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Default Tyrannical Thursday

Good morning chickies! I'm up at this time because I couldn't sleep after spending most of the day yesterday morning in bed! I'm gonna be strict with myself starting today! I haven't been exercising, not even for ten minutes that I'd said I'd do! Twenty pounds loss was good but it's time for me to move beyond that! I won't weigh again till 10/25 and I wanna be on target for my goal of being down 40lbs less so I can see Tyler Perry's new movie!
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Good morning Okie! I see you started today's post in the wee hours. Did you get any sleep at all? Remember, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep is condusive to a successful weight loss. I hope you have a super day and manage to get your exercising done. You are doing fantastic, and I hope you reach your New Year's goal!

I'm going to stay overnight with the girls tonight so C and R can go up to NYC to see a broadway show, so I won't have to head over until later this morning. I already have the washer running and will do a quick dust & vacuum so I won't have to do it tomorrow on my day off. I'm going to let the girls make their own flatbread pizzas for supper, and we have a fun craft project to work on after homework is finished. After I get the girls off to school in the morning, I can come on home and start my weekend.
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Good Morning Okie!
I hope you get a good walk, or a good dance in today!

We've been thinking along the same lines. I decided last night that I need to be more strict with myself, too. I did really well maintaining my 50 pound loss through the spring and summer, but now that I want to kick the last 20 lbs I find myself still thinking like a maintainer instead of thinking like a "loser".

I used to say, "No way - I'd rather be down a pound in a day or two than eat that." or "This was a good work out, but I bet 20 more minutes will make a difference on the scale tomorrow..." Now I find myself saying, "Well, I won't have xxx but a little more of this won't hurt." or "I'm tired so I'll just go two miles today..." I need to get 'gung ho' again if I really want to blast these last 15 by the first of the year.

It sure is dark this morning. I'm trying to remember how soon we turn the clocks back. I hate the early darkness at the end of the day but it's a lot easier driving to work when I can see the kids at the edge of the road. I got a scare yesterday when I drove past some young kids pushing/playing at the edge of the road while they were waiting for their bus. I didn't see them until I was quite close.

OK, time to head to school. Enjoy your Thursday friends!

Hello Linda! You snuck a whole post in while I was babbling about how lazy I've gotten. LOL A fun craft project planned, eh? Sounds like a great evening for the girls!

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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, EveryChick.

Okie, cottage is right about the sleep. That's something to work on.

Cottage, that sounds like a good night with the darling girls. I wish I could be there but it's too late to get that early plane to Philly.

Heidi, isn't that an awful feeling? I hate it when it's dark and kids are waiting for the school bus. Actually I just hate driving in the dark or around kids who are fooling around.

I may be getting over the jet-lag since I slept right through until 6:30 this morning. I didn't even get up during the night - a miracle! It's a cold and rainy wet-paws morning and the Darlings are both back in bed. I'm hoping to stay inside today and finish a mess of accounting and maybe even catch up on laundry! It's supposed to clear up for the weekend and the outside work can wait until then. I feel like such a jock when I use my leaf blower!

Breakfast this morning will be an omelet made with peppers, onions and mushrooms. Wanna join me?
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I got three more hours of sleep yesterday afternoon plus the three extra hours I slept earlier yesterdya morning so I'm good but check back with me later. I danced for ten minutes to this new song with Usher and Jay Z, "hot tottie", lol. Thanks for your support ladies, it means a lot! Heidi, keep it moving hon, u got this! An omelet sounds good, I'm seriously considering getting up to make one! Maybe tomorrow, I'll stick with my nuts and plum for breakfast seeing as for lunch, I'll be having beef with broccoli!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning One more crazy day then a normal few days. Next Tuesday is my last scheduled event and I hope it will be the last 15 hour work day for awhile. I have been told that the weeks between the election and the new year will be very quiet and I'm looking forward to that!

I'm looking forward to doing personals tomorrow morning. I am reading all your updates but no time to write. Hope the sun is out where you are
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Take care Cyndi! Have a productive day. It's raining in MD and I have no umbrella, but it's a half day for my kid sister and she has an umbrella so I'm good.
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Heidi, I'm with you and Ruth about driving on these dark mornings and trying to look out for the schoolkids. I'm not looking forward to having to drive home in the dark every night, either, but at least it will be lighter in the mornings. I think we're all taking stock and deciding to get a good handle on our eating habits before the holidays strike.

Ruth, I'm keeping your room freshened up for whenever you decide to drop in. "Oderia" asks about you constantly and is really hoping to see you soon! Is your cold on the mend?

Okie, it sounds like you have your day off to a great start!

Cyndi, you seem to be hanging in there pretty well, but I bet these long days are pretty tiring. At least you know that before much longer you'll be back to a normal schedule. I'm glad you are enjoying your new job, though.

Rain is on it's way here and they say to expect torrential downpours later this afternoon. I hope Cindy and Richard don't have any problems driving in it!
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Zeff and Beloved

Heidi got me thinking so after a quick search it looks like November 7 is when we switch the clocks.

I have been surprisingly busy doing seemingly nothing while my husband is gone. And eating well. For some reason that is easier without him here. Sigh. Our new Tivo came yesterday and I managed to get it hooked up and running! Except for one small box from the cable company that refuses to cooperate and which I will work on today, then call them AGAIN for help. Sigh. I see a marathon of TV watching in my weekend plans! Off to wake my teen.

Catch you later. Have a great day all.
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Good Morning

Okie, thanks for getting us started. You have my sympathy on the sleep thing. As a person with a sleep disorder, sometimes I just get it when I can. I'm glad to hear you are refocusing on your exercise. I think it's really important, even if it's just 10 minutes a day. It helps with a lot of things and once you have established the every day habit you can bump it up a bit.

Linda, a sleep over, pizza and craft party sound fun. Enjoy and you can have sweet dreams about your long weekend.

Heidi, I was thinking along the same lines last night. I chose an orange as my after dinner treat remembering it takes some cutting back to shift from maintenance to losing. Keep on truckin'!

Ruth, I'd love to join you for an omelet! Maybe I'll bring the pups, too!

Cyndi, I hope your long day is bump free!

Karen, I agree, food seems to go much easier without DH sometimes, too. Last night I had lots of willpower which was good because my DH pulled out the doritos right after dinner. It's hard sometimes. I hope your tivo gets back to doing it's job!

Me, starting to think about getting things in order here so I can blast off to the other side some day soon. I think Kirk will go this time...his tomato production has slowed way down and I think he's getting ready to call it quits for the year. Water aerobics at 9, then a trip to Costco with my pool friend. I had an OP day yesterday and look forward to another.

Have a great day everyone!

I had a successful tweak last night with dinner. I'm trying to use freezer stuff and I had my premix of cottage cheese for my WW Mac and Cheese. I used 1/2 pasta and 1/2 cauliflower and it was quite good. Yay!
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Happy beautiful fall morning to you all! I absolutely love the brisk mornings! Just finished my 2 eggs and V8, time to get started...woohoo! Y'all have a great day!
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Good Morning ladies, or rather I should say afternoon!
Late start today for me, just had some lunch and am ready to push through the day, although, I am thinking I may need to brew a pot of DD coffee

FO- I am with you on the exercise thing, I need to get my bootie in gear!

Cottage- Sounds like a fun afternoon!

Heidi- Driving in the dark stinks! especially when kiddos are around!

Ruth- Glad you had a nice trip! Good luck catching everything up!


Karen- I don't know how I survived without the DVR, well, actually I spent a lot less time in front of the tv! I am not sure it was such a good thing for me!

Debbie- Enjoy your morning! I wish we had a costco here!


As for me, I was doing very well until the stinkin caramel apples started calling to me! OY. back on track today. Just made some stirfry for lunch and about to hit the ground running with my cleaning!
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Hi, I'm a newbie. Hope it's okay to post here for the first time. I've yo-yo'ed a little bit and have gotten frustrated to the point of giving up in the past due to The Dastardly Plateau. I'm hoping checking in with a community like this will make a big difference. I'm on SB Phase 1 and I went back to the gym yesterday.
Oh yeah, and I'm southern California so I don't have quite the beautiful crisp quintissential autumn mornings of the east coast. But it was really foggy this morning -made Pasadena look beautiful.

Nice to be here! Thanks!
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Afternoon everyone!

Ug, my morning was spent putting out fires, not the real kind thankfully, but the work kind, the "I am not getting done anything I meant to get done" kind. Arg. This week is frustrating on the work front. I think its the fact I haven't taken any vacation time this year except three days when we moved (not exactly relaxing). My brain has checked out totally!

Heidi58 - the time change is on November 7
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FoodObsessed, you can do it!!!! It sounds like you're gathering up your determination

cottage, have a lovely long weekend

Heidi, I know what you mean about the dark. We walk 3 x a week in the morning, and it has been pitch black lately. I imagine that would've been scary to not see those kids *shudder* I try to always wear white when I walk, but most of my wardrobe is black, so....

Ruth, hope you had a productive day

CyndiM, as I write this, the day is close to over (or half over, depending on where you are, hee) so, you are close to having your break I hope you can get some good rest after that hard work!

WaistingTime, LOL, how did waking your teen go?? Mine is tough to rouse, and then he is grumpy on many mornings, argh! Yay for setting up the TIVO, and yay for eating well! Things can be easier for me when DH is out of town.

Lexxiss, that sounds yummy!

rdw1, it sounds like you're back on track, a good caramel apple is hard to resist!

spoonflipper, welcome

chubbybunny, The beginning of my week felt like that (up until the accident) It is the worst feeling. Many hugs to you

Me? I am drugged but am still sore, plus I started with cramps What a pain.

I worked, but shouldn't have (but I need the money, and it takes a while for a settlement) DH wants to go out, I can't go out to eat because I am P1, so he wants a movie, but I would just fall asleep. I just want to cook us a nice dinner and be at home, it is cozy here, it is a rainy day and I am in here with my tea and my dog and maybe my blanket.
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