb egg
    S: roasted chick peas, seaweed
    L: salad with chichen, parm cheese, caesar dressing
    S: chia fresca and carrots
    D: pork chops and sauteed spinach
    PP: will add when I get to work
  • Okay...I have to keep going, I need to get this weight off:

    B: 3 eggs/strip of bacon/3T 1% milk - 295 cal
    S: 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese w/1/2 cup mixed berries - 120 cal
    L: 1.5 cups cannellini bean soup - 200 cal
    S: h/b egg and 1 stick of string cheese - 155 cal
    D: WW Beef and barley soup - 400 cal (2+ cups)
    p/b bread - 200 cal

    Planned calories: 1370