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Old 07-14-2010, 06:04 AM   #1
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Default Wednesday Chick Chat

Sorry, I couldn't come up with any clever title for today's thread, so this will have to do. But Happy Hump Day!

It's looking to be another muggy, rainy day. I'm going to bring the girls along to their grandparents' and get them settled in with a movie while I do any errands that need doing this morning. They have guitar lessons later this afternoon, so I think we'll just hang out at the farm all day.

In between rainstorms yesterday I picked some fresh veggies from the garden for supper, and picked a big bag of green beans that I blanched and froze. It's so nice to be eating our own homegrown organic veggies. I can't wait for the tomatoes to ripen. Our plants are loaded but none are ready for picking yet.

I'm getting another cup of coffee. Who wants some?
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Working on healthy
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I would love some coffee. Thanks Cottage

Good morning everyone
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Come on Spring!
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I'll take a cup, Cottage. The Gang of Four let me sleep until after 5:30 this morning. They are pottied, fed, watered, petted and now asleep in their beds. Disney and Jazz are upstairs on my bed, of course.

Good morning, Cyndi. When you head north, keep on going. Remember, I'm a half hour from The Bridge.

Being tied to home is a good thing! I got lots done yesterday on the homefront. My fridge is finally immaculate as I was able to take uninterrupted time to clean it out. It's working fine but has a lot of odds and ends wearing out like me. How long are they supposed to last? I got this one in 1994 so may have to retire it to the barn soon. In the meantime, it has a few fixes done with tape on the crispers and meat keeper and the darn door shelf frequently pops out and spews the dressings and hot sauces onto the floor, usually when I'm about to serve dinner to a group!

I'm off for my fourth and last allergy shot this morning and then my daily trip to the Bank. I always try to get those shots done before Delta Fair which starts a week from tomorrow. The theme this year is Hawaiian Luau so I need to figure out something appropriate for my walk-abouts. My big part of the Fair is done - the schoolwork is judged and exhibited. (The team put it all onto the wall yesterday after Food Bank.) I'll be there every day though to do a survey and also take a stint in the flower and vegetable building answering questions and dead heading.

Now to decide what domestic mountain to climb today. I have to harvest my 4' long forest of Chard since it's shading my beans. Duh! I just might tackle some ironing because I have a couple of summer pants and tops that have not been worn yet and it sure is summer!

Make the most of your day whatever you do.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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Morning Ladies!!!
Cottage, I'm jealous you are picking fresh stuff. I have only had one little grape tomato ripen so far! But it was a big one and we split it last night. I have a huge glob of them that I'm hoping should be ready soon. Every day I say "tomorrow"!
Morning Cyndi!!!!!
Ruth, your days sound so jam packed!! what are you going to do with the chard???

I'm into the "winding down the summer mode" around here. Have a couple of more areas in the house I want to organize along with also cleaning out my fridge..it looks scary in there. Also want to go digging through 2 big storage baskets on the self of my prep table. My son and his gf have a habit of buying boxes and boxes of cereal and not eating it. I've been after them to go through and throw out before I get bugs, so since they haven't, I'm disposing today. I hate a disorganized kitchen and bless them, they tend to really disrupt my tidy kitchen.
Balie nef, blaie prope.
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Good morning all. Today my brother and his family arrive in town for a week, most of which they will spend at my mom's lake house. Tonight they want Kansas City BBQ for dinner so I will be partaking moderately. Have to do a bit more cleaning today before they get here (brother and SIL stay here and niece/nephew stay with my mom tonight). No bike ride in days and I miss it.

Anyhoo, I'll be internet-less again for a few days while I join the family at the lake, and will catch up Sunday.

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Good morning chicks, and Happy Bastille Day! DH is watching the parade right now and wants a special dinner. I've got some steaks, so I'm thinking steak frites and salad will fit the bill, and we've got some paté and some Brie. Maybe a nice sorbet to finish things off, but he is threatening to pick up some éclairs when he gets the bread, eek! He thought about taking the kids to the embassy later, but decided he didn't want to mess with it. Oddly, they don't do much to mark the day in our little town, lol.

For me, just another work day, telecon day, as a matter of fact, boo. Tomorrow is on-the-road day, double boo. But then it will be Friday! hooray!

Good morning, Cyndi. You seem rather subdued today... Some days there is just not much to say, I guess
cottage, I miss having a garden. I didn't plant anything for this summer, as I knew we'd be away a lot. As dry as it's been, it'd probably be dead by now anyway. It's the tomatoes I miss mostly.
Ruth, gang of four? Your family sure has grown!
Karen, enjoy your family time at the lake.
Cat, I'm sure there will be some celebrations in your neck of the woods! Have any plans?
Life's a journey, not a destination.
It's easier to stay on plan than to get back on plan.
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

Cottage I've been enjoying yummy garden veggies this week too, especially zucchini and cukes - my brother in law's garden is wonderful this year! I sure hope ours is doing well, we've been gone a week now. I know it's getting watered, but I bet the deer and rabbits and things are having a field day!

Mmmm, Ruth, I LOVE swiss chard! I'm sure hoping mine will be ready and waiting when we get home next week! You must be relieved to have the art work (almost) finished now.... will you have to return it to the schools afterward?

Cat, have you started thinking about the new school year yet? I always start thinking and planning for the new year while I should just be enjoying the summer - but hey, teaching isn't just my job, it's my hobby.

Karen, have a great time at the lake!

Today is the big day, I fly to Iowa this evening for my visit with cathydoe. We started talking about this visit so long ago that it seemed like it would never actually happen, but it's finally here. Cathy and I met here on 3FC, so food's not going to be the issue it's been this week and we're planning to walk most days, plus I'll be walking back and forth from the motel to her home. I'm thinking of this visit as a trip to a health spa! I made sure to book a motel with wi fi, so I'll be able to post every day again, too.

Happy Bastille Day to you, too Schmoodle!
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Good morning,

Cottage - I can almost taste your fresh veggies. No tomatoes here yet.

Ruth - You sound too busy. Delta Fair is so early in the summer.

Cyndi - have a nice day. You are quiet today.

Femme - enjoy your day organizing. Cereal, I just allow one box at a time here.

Karen - have fun at the lake.

Schmoodle - Bastille Day, I forgot about that. I am sure if I tell DH, a bottle of wine would be in order.

Heidi - Have a nice time with your friend and stop thinking about school.

I have all my flowers watered, its going to be hot and humid here. Made my food plan for the week and of to do some shopping.
take care
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Good Morning

I'm like Cyndi this AM, not much to say yet-hoping coffee helps. My Sis got in last night and we went to the farmers market. Dinner was late, but yummy and OP. It's great when she visits because she eats super healthy and we have similar tastes.

Linda, I wish I had more pickable veggies. I'm going to take a trip through the garden soon.

Ruth, there's nothing like pups to keep you close to home. I've sure gotten alot done here lately, too.

Cyndi, Hope the coffee helped!

Schmoodles, glad to see you back. It must be really nice with DH home after his long trip away.

Karen, have fun at the lake. See you when you get back!

Heidi, have fun! How exciting!

Ok, time to check on Mom and the garden. We're getting more flexible with Rudi feeling better and Sis here to help with Mom. I'm sure the day includes pool and biking! Yay!

Have a great day everyone!
Debbie R

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Schmoodle..no BD plans. There was stuff going on in the Quarter last weekend, but we didn't make it to town.

Heidi...yeah, school stuff. Unfortuneatly I don't have much time left. Have to go to a literacy workshop all of next week 8-3. Then school starts on the 15th, so my summer is about done. I got a lot of school stuff done right at the end of May and beginning of June, so I'm pretty set. Have all my stuff crammed in my closet already organized into baskets and did my new bullitan board stuff before we left, so all I have to do is pull out the baskets and run off beginning of the year letters etc and I'm done. Dreading it though. Sure it will be great once I get over the dread.

I was telling my husband that I felt like such a bum this summer, but when I really thought about it, I've spent most of my summer researching foods. Especially raw foodists sites. Read a few books too and ordered a couple of raw food "cook" books. I doubt that I would ever go 100% raw, but want to add as much as I can. Funny how SB as a start can lead one in other directions while still employing the philosphy of SB. One thing I discovered recently is chia seeds. I picked some up a while back before even doing research on them. Found all kinds of info on about how healthy they are and how they bulk up food thereby cutting calories and giving a feeling of fullness. I made some chia gel yesterday and just ended up taking a big old tablespoon of it straight. No real taste at all to it. Drank some more water after it and I was stuffed. May be something some of you may want to research further for the evening "hungries". Here a link of info.
And of course you can always grow "pets" with the seeds.
Balie nef, blaie prope.

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Cat, LOVE chia seeds. I used to put them in my smoothies. I've been out recently, but you've reminded me to go get more. They really make the evening smoothies filling so I don't feel like snacking.

Workout this morning. Birthday party this evening for my MIL. She wants Italian -- thankfully she chose a place that specializes in seafood.

Weighed in this morning. Down 2.7 for the week. That's good enough for me!

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more

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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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I thought working from home I'd have more time! Not so much!
Making a commitment to myself
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I danced for 30 minutes to Destiny's child music though I'd planned to walk for 30. It was raining so I chose to dance dance dance instead!

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OK, so, MIL's birthday was supposed to be at a seafood place...and now it's been changed to a pizza place (small menu, nothing healthful) their "salad" is iceberg, and handfuls of olives, ham and turkey and cheese.

Will someone tell me that I'm being silly being on the verge of an anxiety attack because I am going to eat pizza? It's thin thin crust, not much cheese and I'm getting a veggie pizza but still...it's pizza. and I know tomorrow I will pay for it with bloating, and being sluggish.

I can feel my anxiety creeping up as the time gets closer.

100 lbs. down plus a carrot for every 5 more
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