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Default SBD Daily Chat for Tuesday Jan 11th

Hello, ladies!!! The weather is rather nasty outside, so I'm sitting inside my nice warm home and catching up on some online stuff. Last night started the sleet and freezing the time I got off work in the morning my car doors were frozen shut. Probably 1/2 of my drive home consists of large hills w/ pretty much no way to avoid them. I got about 1/3 of the way home and got stuck at the bottom of a hill. I had to abandon my car there and call my roommate to come pick me up. Fortunately she had a friend's 4 wheel drive truck and was able to make it down the hill and back up (not w/o fishtailing a whole lot, though). When I woke up this afternoon we went and retrieved my car and it is now sitting in my carport while the sleet starts up again. YUCK!!!

As I said in the weekend thread, my bestfriend had her baby on Sunday. Jaxon is absolutely perfect in every way, which is a huge blessing as always but especially so now b/c his umbilical cord only had 1 artery and they were concerned that it could cause some brain damage due to lack of oxygen the longer he stayed in the womb. BUT he is just fine and he's beautiful...

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!
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Natasha, he sure sounds like a blessing. IM stuck at work for a few days (pediatric hospital) because we are under a code white. Too dangerous to leave or come in. So we are sleeping in patient rooms. I brought lots of SB snacks and the grill was sooo backed up today I gave up my dream of scrambled eggs and bacon and had string cheese. I brought in some frozed fish from Starkist that was wonderful.

Be safe
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Working on healthy
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Good morning I have a new dark roast coffee I'm in love with. I don't like grinding it (too loud) but it is so good. The company runs a promotional thing too, collect bags and turn them in for stuff. They have stainless coffee mugs with a carabiner hook that I just have to save up for. 24 bags isn't very long in our house.

Natasha- I'm glad you're inside where it's warm and safe. I'm used to winter but I still really hate ice storms. It's the one thing that scares me.
What a gorgeous babe! Thanks for sharing

Fluffy - great planning ahead! Is it a weather related thing (can't remember where you are)? I hope they let you out soon and your travel is safe.

We have a winter storm heading our way tonight so I'm adjusting my work plan for the week. Seems storms like to come in when I'm planning to go over the mountains. I don't go that way if the weather is iffy. The mountains have their own weather as it is.

Today I'm talking to my direct supervisor about making a plan to transition my turf to someone else. I want to give them plenty of time to make this work well. Since I don't yet have another job that's easy but if I get an offer that will change. I've been thinking a lot about what, if anything, might make me stay with them because I think they will offer. Truth is whether or not I'm any good at the job there are some reasons I'm a valuable staff member (and I am really good at some things and not so good at others). I need to make sure I'm very clear about my issues and frustrations and especially my needs. I thought I was before they hired me but things didn't work out the way I was told they would. I just hope it's a good conversation. I think it will be okay.

Meanwhile I'm planning a long weekend at the folks this weekend and another trip in 4 weeks. Their 50th is coming up in Feb. and all they want is dinner with the family. Weather permitting we will deliver that. Julie and I, DD and her bf, and my DB and his SD will all be there. His wife doesn't fly so we won't have everyone but it will be more than they expect. I'll make arrangements for that while I'm there this weekend.

Okay, off to plan the day. I still have lots of work to do around my meeting. Have a great day Chicks and stay safe and warm wherever you are
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What a beautiful baby Natasha! My SIL just had a little girl and I am so excited to shop for her. We've only had boys in the family recently.

TOM is one week away and I am already feeling the symptoms of pms. Perhaps they are more marked to me now because of going through the carb withdrawal. I'm retaining a lot of water, and my b**bs hurt like a m******f*****r. I'm going to try to load up on more water during the day and cut down on my salt.

This week my routine has been severely compromised because my son is sick - I had to stay home yesterday in the am and my husband is staying home today. I noticed that I am feeling like I just want to throw the towel in and go out to an Italian restaurant for pasta and wine. So I'm glad that I have identified this as a trigger for me. Although I love the fact that my husband is willing to stay home with our son when he is sick, the fact is I hate coming home at the end of the day because the house is a MESS and they are both bouncing off the walls needing attention as soon as I come through the door. So today I'll give some thought to this and a)anticipate that I will feel irritated a little and b) plan how to make that transition more smooth. I have another BIG trigger coming up this weekend as we are going to my parents house and without going into it at length, things are pretty difficult there right now. So I need to plan, plan, plan. Hopefully school will not be cancelled tomorrow because of snow, b/c I think that might send me off the rails!!
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Natasha ~ Little Jaxon is simply adorable, and thank God he's fine. Your drive to and from work sounds a lot like mine! Those hilly, winding roads are pretty tricky to navigate at times. I'm glad you made it safely home and hope your weather clears up for your commute tonight! Be safe!

Flluffy ~ I guess at least you are safe and snug at work, if you have to stay there. Be careful driving home when you can finally leave!

The storm is supposed to hit us later today, and I'm prepared to stay over if I have to, but I will probably make it home before it starts. I'll have to keep an ear open to the forecast, though, because the girls have gymnastics this evening. We're all expecting a Snow Day tomorrow!
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

Natasha, I have to agree, Jaxom is a beautiful baby! My daughter's best friend also had the one artery in the umbilical cord thing last winter and we worried and prayed like mad through her pregnancy. Like Jaxom, Hannah was born perfect (and beautiful) and recently celebrated her first birthday. It's a scary thing though. I'm often glad that they didn't know as much when I was going through my pregnancies in the early 80's. I'm glad you got home safely, how soon do you expect things to get back to normal there? We saw some awful footage on the evening news!

Oh Fluffymama, it must be hard to have to stay over at work when you've got a little one at home waiting for you. Good for you planning ahead and having on plan foods with you. I hope you'll be able to get (safely) home again soon!

Cyndi, you'll be on my mind today. I hope the meeting will go well. How much snow are you supposed to get overnight/tomorrow? This storm is looking like it will veer out to sea before it gets to us. We've got almost no snow - it just doesn't look or feel like January in Maine around here. My snowshoes are collecting dust and I haven't been x country skiing either because the only open trails are the ones the make their own snow and I'm too cheap to pay the trail fees.

Matilda, I hope you feel better as the day goes on. And that your son feels better, too.

Windsong, how are you feeling today? I saw in yesterday's thread that your DH has lost some weight already. Congratulations!

Hey Linda, forget about the King of Prussia Mall, I may come visit you just to use my snowshoes! Something's wrong when you've got more snow in eastern PA than we have in the mountains of Maine! Stay safe on those roads. And good luck with the snow day tomorrow!

My weight is back where it's supposed to be this morning, so I'm pleased by that. I'm ready for it to dip a little bit lower though.. hopefully tomorrow.

Enjoy your Tuesday friends!

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Good morning! Snow day two here but I think it is more about the bitter cold. They announced it last night so teen had a friend sleep over and that cramps my style since I can't use the exercise equipment or get to my office computer until the sleeping beauties wake up! No personals since it is too hard from this laptop. But congrats to everyone who is doing so well right now! Wow.

I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch today; she needs to vent about her husband being around all day now that he is retired. And book club tonight. We'll see how the roads are - I'd really rather just sit home.

Having a hernia is a great excuse not to shovel

Have a great day everyone. BBL
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Beachers. I am just getting in here now - got distracted by dog petting, coffee, email and a bit of kitchen tidying.

Natasha, there is nothing worse than sleet, IMHO. I'm glad you got home safely. That is one absolutely beautiful baby! I'm glad he arrived safely too!

Fluffymama, sorry about the code white but it sounds as if you are managing to survive. I assume Code White means snow emergency?

Cyndi, I know you will stick to your guns at the work meeting. The weekend with your folks sounds good. I hope the weather for travel is good although I know you are an experienced snowchick. An early "Happy 50th" to your parents - that's quite an accomplishment these days!

Matilda, good for you in recognizing what's in store when you come home. Be strong! You sound stressed but in control.

Marcie, glad you popped in to tell us about Lou's success. Good for you both!

Cottage, please don't stay too long at Cindy's! I know there's lots to do there but I'd feel much better if you are home before dark. Maybe they can buy a wee helicopter for your commute? Ask Richard - I'm sure he'd do anything for you.

Heidi, congrats on ticker truth. Mine is lying so I just am not posting her for a while - if I remember to untick the wee box. Are you getting a lot of this east coast snow? This part of Ontario is doing fine while the world around us seems snowed in.

Waisting Time, I'd rather shovel than have a hernia! I bet you'll be glad to get it over. I know what you mean about wanting to just stay home but I'm sure your friend will appreciate a girlie lunch.

I did absolutely NO deskwork yesterday except checking in here and it paid off with a solid nine hours of sleep. Today I will get back at it but am planning breaks throughout the day - a trip for veggies is a break, right? I did manage to get the fabric for the quilt borders and have that to look forward to once I finish the machine quilting on the quilt that's in the machine. I want to take it to the quilting biddies meeting on Friday.

Happy Tuesday to us all.
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Hi ladies, got up about 1 hour ago.. 6:30 am.. Early on my day off.. Oh well..
I weighed myself, up 3 lbs. since yesterday.. TOM is coming for sure..
It is cold over here. Louisiana.. At least we didn't get snow like in Georgia where my sister lives..They got 2 inches yesterday..And it is supposed to snow until late this afternoon, at least..
I didn't make my coffee yet..So I guess I'll go make me some.. And read up on different news here.. Take care.. Have a terrific day.. Lanee..
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Just a quick stop in. Sounds like everyone is going to need extra blankets. We definately need them here.

Have a great day and stay warm!!
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Making some roasted cauliflower and broccoli. Smells so good.
It is -11 out right now. Brr!

Hi tanner's mom

Cyndi Fingers crossed

Matilda healing vibes for you both

Cottage be careful

Heidi here's to your dip!

Lanee it WILL go down.

Ruth, aw sleep!

Karen, enjoy book club and your lunch

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Oh Natasha, what a beautiful baby

Good morning all. Does anyone have a WW digital scale?

Mine weighs me a different weight each time I step on it and I am just wanting to get a new one. It weighed me as if I had lost 10 lbs. this morning, and I stepped back on and had lost 1 (which feels about right) The scale was expensive (for me)
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Good Morning!!

We're waiting for some snow here too...but nothing like other areas of the country (or the midwest for that matter). Milwaukee has been suspiciously snow-free this winter - good for shoveling, bad for doing anything outside in the freezing cold

BelovedK - my digital scale is not as nice (I know what you mean about the price of the WW ones), but it will freak out on me like that sometimes. Not recently, but often enough that I want to throw it out the window.

cottagebythesea - VERY jealous of your possible snow day. We're supposed to get about 3 inches here by the lake, but the rest of the city will get just a dusting. I finally have a job where taking time off is acceptable and have no excuse to do so!

Mmckellen - I'll be thinking of you today. Had all those lovely PMS issues not just a week ago myself. You will feel normal again soon! As for the Italian restaurant fantasy...that's my comfort food as well, though I can't indulge as much as I used to now that we have the kids ($$$$) Phase II is coming!!!! (At least then you could have the glass of red wine?)

Natasha1534 - BEAUTIFUL, just beautiful
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Rather be riding!
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Congrats on the new baby, he looks very sweet. I am starting a hospital rotation in a postpartum unit today. I will get to cuddle a lot of them in the next few weeks! I spend so much time studying neonatal care that I had preggo dreams all night long >.>

Today is my Day 7 on Phase 1. I have been eating very clean and some of you may remember I dealt with awful headaches last week early into P1. Then I added beans in for the first time and they have been gone ever since. I have so much energy and I haven't crashed after lunch, even when we sit around talking about procedures for hours. Back when breakfast was a bagel and lunch was a carbtastic sandwich, I sometimes fell asleep in class. That alone is a huge win!

My first WW WI tomorrow after rejoining for the millionth time. I have been OP this entire week and the scale is down 4 lbs. Very excited

Have a great day all. Back to studying, I suppose....

@BelovedK: I have a WW scale as well. It never fluctuates much (0.2-.4 lbs one way or the other) but enough that I have to weigh myself a few times in a row so it can decide which one it wants to stick with. It weighs about 2 lbs lower than the one at my WI. Nice for me at home but not so nice when I go to WI, lol

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