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Default South Beach Daily Chat Friday January 7th

I'll be going back to school next month!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning. Okie, you sound excited. What are you going to study?

Up waaaaay too early again. I wake for a potty trip and then the brain turns on and I can't get back to sleep. Grrr! Of course Jazz hears me and does his puppy barking and I just have to go to him. Mothering instincts stay with you forever, I think.

Donna came yesterday and we thoroughly de-Christmassed the house and then she cleaned. It feels good although seems really bare. I guess it's time to buy an amaryllis or paperwhites to brighten things up.

Gym again this morning and then Paul is coming to install a railing on my basement stairs. They are old and open stairs, a bit of a challenge to navigate when you are carrying something down. After he's gone I'll go back to struggling through end of year accounting corrections for the Mill books. It's slow going but gratifying to find and correct an error - especially when it's not MY error but one made by the previous treasurer AKA the Princess of Perfection!

Grrr! Just checked the calendar and I have a funeral and burial this afternoon. Nothing like standing in a graveyard in a snowstorm! Never mind, at least I'll be standing!

Happy Friday! Come and chat a bit.
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Be happy.
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Good morning Chicks!

Okie, I'm interested in hearing what you'll be studying, too.
Ruth, I've never been to a funeral in a snowstorm but it sounds awful. (Around here they don't bury til spring.) I'm sorry.
Linda, I've got my tree lights on now. I'm embarrassed to say I'm still enjoying it, but I guess I'm going to have to take it down soon
Windsong, I hope your dentist appointment yesterday went better than mine. The tooth I broke and had repaired in September needs a root canal. I knew it was still very sensitive but I was hoping for the best. X rays showed that it's a dying tooth though, so..... It's not so much the procedure itself that's bothering me, although I'm not looking forward to it - it's the bill! Yikes!

I'm very glad that it's Friday! I'm heading to Massachusetts after school for a quick visit with my Mom so I'm not sure if I'll have time to post over the weekend. I always make time to read posts though!

Have a great Friday, friends!
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Heidi, I hear you on the bill. I had a filling but now my cheek is swollen and fills like it does with a sinus infection. Will call later. Also, I will have to have a crown in the same tooth when it breaks! Not fun for either of us. In some pain so will try and chat later.

Hi to you all and have a great OP SB day
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Good Friday morning everyone! Sorry I did not have time to stop by yesterday but I did read! I think I am going to have to make an appointment for the chiropractor this afternoon....I am having some trouble with my upper back/neck.
Heidi and Windsong...Thought of you yesterday, my dentist called to schedule an appointment that I missed while we were in Fl. in November! Disney was way more fun than a dentist appointment!!!
Ruth- I know what you mean about the house feeling bare once the decorations are down...always makes me a little blue but at least your house is clean! I can't say that but I wish I seems it never stays clean now that everyone is back on our busy schedule!
Oakie- Going back to school sounds interesting...tell us more about what you are taking!
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Good morning, Chicklets!

Okie ~ Have you changed your mind about moving to California? You do sound excited about going back to school, and I'm eager to hear all about it, too.

Ruth ~ We think so much alike! I bought a pot of paperwhites with the same thought of brightening up the house after the holidays. They're on the kitchen windowsill next to my miniature pointsettias, which are still flourishing. That's a shame that you have to spend a snowy afternoon at a funeral, but you're a loyal friend to attend it in this weather.

Heidi ~ I hope to undress my tree today, then Jake will dismantle and put it away tomorrow. At least it's much simpler this year than the previous years when we used to put up 3 trees. Take care driving to MA this weekend, as I know a snowstorm is heading your way.

Windsong ~ I have an awful phobia about the dentist. I think I'd rather go through childbirth than go to the dentist! Something about having fingers poking around in my mouth just gives me the willies.

Well, Jake just came back home and said the roads are really getting bad on this snowy morning. I'm so thankful that I have today off so I can enjoy it, rather than worry about having to drive on back country roads.
I've already cleaned the bathroom and will get to the rest of the house after I've had my coffee. Of course, with Jake home now, it makes it harder as he gets in my way. Maybe I'll make him take down the tree.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning friends. It looks like I will be WFH this afternoon with the storm coming in. I'm going to run out to my early meetings including my lunch meeting, then home. I'm looking forward to some quiet time cooking and updating data. I'll be back!
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Good morning all! Thank goodness it is Friday!
Busy day today--enjoying my coffee before I head off to work. My student's had a great week, which is nice because you never know how the first week after break is going to be.
I have my first big challenge tonight of staying on plan. We are going to my best friend's house this evening to watch a football game. I can avoid the alcohol no problem, but avoiding the snacking is going to be tough. I am planning to bring my own on plan snacks, but I know it will still take quite a bit of will power!

Have a great day ladies
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Good morning! TGIF?

Okie -

Ruth - I do that same potty/brain thing all the darn time!

Heidi - Double ouch! Have a nice visit. Hope you don't get caught in a snow storm!


Litar - Hope you get some relief.

Linda - Enjoy your day. It took me a long time of my husband being home 24/7/365 to get over him being in my way. Sigh.

Cyndi - I have been seeing them talk about that storm on the national weather all week!

Sarah - Sounds like you have a great plan.

I've got my weekly workout with mom and trainer today. Last one until after I've recovered from surgery. I will be careful lifting today. Gotta run some errands and do some meal planning.

Have a great day everyone. BBL
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Happy Friday!!

Today at school we have a cool assembly. Our librarain lost her daughter suddenly last year. Her daughter was a knitter. When our librarain was trying to decide what to do with all of her daughters yarn she ran into a lady. This lady decided she would knit every kid in our school a hat in memory of our librarian's daughter. So today we are having an assembly where the kids are getting their hats. All of the local news will be there. Ijust hope not to cry.

My other challenge will be after school when the teachers get together for what we call our FAC(Friday Afternoon Club).

Have a good day!!!
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Live, Laugh, Love
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GOOD MORNING! Stupid snow. Made me skip breakfast because I didn't have time - hazardous roads and such. Blargh. Have almost finished my V8 but my tummy still is going raaaaaar. May have to split up my snacks today.

How's everyone else doing this lovely Friday? T to the G to the I to the F!!! My brother, Ryan, and his wife are coming into town tonight unexpectedly (and demand our presence at my parents' even for an hour.....) We're hoping for an "announcement" of some sort. Trying not to get my hopes up though!

Gonna hit the grocery store after that tonight, then tomorrow morning we have Anna's first volleyball game (I need school colors, beads, pom-poms, pennants, foam fingers.....) and then a pretty relaxing weekend, thankfully!

Better get some work done, I GUESS. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!

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Good Morning and Good Friday!

tanner'smom - FAC??? My girlfriend from CA calls it the same thing....we Wisconsinites could do with more of those. I actually turned down the invite today though so that I could attempt to stay on plan (ours usually involve a lot of champange

sarahsk - I'll be thinking of you!!! I haven't faced my first evening out while on plan and I'm dreading it. I think your plan is awesome though - I'm sure you will do GREAT!

I'm already having a bad day
Just feeling really un-motivated - scale was up a pound last night (I weigh in after work); I realize I should only weigh in once a week, but that just doesn't work for me.
I'm trying to remember that it could be the sodium or, more likely, not getting enough veggies (ahem...fiber)
Makes me afraid that the weight won't come off

But I'm GOING to do this -- all of you give me faith that it will actually work!

Getting taken out to lunch today, which is also scary. But I checked out the menu and have picked out a salad which looks friendly:
Insalata Pollo: Roasted chicken with walnuts and asparagus in a balsamic Dijon dressing.
and I'll get the dressing on the side.

Sorry for the long post - just bummed out and can't talk to DH about it. Whenever I talk about being unhappy on a diet he tells me that I shouldn't be on one anyway. But I'm up 25 pounds in 2 years and I just can't do that anymore!
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Hi everyone,
Tried to post this morning, but my computer had logged me out and I couldn't remember my password! I've reset it now, but forgot what I was going to post about.

I'll need some willpower this weekend to resist the WINE. We have a busy weekend planned; all good stuff, including the party on Sunday - I think I've come up with a strategy for it. I'll have a good lunch, and then at the party I will ONLY allow myself crudite and some dip for them. If I start counting out nuts, it's all going to go out the window. I think tonight won't be so difficult, but tomorrow night it will be hard to resist alcohol. If I can make it through this weekend around the wine and food, next week will be easy (during the week is usually not a problem for me) and then I'll have more motivation for the following weekend, which will be my last on the restrictive Phase 1. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Hi everyone,

Getting ready to go to DeKalb Farmer's market and stock up on veggies! I have a question on South Beach. I know no fruit the first two weeks, but when can I add a little lemon juice or lime juice? We use them both so much that I am having a hard time adapting without them!

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Originally Posted by buskyandme View Post
Hi everyone,

Getting ready to go to DeKalb Farmer's market and stock up on veggies! I have a question on South Beach. I know no fruit the first two weeks, but when can I add a little lemon juice or lime juice? We use them both so much that I am having a hard time adapting without them!

I really don't think a small amount of lemon or lime juice will affect you on Phase 1, and will actually enhance your food. I say Go With It!
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