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Default First day eating P2, questions

So, the only change I made was adding a bit of oatmeal for breakfast. I had a little bit of oatmeal with a little Smart Balance, and Herbamare sea salt and herb seasoning, and almonds. I also had a fe blueberries after dinner (tofu and vegs)

I felt that hungry (sick hungry) feeling so I had to come eat something. My stomach feels empty , almost like I took too many vitamins on an empty tummy.

What was wrong? is this normal?
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You should probably have stuck to either oatmeal or blueberries, not both just yet. Feel better!
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When did you start getting that sick feeling? I don't think it had anything to do with the addition of a bit of oatmeal and a few blueberries in one day, but it might have a bit to do with being actually hungry.

there are some days that we're just hungrier than others, and that is long as we don't binge out on donuts or something. allow yourself an additional on-plan snack and move along.

if you haven't yet, mind posting a typical menu? especially the one from today so we could maybe pinpoint the culprit closer than just "you were hungry."
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Yesterday was:

1 cup oatmeal (not instant)

2 Turkey and swiss roll ups, guacamole.

Tofu and lots of mixed veggies from Whole Foods

Through the day I did take a few almonds in between meals. I know I had a bit too many nuts)

When I got the sick feeling, I had a bit of guacamole and more almonds (only because theyb were easy and there and I seriously felt ill)

I drank Herbal tea (Get Lost) after dinner to abate cravings.

I forgot, with lunch, I had a little fresh mozzerella (probably a no no)
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I could not have my grain in the morning until many months in. The first time I tried it I was starving all afternoon too. Try going back to a Phase 1 breakfast and adding your one food later in the day.

It's going to be trial and error for awhile as you figure out what works best for your body. That's why a lot of us recommend Phase 1.5, add one food at one time and see how it works. If you have any trouble with it try it at a different time or try a different food. That way you get a really good sense of what works for you.
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It seems like you're not really snacking. I'd try building in a couple of on plan snacks that you eat halfway approx. between meals. I do celery & light laughing cow cheese, red pepper strips, nuts, yogurt, etc. They make it so you never get to the stage where you'd attack any food that crosses your path.
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