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Karen(hugs)) Praying its just indigestion gone awry.

Today my son is home because he had a fever since yesterday afternoon. His therapy school wants a 24 hour window without a fever to accept him back in. He woke up with no fever Which is always nice. I just wish I knew what was going on with him. Funny thing about two year olds, they don't know when their sick..LOL

Today my body aches and early this morning had a terrible charlie horse in my calf. It's still sore! Anyone else suffer these in the first weeks? My mother in law did the atkins and she said she always got these during the first weeks of the diet. That's why she stopped.

I hope you all are having a pleasant day and are able to stay on-plan as much as possible. Thank you ladies for your input and encouragement. It means alot. Leslie
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Hey everyone!

I have been a bit MIA lately, largely because of work, but also a bit of shame. I put on nearly 10lbs this month from just being self destructive and lazy. But I have committed to 7 straight OP days. I figure it'll get me to kick my crappy new habits.

And speaking of habits, I'm about to be forced to gain a good one. My husband bought me a puppy for Christmas! We're picking up our puggle on December 26. I am so excited!! So I will be walking our little guy a lot! I am definetly going to get exercise, which is something I'm usually lazy about.
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So I was MOSTLY (sigh) OP at the buffet. I stuck with 2 plates:

Plate 1: Salad with mixed greens, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, a little shredded carrot, 2 T. sliced black olives, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, a pickle spear, a pepperoncini, and 3 T. light olive oil viniagrette (it was a MOUND of salad.)

Plate 2: SMALL baked potato (don't hurt me I was STARVING) with broccoli, 2 T. cheese sauce, salsa, steamed baby carrots, steamed corn (I KNOW,) and steamed cauliflower.

I'm very proud of myself, considering ALL the bad food they had. You have NO idea how bad I wanted some fried okra and ranch. lol Oh, and nachos. And pizza. And DESSERTS. And other such food porn. It could have been far worse.

So anyway that's what I had today! Hope everyone has a great night!

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Originally Posted by mom4yehoshua View Post
Today my body aches and early this morning had a terrible charlie horse in my calf. It's still sore! Anyone else suffer these in the first weeks? Leslie
I did my first time on SB several years ago. I found recommendations online for magnesium and potassium supplements and it helped.

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts everyone. Saw the doctor and she thinks it is a virus of some kind, still hurts but better. Too bad it isn't the kind that makes me not want to eat!

Gotta run... catch you in the morning.
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I haven't checked in all day,. I am on my way to bed, no personals sorry

Getting back on track after an illness is hard. I had candy tonight when it was offered. I also was up to work out, and didn't I will force myself tomorrow, I have to.

I'll check in earlier tomorrow.

xo everyone!
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I know we are all feeling the presure this month but we have got to remember to place a high priority on ourselves. I know that is hard to do sometimes but darn, we are worth it!

Heidi, hope by now you have retrieved your car and made a safe trip back home.

Annie, if you manage to do your make-up program this evening, you are a better woman than I am. There is no way I can exercise in the evening!

Karen, sure glad your tum problem wasn't any worse. Hope by morning it is all gone.

Lisa, Voodoo is absolutely gorgeous! I thought about trying to get a picture like that of our little one but am afraid he wouldn't take to Santa so will pass.

Mom4, yes I do have the leg cramps at night and I've pretty much figured out that it happens whenever I don't drink enough water.

CB, congrats on your new puppy! Yep, you will be getting lots of exercise now.

Zef, love your picture girl!

Well, I'm pretty late in checking in today. It has been a busy busy one but most productive. Started out early this morning with my walk and after that DH and I spent the next hour with hoe and shovel opening up the drainage ditch on the side of our dirt road. Hopefully now with the next storm the road won't wash away. Next we went out to our storage shed and brought a ton of stored Christmas decorations up to the house. I've spent the day putting up our tree and decorating the house. Not finished but am ok with what I did get done. Time to get off here as I have a lot more that I want to accomplish before bedtime or otherwise I'll feel like I'm behind the gun tomorrow. For those of you who had a great on plan today, congrats and for those of you who didn't quite make it today, hey shake it off tomorrow is a clean slate.

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