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Working on healthy
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Height: 5'5.5


Phase 2

B: chocolate raspberry breakfast smoothie - sf choc. whey powder, hemp milk, chia gel, raspberries, zucchini (it's an experiment!)
L: meeting, probably a big salad
S: zucchini tomato salad, chia fresca
D: grilled baby eggplant, fennel & peppers, flatout grilled pizza with some of those veggies

ETA - the zucchini was a great addition. Just added a smooth creamy texture.

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S/C/G: Size 16 to 18/Size 6/I'm there

Height: 5"3" Age: 55


1. Green smoothie (will try that zuc, Cyndi!) Waiting for DH to get up to make some chard yesterday to add to my usual.
2) Crawfish and roasted red pepper frittata and a salad
3) no idea on evening meal...probably leftover frittata or another smoothie or whatever.
4) sipping chia all day
5) Have a flax seed cake in the oven. Added a banana, some vanilla stevia and pecans to it. Smells good. May have some before smoothie or after dinner.
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S/C/G: 240/125/130

Height: 5'8


Cat, let us know how that banana flax cake comes out, 'kay?

busy day with lots of travel.

b: banana smoothie (whey, banana, almond milk, nutmeg)
l: lunch out with father - probably a salad of some sort
exercise: walk around campus
d: picnic - spinach salad, fruit
exercise: walk around neighborhood
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S/C/G: Size 16 to 18/Size 6/I'm there

Height: 5"3" Age: 55


Zeff, it turned out great...almost like a "thick" pancake. I drizzled a little honey over it. Husband liked it too. Putting our smoothies off till later..another weird schedule eating day looms.
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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S/C/G: (body fat) >34.5%/?/<25%

Height: 5' 6", small frame, "obese" body fat


Cleaning out the fridge day

Phase 2 (buckwheat, carrots, beets, orange, blackberries - wow!)

Pre-B - coffee with soy milk
B - buckwheat crepe filled with scrambled egg and pinto beans and salsa, low sodium vegetable juice
S - 1 orange with nonfat cottage cheese
L - spinach and Romaine lettuce salad with grilled tuna on top, lemon-dill steamed carrots (leftover from last night) on the side, decaf iced green/white tea
S - Turkish salad (1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt with crushed garlic, chopped tomatoes, roasted red pepper and a bit of lite Feta cheese)
D- grilled tofu with sauteed cabbage, steamed beets
dessert - maybe a sugarfree pudding, but for sure some delicious fresh-picked blackberries

1265 cal, 35 g fiber, 44% carbs : 25% fat : 31% protein.

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Healthy mommy
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S/C/G: 246/235/150

Height: 5'8 3/4


Fast food places are masters at luring us healthy consumers in with promises of 'health food' added to their menu! Don't feel bad, Emma! :-)

B- 2 eggs cooked in smart balance, cheese, on whole wheat flatout wrap

D- lean ham and RF provolone whole wheat sandwich with tons of veggies (I'm about to try out Kraft's new garlic herb mayo!!)

D- I'm about to make a whole wheat sugar free cake.... wish me luck.

No lunch... I've been superbusy today packing stuff, but perhaps will have some cottage cheese and apples in the evening. Maybe some of my cake if that turns out well.
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Height: 5'4"


b - two eggs, Canadian bacon and slice of pumpernickel bread.
l - veggie soup with cheese
s - 1/3 cup of raspberries with yogort
s - bunless hamburger with roasted veggies
s - glass of wine
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Working on healthy
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Height: 5'5.5


Phase 1.5 and feeling pretty yucky (allergies)

B: chia hot cereal with peaches
S: plum
L: zucchini, refried beans, salsa, 1/4 avocado & rf cheese
S: blueberries, Greek yogurt if I need something more substantive
D: sauteed squash, peppers, tomatoes & gimme lean, bok choi
S: wine

exercise: walk, too congested to bike
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