Recommitting to a clean Phase 1

  • My eating has been off for about a month now. I want to do a really clean Phase 1 to get rid of the craving's I am having for horrible foods. Anyways, I am going to a girl's lunch out tomorrow, and I am the one who organized so I can't miss it (and I don't want to!). We are going to Applebee's. Anyone have some experience with this restaurant and can point me in the right direction of what to get? I am thinking maybe like a steak but asking for a side salad instead of the potatos? Please! I am open to suggestions, and am ready to really buckle down and start this, starting right now!!
  • I had the same issue during my recent Phase I. Below is a link that I used that give specific items on their menu that are okay
  • It's technically not on the menu anymore, but you can order a Santa Fe Chicken Salad and have them leave the tortilla strips off. It's an EXCELLENT salad!!!
  • I order the steak too. They have the Weight Watcher one that is small but quite tasty with mushrooms on top. I always ask them to skip the potatoes and give me double the veggies.
  • That WW steak is really good! Back in my WW days, that was what I used to get when I went there.
  • Thank you for all suggestions! I really think I'm going to have a salad. I am CRAVING one because my eating has been off for several days. That website too is a great help! Thank you!!!!!