South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Come on Spring!
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Default Finally Friday!

Coyotes howling woke us this morning but it's just as well I'm up early as the baking I was to do yesterday did not even get started! I'm going to organize and measure things, then go to the gym. I'll go into overdrive when I get back because I sure don't want to be baking at 9 tonight!

The house is actually cold this morning so I've given it a bit of furnace heat. It feels great! We had a heavy rain late yesterday afternoon which knocked the humidity out of the air quite nicely. Today's high is just 72, a great day for baking.

On with the day!
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Default TGIF Fun on The Beach

Good Friday morning! It's looking to be a gorgeous day, and I have off! I have my annual mammogram first thing this morning, and then I'm free for the rest of the day. I want to get to the bank and pick up a few groceries at Wegman's, and if I feel like it, I may go shopping for some comfy shoes for my trip.
A week from today I'll be on my way to Cape Breton!!!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Ruth. Happy baking Summer must be winding down because I've been thinking about baking too. It's still too warm here but soon.

They decided not to do the surgery for Luna yesterday. We are waiting and probably trying the special diet. I'm really not happy about that because generally the cats eat much higher quality grain-free food but it's better than another surgery.

I'm off to visit the parents today. I actually need to get away a few days so even though this keeps me from doing things I need to get done around here I think the off the grid time will be good for me. Drinking wine on the porch in the evenings will definitely be good

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Hey everyone! Ruth, the furnace???? I can only dream of those days to come. We're still pretty hot and humid here.

When I weighed this morning I was up 1.4 lbs. I know I cannot really have gained this; I was good this week and not so bad last weekend after my weigh in, plus my fingers are pretty swollen so I know I'm retaining water. But it still sucks. Certain pants are fitting better though.

We have a quiet weekend ahead and then we're away for the following 2 weekends, so I'll get some stuff done and try to imagine getting ready for my son to start school. School where I work has already started, so I'm living in a sort of an academic calendar twilight zone. Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Have a safe trip and a nice weekend with your folks, Cyndi!

Ruth, I have the day off. Should I come up and help? We can sit outside on your porch with our wine when we're finished.

Morning, Matilda! Don't let that scale rule your day!

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Working on healthy
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Cottage - there's nothing like vacation dreams to get you through the week

Matilda - A quiet weekend sounds lovely.

to everyone yet to arrive. I've got to get on the road early today. I had originally planned to be there yesterday so they are waiting for me.
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Morning glad it's Friday!
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Good Friday morning all!

Ruth - Happy baking. Your weather sounds delightful; another day in the 90s here.

Linda - I hope the mammo goes well and as painlessly as possible

Cyndi - I hope Luna does well with the new diet. Our dog was on a special (expensive) food for most of her life because of kidney stones. Have a nice visit with the folks.

Matilda - Yeah for the pants; boo for the puffy fingers. That is often my way to judge in the mornings too - fingers. That and how often I got up to pee at night! The worse I eat, the less I pee. Where are you going for vacation?

Lisa - Me too And I am especially glad that the first week of school here is only 3 days long.

Working out with my mom and the trainer this morning. Once my oldest heads back to school I really need to get back to my gym for more days of strength training. It does conflict with biking sometimes though. At least I am doing something
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Ruth, I am so envious of your weather!

Cyndi - have fun at your parents. a little R&R (relaxation & red wine) is good once in awhile Hope your kitty responds well to the new diet.

Cottage - Enjoy your day! I've been looking for comfy, casual shoes lately too, haven't had much luck.

matilda - sorry to hear about the gain. looks like it is just a bit of water retention. drink drink drink!

Morning, Litar!

Waisting - I'm running into the same problem - finding balance between cardio and strength. Have a great workout this morning!

SO glad it is finally Friday.

My son is having his first sleepover on Saturday. He wants to go to the store to get snacks today. Also at some point need to finish creating DS' kindergarten homeschool board. it's looking great so far. Having some friends over for dinner tonight. Busy day!

Here's to a wonderful, OP weekend!
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Be happy.
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Hello ladies!

This is my last day in Houston with my daughter. I've had such a great time it will be hard to get on the plane this evening. Good thing I've got people who love me waiting in Maine, or I might just stay here!

We spent yesterday at Stewart Beach on Galveston Island. I love swimming in the ocean (well playing in the waves really) but I've never been able to stay in the water as long as we did yesterday. The water was warmer than the pond I swim in at home. Only the sun forced us inside. We used good sunscreen but we've both got fair skin and didn't want to go home looking like lobsters. So we left the beach, did some gift shop browsing, had another great meal and then headed back to Beth's townhouse. I'm dreading getting on the scale when I get home tomorrow, I haven't even pretended to stay on plan this trip. No regrets though, I ate at all the restaurants Beth has telling me about and I just relaxed and had fun. I'll get back on track tomorrow when I'm stuck fixing my own meals again.

Enjoy your Friday friends!
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Happy Friday everyone! Ah, I can't believe you turned on your furnace, Ruth! Sounds lovely, actually.

Waiting to see if I get to start a new online job next week. I don't have too many options where I live, so I'm hoping . . .

I did so well loss-wise on Phase I, I'm worried I will have gained some when I weigh on Sunday. We'll see. If so, I'm going back to Phase I for a week, and then ease into Phase II the following week with fewer carbs.

Zeffryn, we had a watermelon-seed spitting contest at my son's first sleepover years ago. Big fun! Hope they have a great time.

We had grilled burritos with a roasted Hatch green chile sauce last nice. Very yum. I may have to get a big batch and roast some myself for freezing.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Everyone

I woke up late and had to get into responsibilities right off-I've only had one cup of coffee and need to head off to water aerobics.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning!!

I have been on Phase I for a week and am down 6#'s! Not bad. Stayed pretty close to OP but did overdue it on nuts a few times and after consuming several of my fudgesicles I re-read the box and realized the are "no sugar added" not sugar there a difference?

Oh well, had a good week and hope things continue to go well. Still waiting for the energy to kick back in though. I can't even imagine trying to go to the gym at this rate, UGH!

Good luck to all!

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Welcome B! The "no sugar added" ones are fine. The sugars listed on the label are lactose from the milk.

Looks like we're in for a thunderstorm here. Probably not a good day to go to the fair. Have to talk to a photographer and cake lady today for DD2's nuptials. DH & DS off to Chicago, so it's just me & my dogs. Enjoying the quiet. I'll probably head down to Farmer's Market early tomorrow. Eating is on plan. I find when I'm stressed, eating off plan only makes me feel depressed. If I don't get back here tomorrow, hope you all have a nice weekend!
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Friday, at last!

Yesterday I had major bad food cravings but didn't give in, yay! Today, after work, I am off to the Colorado River in AZ, can't wait! Relaxing in the sun sounds nice.
Unfortunatley, I am going with my parents who are not dieting so it is going to b hard but they are willing to make a few changes to dinner and breakfast to help me out. I will also be bringing some SBD-friendly snacks. The biggest obstacle is drinks, cool margaritas, lemon drops and what not... I think I may have a lemon drop made with Truvia and keep on plan with my food all day. I think I'll bring an exercise video too to sneak in a small workout while I am there to make me feel better about the drink. My mom and I were talking about my "dieting" last night and I seem to go through phases; I'll either be really strict with my diet - not cheating at all or I will be the complete opposite when not on a diet and eat horribly for every single meal (dead serious, fast food for all three meals). So this time around I am thinking that I may be more successful if I do allow myself a cheat once a week. When I reached maintenance last time I would allow myslef a cheat meal on the weekend and I found that it made sticking to the diet much easier.

So.... wish me luck!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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