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Default Tumultuous Tuesday on the Beach Daily Chat

Can you tell I have to work Monday and Tuesday??? LOL Technically, in my little world, it's still Monday b/c I haven't been to bed and woken back up yet...but I know the rest of you weirdos that keep normal hours think it's Tuesday, so here's the Tuesday chat thread. LOL

Not a whole lot planned for today, really. I'm gonna hit the gym after work and then go home and grab some ZZZZZZs and then get up and do it all again. Might throw something in the crock pot when I get home, though, just so I'll have dinner to bring tomorrow.

So what are your plans for this Tuesday??? Anything exciting??? Hope all you Canadians had a Happy Thanksgiving.
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Come on Spring!
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Well! Who are you calling a weirdo? Thanks for starting us up and sweet dreams.
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Good Morning

Hi Natasha! Thanks for starting us this morning! Have a great workout then happy snoozing!

Hi Ruth! I am a wierdo! lol Been up since the wee hours trying to finish the now infamous cookbook...even Bing has gone back to bed. I'm waiting for my brother to wake up in Florida so we can get this thing finished.

I'm headed to the pool, have a noon meeting, and will fit some grocery shopping in today....and hopefully return to a regular schedule.

Have a great day everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Yes, Debbie, we are weirdos. I seem to be still jet-lagged and was wide awake at 4 am. Lots to do today though so it's just as well.

I have a friend coming this morning to write thank you notes for the Mill donations over the weekend. I think we have about 300 to do so that should fill up the morning. She is very old-fashioned but I hope I can persuade her to print them off on the computer.

This afternoon Disney and I are supposed to do pet therapy at the nursing home but I may bail if my cold is still at the sneezing and sniffling state. Too bad Disney doesn't drive as she's smart enough to do it by herself. Signing in might be a problem though.

I soaked chickpeas overnight and hope to get a soup made this morning - garlic, rosemary, chicken stock are all that needs to be added. Of course it won't taste as yummy as the one I made in Italy! I've also got leeks and greens to get off the counter and into the freezer. I've got the annual fall urge to "put food by" in case there's a famine this winter. It must be my pioneer heritage. There's a half bushel of apples nagging me too.

By the way, I gained only a single pound in Italia and it's gone now, taking another one with it!

Enjoy the day. It's blue and gold October around here.
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Hi all

Awesome to only gain a lb. in Italy Ruthxxx, I think I would have a hard time with the wine and crusty bread ;-/


I made a huge mistake and forgot to bring SBD friendly food to a party I did last night (I am a Tarot reader and it was a Halloween party, it was fun)

They had sweet treats and cheese and crackers, but by the time I was out there, the cheese was gone. I got a killer headache, and it didn't go away until I ate at around midnight when I got home. I will NEVER make that mistake again. The headache could also be sugar withdrawal. I am on phase 1.

Today I work in my day job as a hair stylist (I have been for many years and love it) I have a short day and plan to come home and work on cleaning and organizing the house.

I hope everyone has a nice day!!!!
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BelovedK I found my blood sugar stabilized the further I got along, but at first those swings are painful.

Ruth, great job on the scale! My image of your driving pup was funny!

I'm going to close my eyes for a bit while I wait for my bro.
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Be happy.
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Good morning friends!

I've got early - early duty at school this week. LOL (As opposed to the early one I had a few weeks ago.) I got lucky though - it's a 4 day week. At any rate, I'm rushing this morning.

Ruth, great job keeping your weight steady on vacation! I am impressed!

Beloved, I've made that mistake before, too - sorry about your headache. I keep pistachios or almonds in my purse now. Sometimes that means I eat an extra serving of nuts, but it's always a better choice than what I might eat if I didn't have the nuts with me.

Natasha, I made the southwestern crockpot potroast from Kayln's Kitchen over the weekend and boy was it good! I love coming home to a hot meal.

Debbie, enjoy your time at the pool. I wish I was going with you!
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Working on healthy
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Wow, 6 posts before 6:30! Lots of early risers out there today.

I'm just getting coffee though I've been up for awhile. We found a home for the kitty. Our neighbor is going to take him so we will be traveling together. I hope he travels well!

I'm looking forward to being back on high speed and catching up with everyone.
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Morning! It's raining and it's hard to get going this morning.

Natasha, how do you like working nights? Do you find it hard to sleep during the day at all? I tried that years ago, but always felt disoriented. I love crockpot meals, have you decided on what you're going to make?

Ruth, that's impressive that you only gained a pound and have lost it already! Good for you! I hope your friend agrees to use the printer to print out those thank-you's, or you may end up with writer's cramp. Take care of that cold, and I hope it doesn't get worse. Give Disney and Jazz a cuddle from me, OK?

Debbie, I know you'll be glad to get that cookbook finished and return to a normal schedule. Enjoy your swim and have a great day!

Beloved, I'm glad you didn't cave in to the sweets at that party last night, but I'm sorry you got a headache from not eating. I hope you're feeling better now. It sounds like you have a nice day ahead of you and hope you get all your cleaning and organizing done.

Heidi, I hope your early duty at school this week goes easy!

It's just a routine Tuesday here, with nothing special on tap. I need to think about what to fix for my lunch, though, as I'm out of salad makings and don't feel like going to the store. I think I have some soup stashed in the freezer that I'll take with me, along with a piece of cheese and an apple.
Right now, though, I'm ready to tuck into a bowl of oatmeal and dried blueberries.

Hi, Cyndi! I'm so glad you found a good home for the kitten! Enjoy your coffee!

Have a terrific Tuesday and hope it's not too Tumultous at all!

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Lexxiss - What kind of cookbook are you writing? Just this past summer I started downsizing my cookbook collection to reclaim some cupboard space. They are just too addictive!

I'm still sleepy. At least the kids waited until 6:30 to wake up today. Not much going on here today, outside of the regular laundry and such. Coffee and oatmeal sound like a good way to start my day.
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Good morning. It is raining and hard to get going here too! I actually woke to my alarm which never happens. Heading to the gym for strength class, then errands. Back on PH1 while my husband is out of town. Nothing else going on.

Have a great day all!
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Hello Ladies! I survived OP yesterday! WHEW! It only took like 3 weeks to get an OP day! blech. I am planning to do it all over again today!! I am not sure why its been back to OP of completely OffPlan, I thought I undid that habit at least a year ago! oh well, so I am OP OP OP today!

Desperately need to get to the grocery today and do a load or two of laundry, got the bedding done, now on to the clothes! Think I will make a trip to TJ's that will make my day! I also want to pick up some nori, I had some homemade sushi(avocado and carrot only) at moms yesterday and Yummo! Mixed up a bit of wasabi paste and some braggs with ginger, mmmm... I was in heaven! SO, I am going to try it myself today if I get the chance. Other than that not much on the agenda, I still need to seal the driveway but rain is in the forecast so I don't think that is a very good idea today. (, who me, procrastinate much?, never)

I'll try to get back later with personals, but for now I better get to my errands, the area of town that Tj's is in gets craZy around lunch!
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Back from water aerobics, cookbook done and I'm enjoying my super duper SBD salad before going to our therapy dog meeting.

Heidi, I wish you were going to the pool with me, too. lol

Cyndi, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad the kitty found a home!

Linda, ouch for rain. If it makes you feel better, it's snowing at my Eastern home. Fortunately, I'm hanging out West right now. I hope your Tuesday IS routine!

SusanMay, it's a family cookbook that we're doing for Christmas gifts. The company,http//, is excellent! I'm glad I don't have to downsize my collection...I have a very big bookcase.

Karen, yay for Phase 1 while DH is gone. He might be driving by my place soon.

Rikki, I need a sushi lesson. Can you come over??

Ok, off to the next act!
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Natasha- I used to work nights a few years ago, very hard to do, atleast it was for me

Ruth- Congrats on the weight control on vacation very impressive. Had to laugh at the mental image of Disney driving and signing in by herself.

Had a good op day yesterday and so far today good as well.

Have a great day everyone.
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Morning everyone.

Well Today is not going well so far! Thanks to 4 accidents on the freeway this morning, traffic was at a crawl and my 40 minute communte took an hour and a half. Then I got crap at work for something. Just not going smoothly today at all.

OH and I forgot a spoon today, and brought soup to work.

I'm back to eating right after my Canadian Thanksgiving off-program day(s). Lots of veggies and water! I weighed in almost 3lbs heavier after that weekend, but I don't think its "real" weight gain (I didn't eat excessively, just not OP things all the time) so I'm hoping to be back to where I was, by the end of the week.
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