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Default South Beach Weekend Chat-Jan. 15-16

Happy Weekend

My weekend started out just right-DH offering to take me out for dinner. He had picked a less than healthy Chinese spot. I employed a sucessful diversion strategy and suggested a healthier option. He took the bait and we had a super healthy vegetarian dinner out!

It's a busy dog weekend. Saturday I'll hit the pool before evaluating therapy dogs and Sunday I'll get to church before heading to our local hospital for an afternoon of hospital/dog protocal. I'd better remember to take my own food to the hospital event as they're notorious for serving cookies and chips.

It's been great to see all our newcomers joining on our chat as well as our moldy-oldies (yes, I qualify!)

What's on everyone's agenda this weekend?? out or stepping out?? Stop by and chat.

Have a great, OP weekend everyone!

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Morning Debbie, I am so happy that you had a great dinner. Dogs are So smart. Taking food items with you is always a gr8 idea

Going to the bank today and to get a battery for our neighbor's car since we didn't get to get it yesterday.

Having a good time finding and making up recipes using beans!

Remember, you CAN eat it’s just WHAT you eat and why you’re eating it that’s important.
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How nice to be invited to dinner and even nicer he was open to your choice Debbie. A vegetarian restaurant would never fly in our house but my husband is pretty flexible otherwise.

Yesterday at work was not so bad. I was very proud of myself as I didn't engage in a lot of self blame about losing my cool and slamming the door. Normally I would get into a cyclone of worry/berating myself. However, I didn't get in trouble as the woman who is leaving is acknowledged all over the school to be completely crazy and nasty and provocative to everyone. But, I had an important epiphany about what it means to work in the department that I do and what I might explore in the future at my workplace. I even initiated a conversation with a supervisor I would like to work for and it was great. So, that was positive.

Then I tried to book the flights for our vacation. They had gone up from $270 rt to $430 rt overnight. I'm not going to book them at that rate and will just wait a couple of days. We are flying in May, so anyone think they'll go back down again? We're going into Texas, and can fly into any major airport (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston). Our preference would be to fly into Dallas and out of San Antonio.

Today we go up to see my parents. I'm bringing my own food (already packed it up). I just can't believe that I've not hit the bottle or the carbs over the last couple of days, only two more days/nights to make it through for a totally clean phase 1!!! I am supposed to weigh in on Monday, but I'm pmsing and retaining a lot of water, so I'm not sure I want to. This week I'm going to change my weigh in day from Monday to Friday since once I'm out of Phase 1 I'll likely be indulging in wine on the weekends and that always makes me retain water, so I won't really want to be weighing in on a Monday! Maybe I'll stay on Phase 1 until Friday. AF is due on Wed. or Thurs.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll probably not be checking in again until Sunday afternoon.
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Good morning! Well, the pain meds they gave me in the hospital wore off by the middle of the night. And I don't like to sleep on my back! So I'm up. Took some tylenol, will hold out on the prescription meds, not that back I think. It is a four-day weekend for my teen but the poor guy has to do lots of filming for his broadcast, some to make up for snow days. I'll just be lounging around. (Typed lunging first - freudian slip?)

Heidi - Dr. Oz was hooping yesterday!

Debbie - Good job and glad you DH went for it! Mine made me quinoa burgers for dinner last night and we agree we'll eat more like that when our nest empties.

Windsong - I eat way more beans now than I ever used to. Loving them.

Matilda - There is a site that predicts prices. It might be bing travel. Maybe. I hate when that happens!

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Good Saturday morning will be a busy day with two basketball games for the boys in two different locations. But the boys love it and it will be some great family time for all of us!

Debbie- sounds like you have a wonderful supportive husband and boy does that make a difference!

Lady Windsong- Share some of those bean recipes....I love beans and I am always looking for new ideas!

Mmckellan- Good job on the work situation and planning for your trip to the parents! I am weighing on Mondays too! And this week will finish out my Phase 1. I am hoping to get to WW this week (Tues.) to get the materials for the Points Plus program. I may continue Phase 1 until I get the materials!

Karen- Sorry you had a rough night. I know when the boys leave our nest it will be hard but eating healthy will be so so so much easier! They are so picky!
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Good morning!

Debbie ~ You sure started us up bright and early! I'm glad you're weekend started off on a healthy note and hope it continues!

Marcie ~ isn't it amazing how many great bean recipes are out there! Have fun experimenting with new ways to fix them!

Matilda ~ I'm glad that you got through yesterday all right. I hope the cost of your plane tickets comes down, and I bet they will. It never fails to surprise me how the costs of flights varies so much on a day-to-day basis. I hope you have a nice visit with your parents, and remember to stay strong!

Karen ~ I hope you're not in too much pain, and that the meds help! I wish I would have caught Dr. Oz's show yesterday!

litar ~ attending basketball games sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday. I miss those days!

Nothing much happening here, just the usual Saturday stuff. I'm snug and warm and can't complain.
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Be happy.
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Good morning Debbie, great news about last night's supper. I'm heading to my mom's in a few minutes and thinking I'll try to get her to try a new restaurant this visit. We always go to the same (delicious) place, and I always have salmon. Yummy, but it would be good to get out of our rut and try something new and maybe lighter. We'll see how that goes, she's not very brave about trying new things - especially when it comes to food!

I weigh 139 this morning.
I have to admit I never fully believed I'd see the 130's again. It's been about 20 years! Although I'm gloating this morning I should probably mention that I weighed 139 lbs on July 14, 1982 - the morning before I gave birth to my almost 9 lb daughter! So 139 isn't exactly light weight for me, but it sure feels good. I don't dare change my profile yet, just in case. I'm headed to my mom's for the long weekend. I always have a great time, but I don't always do well food wise while I'm there. And I'm not able to exercise as much as I do at home.

Karen, I'm sorry you're uncomfortable this morning. I guess it's to be expected, but hopefully it won't take too long for you to feel good again. *gentle hug* Thanks for the heads up about Dr. Oz. I just checked his website and can't find it there yet, but I'll keep checking. What did he have to say about it?

Hi Windsong, I hope you're able to get your errands done today. We do so much more with beans now, too. I wish I'd 'discovered' them years ago!

Good morning MMc. I hope things go well for you this weekend. I'm heading to Texas this summer, too - my daughter lives in Houston. We usually wait to get our tickets though. Sometimes we regret it, but more often we're able to get better rates by waiting. Fergie's retired and I have the summers off so we don't have to stick to specific dates. We use those grids that show the cheapest days of the month to fly and get our tickets that way.

Lisa, have a great family day. My adult kids are a lot of fun, but I'd turn back the clock to the days when their activities were family activities and we planned our weekends around that. I'm not sure I always realized how much fun I was having at the time though - especially when I was shivering at the outdoor events! LOL

I wonder if anyone else has checked in while I was babbling away? I really need to get on the road so I'm not even going to check. Have a great Saturday friends.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Just a quick stop-in because I'm at Mom's and using dial-up
It's ridiculously cold around here. Not sure I'm brave enough to snow shoe.

Have a good day Chicks
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Originally Posted by Heidi58 View Post
I weigh 139 this morning.

Karen, I'm sorry you're uncomfortable this morning. I guess it's to be expected, but hopefully it won't take too long for you to feel good again. *gentle hug* Thanks for the heads up about Dr. Oz. I just checked his website and can't find it there yet, but I'll keep checking. What did he have to say about it?
Good for you!!!! It was his segment at the end; he exercised with some woman who probably has a dvd or something. I guess I had not thought about more than swiveling with my hips but she did some stuff with her arm above her head and a booty bump!
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Come on Spring!
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Late good morning from one of the moldy-oldies! Good one, Debbie! Your dinner last night sounds great. I'm glad your DH is flexible. Or are you just a Master Manipulator?

Lady Windsong, you always have motivational things to say. "You bring melody to my mornings" (That's a quote from a play I was in back in the sixties and is about the only line I remember.)

Mmckellen, I'm glad yesterday wasn't as awful as you expected. It sounds like you are very organized for the weekend with your parents. Crap about the airline tickets. Here's wishing you a temptation-free weekend.

Waisting Time, so sorry about the pain. Do take the prescription meds - your body should be using it's resources to heal rather than to fight pain. No "lunging", OK?

Litar, kid sure keep parents busy these days. Your two lads look very cute and happy in your avatar.

Cottage, I'm going to stay snug and warm with no complaining too. I do have to go out to deliver the Church bulletins and get some milk but, other than that, it'll be snuggled in day. We have lots of snow happening right now so there will be shoveling.

Safe trip, Heidi. I hope you and your mum have a good time. My mother was a real wimp about trying new foods too but she really wasn't into food and just cooked because she had to so we didn't starve to death.
AND on 139!!!!

Cyndi, glad you landed safely. I really can't imagine dial-up! Enjoy your "parenting" time.

I'm not feeling moldy or old this morning after a very pleasant birthday dinner with my "other family". I have things to do today but am looking forward to just pacing myself and enjoying the woodstove, my dogs and a snowy winter wonderland day.

Happy Saturday, Beach Beauties.
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In case you ALL haven't heard this in a while....YOU ARE AWESOME!

Ty for your kind comments and Ruth thank you very much.
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Good morning,

Mmck- in my experience, the lowest prices for airfare is on Tuesday and Wednesday am the earlier the better. Weekends the prices are always high. I use several sites to check prices as well.

Heidi- Whewwhooo!!! congratulations on hitting a goal that is great.

Karen- sorry to hear you are uncomfortable, hopefully it will pass soon.

Okay no time for other personals have to run DS to eye appointment and then DD1 has Ortho appt.

Have a great weekend everyone
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We have a busy day ahead. Our drier went kaput so we are out to get another one. Then tonight we are going out with a few friends.

I should be starting Phase II of South Beach today, but nothing on that list sounds appealing, so I guess I will just stick to Phase I until I have the urge to try something else.

I was down a total of 7 lbs as of this morning. I can't wait to get into the 160's! I started South Beach the biggest I have ever weighed at 178, so I am very proud of this accomplishment even though I don't really feel like it has been hard work at all.

Congrats on all the losses this week!
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Thank you Ruth...that photo was from last year. They grow so fast!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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Hi everybody! Anna's team won their volleyball game this morning! YESSS!!!! Of course, it was ALL because at the end of the second game, Miss Anna served a WHOLE BUNCH of aces. That's my girl!!!!!

Ran a ton of errands and got half of the shopping done. We'll finish up tomorrow. Tonight we're going to Trivia Night at the school. We've made a team with Chris' family (us, 3 siblings + spouses, 2 nieces.) Depending on what they have to drink, I may have a glass of red wine. Gotta splurge once in awhile right? I do love wine. Plus it's good for the ol' ticker, they say. I'll take all the help I can get!

Well anyway, sounds like I need to run and grab some sinus/allergy stuff for Chris. Ick. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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