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cottagebythesea 12-14-2010 07:23 AM

Tuesday Chatterings
Definitely chattering here, my teeth, that is! :brr: Even though it's warm enough inside, just hearing the wind howling and knowing that the wind chill is 4* right now is enough to make me want to stay huddled under the covers! If only. ;) I have my warmest clothes on, instead, and a mug of steaming hot coffee by my side.

My day at the farm will be filled with gift wrapping and some baking before I pick up the girls from school. Then they have gymnastics, and I'm thinking of sitting in the coffee shop where I'll be warm while they have their lessons.

What's your day looking like?

Heidi58 12-14-2010 07:30 AM

Stay warm Linda!

Our brief tropical weather is over, we're still under a flood watch and it's snowing like mad out there. School is starting on schedule though, so I'm pleased about that. We've got so much to do before the Christmas vacation!

I'm going to leave early today, I'm a little nervous about the roads. Have a great, safe, warm Tuesday friends! :hug:

annieoh 12-14-2010 07:31 AM

Good morning, all!

The snow is nearly gone here, which will make the way into the factory less challenging for my PT Cruiser. Woot!

Cottage: A day filled with gift wrapping and baking sounds delightful, but very temptation filled. I hope its every bit as wonderful as it sounds!

Our schools close here when the temperatures drop whether we have snow or not - how adventurous (and probably necessary in Maine) to keep them open under flood watch and in the snow!

May we all move enough to ameliorate any temptations to which we may succumb!

cottagebythesea 12-14-2010 07:41 AM

Drive safely, Heidi, and stay warm!

Annie, I hope the roads are clear for your drive into work today, too!

We had enough snow yesterday morning to give everything a nice dusting, but it was gone by noon. A lot of school kids had high hopes, though. :)

Ruthxxx 12-14-2010 08:46 AM

:wave: I slept late and Rob is on his way to change my burned out pot lights. See y'all later. I need coffee and clothes!

Lexxiss 12-14-2010 09:43 AM

Good Morning:sunny:

It's quite temperate here and as I read all your East US weather woes I keep myself remembering that our coldest months are Jan and Feb and we get most of our snow in Mar and Apr.

Ruth, I hope your pot lights and admit I have to look them up to see what they are.

Annie, how exciting to be getting a new car!

Heidi, I hope your weather improves before you have to drive home!

Linda, I'm with Annie, your day sounds like lots of fun...and a great distraction from the cold.

Karen, ouch for a hernia...but sometimes it's good to start understanding what's wrong. It lets you care for yourself better. Keep breathing....

Natasha, it sounds like you've got your work cut out for you!

Me, I have a little time to get some chores done before heading to the pool. We'll pack our car up tonight and leave in the wee hours of the morning. I always love a road trip and it will be great to hook up with Cyndi.

Have a great OP day, everyone!

Schmoodle 12-14-2010 09:50 AM

Very cold and windy here too - too cold for walking, but we're going to try at lunchtime. The kids are delayed 2 hours and enjoying a lazy morning, but that'll be over soon.
I'm still buried in proposal writing, too little sleep and the house is a wreck, but should be done tomorrow. So my day will be spent right her ein my office chair again.
Have a warm and cozy day, chicks!

rdw1 12-14-2010 10:14 AM

Good Morning chickies! Hope you ladies are staying warm!

Cottage- Its a much warmer 10* here ;0)

Heidi- it snows one flake and schools are closed here, though I am sure you guys are much more prepared for it (road wise)

Annie, Ruth :wave:

Debbie- Road trips are soo much fun! Wish I could hook up with yall too! Maybe someday!

Schmoodle- Hope your office chair is warm and cozy :0)

Well, I have been missing in action ladies! I didn't do so well in my attempt to behave during the santa rampage, but I did have a fabulous time... I also have learned that I can't recover from incidents like that in any short amount of time like I used to... so I will not be partaking anymore like that! geesh, not to mention the amount of money I spent and/or lost. I may get a few pictures on here from it though ;0)

Hope you all have a warm and fuzzy day :)

sophie 12-14-2010 10:18 AM

good morning,

Oh, all this bad weather reporting. Keep safe everyone. Its nice in my neck of the woods, cold and some snow on the ground but that is about it.

Cottage - you have a full plate today. Time will go by quickly.

Debbie - so exciting to meet up with Cyndi. Pictures please.

Schmoodle - I know you are busy but at least you aren't fighting the traffic jam.

Heidi - those little ones must be getting excited. My 3 year old grandson is having his first pre-school party today.

Annie - have a nice day.

Ruth - sleeping in? Much snow your way.

Natasha - have fun at the gym.

me - no great plans today just staying OP. Besides Christmas dinner and New Years, not much more socializing going on.
take care

weezle 12-14-2010 10:26 AM

It's cold, but I think a high of 20 today. HEAT WAAAAAVE! :sunny: Unfortunately I think I'm getting what Anna has. The Plague. Hers started with sore/scratchy throat, then add sinus, then add headache, then add low-grade fever for 2 days, then remove fever, then remain...... and that's where she's at. My sore/scratchy throat started last night, and this moring I've added sinus and headache. Had 2 hits of Zicam last night and 1 so far this morning, hoping to stop it. Blargh.

At least we have leftover soup..... Chris made an awesome soup with carrots, onions, garlic, celery, cauliflower, peppers, brown rice, and LF cheddar cheese. It's very comfort-food-ish, and I bet it'll feel great on my throat at lunch time!

Busy day at work - have a meeting in 30 min and am training a new Financial Account Rep at 2:00. Oy. Better start on my work. Hope you all have a great day!


rdw1 12-14-2010 10:28 AM



TallandThin 12-14-2010 10:31 AM

Morning everyone and thanks for getting us started Cottage. Hearing you all talk about your weather makes me thankful that I'm living in California :). Drive safe all of you that have to be out and about.

Cottage, sending :dust: your way to help you through your baking.

Ruth, I didn't have any idea what a pot light was either.

Debbie, enjoy your pool time and how exciting to be going to meet up with Cyndi. Would love to see pictures.

Schmoodle, I can only imagine the pressure you are going through. Hope the writing goes well today and you can wrap it up.

Rikki, Glad you had a great time during the santa rampage. Pictures?

As for me, it's still dark out but hear the rain so guess I'll be walking with my raincoat on this morning. After that need to work on some wraping, and may put together a few more "cookies in a jar". We worked on some last weekend and found out it takes much longer than we thought. Finished most of my shopping yesterday so that is a good feeling. Even order my cards and had to pay extra to have them overnighted because I am so late but they should be here today or tomorrow and I'll get them right out so things are looking more organized.

Hope you all have a great day and do the best you can staying on the beach. Later.

Lexxiss 12-14-2010 10:38 AM

TallandThin, happy raincoat walking. I'm wondering if your hill ever gets icy.

Rikki, great pics! I do not envy your morning after.lol

Schmoodle, I hope you get done with all this work stuff!! I'm doing a bit of your planned procrastination today....I need to get with it!

sophie, I think OP is a great plan!

Lisa, so sorry to hear you're sick! It seemed to start in the East and is heading West. We haven't got hit yet, but know it's coming....it always does.

CyndiM 12-14-2010 10:46 AM

:wave: Didn't sleep well again. Hope to be at the hotel early and stop back then.

I am so looking forward to meeting Debbie tomorrow!

Ruthxxx 12-14-2010 10:59 AM

:lol: Nope, I'm not growing pot in my house. They are the lights over the counters in my kitchen. I can change them myself only if I stand on the counters and that's a bit of a problem when you have a knee that doesn't bend well. Here they are.

Rob came around and then we both remembered we had to take crates of mandarin oranges to the Food Bank. He's still there but will be here shortly to do the job. It's snowing lightly but the wind is bitter and the house seems cold. I want to put a fire in the woodstove but it's to be cleaned later this morning and can't be used until after that. I guess the stove cleaning guy is a wuss! (I heat with oil but the back room has no heat registers so use the stove there in winter.)

Grrr! Just realized I have ruined my favourite pot since I left it boiling to clean and forgot it. It's badly scorched and will probably never be the same again. I guess I'll be buying myself an early Christmas present.

And now Rob's here.:carrot: I think I'll have a coffee with him and contemplate the rest of the day.

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