South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default SBD Weekend Daily Chat for Jan 8 & Jan 9

Good morning, fellow beachers!!! Things are starting to calm down around my house now that we had my brother's phone number changed. Hopefully we will be able to get the divorce papers filed and served next week when I have more time off. I have a degree in Legal Assistant Studies, so I'm going to draw the papers up myself and file them for him. I'll have my friend Donald's brother, who is a lawyer, go over them before I submit them since it HAS been over 10 years since I got my degree, LOL

So my addiction this week has become COFFEE...yum!!! I found some Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice coffee at Target and it is my current obsession. I'm sticking to 2 cups per day, though, b/c as they say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!!" Okay, so I'm far from skinny...but I'm working at getting there.

I was pleasantly surprised at home many of you were familiar w/ geocaching. Almost every time I mention it I get maybe 1 or 2 people who are vaguely familiar and everybody else says "what's geocaching???" LOL

annieoh - The best way I can explain it is that it's a treasure hunt using your GPS. Basically millions of people hide containers w/ small trinkets and a visitor's log inside it and post the GPS coordinates online so that others can find it using their GPS. The containers can be hidden anywhere as long as you have permission from the landowner. There are containers as small as the tip of your pinky and I've actually been to one that was large enough for 4 people to stand inside of it. I have found geocaches hidden inside hollowed out pine cones, inside a screw w/ a magnetic back that was stuck on a guard rail, inside a birdhouse, and just yesterday we had to climb a tree to get to a cache!!! There's even one here that you have to access by boat. I haven't gotten to that one yet, LOL

Wow, this is a long post. I hope everybody is having a great weekend. Pull up a mug of pumpkin spice coffee w/ me and tell me about your weekend.
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Oh, and someone had asked me to post pictures of the pillows I was making for here's my fat princess, Shadow, w/ her peanut butter bone and Georgia Bulldogs pillow that Santa Claus brought her.

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I am sick.
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Good morning! Well as I reflect on my last few days on Phase 1, I am very pleased with the choices I have made. Cravings are at bay and after weighing earlier in the week I am 3 pounds down. My actual weigh in day is Monday so I am hoping the first week actual weigh in will be a little better than that...I have not got the exercise in everyday like I wanted but I will do better with that next week. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Natasha- I can relate to the coffee thing, I love flavored coffees like that but try to limit it to 2 cups a day. I bought some chai tea that has similar pumpkin spice flavors and it is really good with a little splenda! I love the pillow!!! Geo-caching also sounds really fun! Have a great weekend!

Windsong- Feel better, I am so sorry you are sick!

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Natasha: My husband and I have wanted to try geocaching for a while now. Maybe when the snowy season has passed!

Windsong: Sorry you aren't feeling well. Take care!

Litar: congrats on the pre-weigh-in loss!

This weekend I have to work, but mostly at home. I'm also hanging posters on the wall of our theatre room for my husband.

Oh, and weighing in at 34 pounds lost.

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Default 34 lbs that is awesome!
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It's going to be a Snowy Saturday at my house today. So much for global warming - it seems each winter is colder and snowier than the year before.

Natasha, I'm glad things are calming down since the phone number change. I love the pillow, and they'd make a fun activity for my granddaughters. Enjoy your coffee, I'd have a hard time keeping it to only 2 cups a day, though!

Windsong, feel better soon!

I got a lot accomplished yesterday. We finally got the tree taken down and put away, and the house got a thorough cleaning. I'm still on my purging and simplifying rampage, and we finally got rid of my old desktop computer that's been giving me a lot of grief. We took it to Best Buys to be recycled, and I bought myself a brand new laptop with part of my Christmas bonus.
Since I got so much done yesterday, I won't feel guilty about goofing off all day today. If the roads aren't too bad, I may tag along to my parents' with Jake while he puts the final coat of paint on their bathroom. Other than that, I may get more purging done. I have a cupboard full of old cookbooks that I haven't used in years, but am having a hard time parting with. I wish I could find a good home for them, but no one wants them.

How's everyone's Saturday shaping up?


Annie - WOW! 34 lbs. lost so far, CONGRATULATIONS!

Good morning, litar!

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Cottage, I am the queen of purge. Do you know about the Flylady? Google her. She's amazing.

Made it through last night on plan, on points, and no wine. Yahoo! In about 15 minutes I'm going out for a long walk, then to the Y for weight lifting. Some grocery shopping, then home to dye my hair, then PT. I'll spend the afternoon with my son, and then the whole family (all three of us) are going to snuggle down and watch "The Phantom Menace". My son has recently gotten into Star Wars, and I don't know that I ever saw this particular episode. I'm really not a sci fi/fantasy person, but I'll give it a chance.

Tomorrow we are going to a new church for Sunday School and services. Long story, but I'm looking forward to it. A bit afraid of making a commitment which I need to explore further. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Come on Spring!
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Just a quick this morning as I need to leap into my day. Yesterday was a disaster through no fault of mine and today MUST be better!

Happy weekend, everyone.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's white and fluffy outside and warm and comfy inside. I think I will admire the snow from here until it's done. No hurry to shovel.

Natasha - I am a coffee fiend. I won't tell you how much I drink but 2 cups would never do it. I'm still very fond of a dark chocolate coffee I found. Sometimes I add a packet of erythritol to make it seem more like a treat.
I've been fascinated by geocaching and am tempted to buy a GPS. Maybe next summer. Glad things are progressing for your brother.

Lady - Hope you're getting rest and fluids and are back on your feet in no time.

Lisa - Great week, Sometimes the losses are smaller with repeat Phase 1s but sounds like you're doing great.

Annie - wow! congratulations!

Cottage - I purged cookbooks a few years ago and have stuck with it. I still have a 2 shelf bookcase but I had significantly more. I only keep vegetarian cookbooks I really like. Most of my recipe searches are on the internet now.
Have a relaxing day, maybe with a cup of tea and a good book

Mathilda - I used my last points of the week for my glass of wine. Sounds like you have a full but very pleasant weekend planned

Ruth - here's to a much better day!

It's so nice to have time to do personals. I'm not going to bore you all with details after so many of you lived through the job switch angst of the summer, but I did realize over the time off that I just don't want a 60 hour a week job anymore. 20 years ago I was fiery and ambitious and it would have been great. Now I like my normal routine life. I miss eating leftovers for lunch, having time to exercise, and spur of the moment birding trips. So I'm job hunting and looking for just about anything that is 40 hrs/wk and tolerable. It would be easier if DW had found full time work but it's necessary so we will figure it out. It's funny how priorities change as we get older.

Okay, off to make my weekend To Do list which will include lots of cooking, cleaning and some exercise. Oh and time to weigh too. I hope that stupid cow moves right.
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Good Morning

I've been up since the wee hours but wasn't very chatty. Now the gang is all up and we're starting our day. I did get my kitchen all scrubbed because we're having a jelly making extravaganza after we go to breakfast with my Mom and her group. She loves her chokecherry jelly but isn't up to making it on her own. We'll load her up with about 75 jars this morning. Her friend is coming over to observe so we cleaned house yesterday.

Natasha, love the pillow! (and Shadow is so cute!)

LadyWindsong, Get well soon!

Lisa(litar), great news that your cravings are gone!

Annie, congrats! on steady weightloss!

Linda(cottagebythesea), what a bonus! A new laptop and a goof off day!

Matilda(Mmckellen), for not having wine last night, since you didn't want to!

Ruth, Hope today is better!

Cyndi, I'm glad you can start looking for a new job while having the security of this one.
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Morning ladies!

Today should have been productive, but I'm feeling pretty bulldozed by my cold. On top of that, I started getting low back pain last night, worse when I extend the lumbar region. A consequence of a strange move at the gym perhaps? In any case, hopefully today is the worst of it.

Official weigh-in for the week is 174.5! A 4.5lb loss from the first day of phase 1 a week ago! Hoping at least 1.5lbs of it is nasty, evil, ugly fat!

Natasha-- that coffee sounds amazing. I recently got a holiday pack of cups for my Keurig but haven't found a winner yet.

Lady Windsong

litar - 3lbs is great for this point... stick to it and it will only improve, right?

cottage - good for finally getting the tree down. I really, really sick of looking at mine, and the plan was to get rid of it today. With my back pain, though, I think it won't happen.

mmckellan - how many days are you doing phase 1? It sounded like you were planning to do it until the 31st. I've considered extending it a bit, because the rapid loss is so nice, but I'm worried about altering my metabolism. any thoughts?

Ruth -- today will be better! Take care!!

Cindy - I've never really understood how people tolerate work over 60+/week. I often have to work those kind of hours (i'm finishing up med school) and occasionally I'll be working with someone who, at the end of the loooong day, still wants to stick around. Even if I love the work, I also love my activities outside of work. It's all about balance I guess!

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Hi Shelflife,
I'm only doing Phase 1 for 2 weeks, but I'm strictly counting points for 31 days. I'll need the points guidance as I transition into Phase 2. That was a real problem for me last time. The points should help with portions and judging impact. I'll keep you posted.
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Is it really already the afternoon???!!

So....made it through lunch yesterday even though they were OUT of what I had planned on ordering. Thankfully their minestrone soup had NO noodles and I ate around the potato. I even managed to not eat the three pieces of crusty bread that the waitress put down on an individual plate in front of me.

I made some homemade crackers last night (I think they were from this forum) and they were pretty good! I managed not to cave to cravings last night and am actually feeling pretty normal for the first time since starting the diet.

Scale didn't move yesterday either, but I'm feeling better about it; I'm remembering (belatedly) that the last time I did this I only lost about 5 pounds, but lost about 3 inches from my waist. I'm hoping that once Phase I is over I'll have the energy to add exercise back into my life and the scale might budge a bit.

Mmckellen: YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! You have amazing willpower and awesome planning skills.

cottagebythesea: I have the exact same issue with old cookbooks/old food magazines. I finally boxed mine up and put them in the basement - I'm still not to the point where I can throw them out

annieoh: That's amazing!!!! Good work!

litar and CyndiM: I'm a coffee fiend as well. I manage to bypass the flavored coffees, but I probably drink a pot and a half a day of the regular stuff

LADY WINDSONG: Feel better soon...we have sinus infections going around in my house

Have a great rest of the day everyone!!!!
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Did you know that Girl Scount cookies went on sale yesterday? I was hit up three times.

Yesterday's after school fun went well. I wasn't even tempted to go off plan.

Right now I am sitting at my son's practice. I am so glad the theater has wi-fi. Today is his first performance of "Jack and the Giant".

Today is my last day on phase 1. I am a little nervous about adding the fruit and carb.

Have a good day!!
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