South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default New here..starting phase 1 today..I hope :)

Hi! My name is Julie and I have finally decided to try SBD. I have been trying to lose weight since November and have been working out with a trainer faithfully. I started at 289.8 and got down to 260 and am presently back up to 274, which I believe has a lot to do with TOM and huge water retention, but still..

My biggest challenge with eating are the horrible, intense cravings I get in the evening. I can do great with eating all day long. Perfect as a matter of fact. Then I turn into another creature after dinner, no matter how full I am. A good deal of it I'm sure is emotional eating.

I also am pre-diabetic. I'm 38 years old.

I just want to get this weight off..for good. I want to be healthy and feel good.

Although I've been heavy for many years now, something is different now. I really really FEEL the weight. I FEEL heavier, even though I'm not at my heaviest. I think it has to do with my aging and also the toll it must be taking on my internal organs.

So, although I haven't really PLANNED today except I know I have the foods here I need, I know what I can and cannot have, so there's no time like today to start, because I'm sick of tomorrows. I've been living tomorrows for 18 years now.

Please direct me where to go for tips on staying the course on phase 1 and just tell me I can do it!

My trainer isn't going to be happy about no carbs for 2 weeks. He is NOT a SBD fan. However, I don't think he knows anything about it.

Wish me luck!!!

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Hi Julie and

As I got older, I too, started to "feel" my weight in a much different way. Do a little research and you will find that Phase 1 is in no way "no carbs". Many P1 foods have good carbs and you are encouraged to eat them. Beans are really suggested here because they help with digestion and the SB flu-and have good carbs. What P1 is really focusing on is detoxing from sugar/white flour and if you follow the plan with vigilance you will really truly get rid of the intense cravings that pull you towards yucky food choices.

Best wishes! I suggest that you post here daily as it really helps to have a close connection for those moments when you fell like giving in.
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Julie! I'm so happy that you are setting up your beach chair here on The Beach with us. So many of us here share the same trials and tribulations as you, so you'll find plenty of moral support and the motivation to make this plan a success. It won't be easy, you'll have good days and bad days, but we're here for you to keep cheering you on. And it does get easier as time goes on.
First matter of business - Have you read or are going to read the book? We strongly urge everyone who starts the SBD to read the book first, as it is essential for understanding the basics of the hows and whys of this plan. We do have lots of information here, but the book explains everything in detail.

Oh, one more thing, if your trainer would only educate himself about The South Beach Diet, he'd be recommending it to everyone.
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I think it's so cool you are starting on a Friday instead of a shows you aren't waiting!!! You'll do great. Just concentrate on eating healthy and let the weight take care of itself. And don't worry about your sister talked to a nutritionist about SB a few years ago and this dork told her that it is "not good for her" to give up fruit for 2 weeks. My sister is still about 100lbs overweight. Those 2 weeks could have changed her life.

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Hi Julie,
Welcome! I too am a different animal after dinner, late pm Something about how I was raised (my dad would immediately get a snack right after getting up from the dinner table). Have some weapons in your fridge in case of emergencies--look at the phase 1 snacks in the recipe forum. Good luck! You CAN do this.
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Welcome Julie!!

I think you'll love it here. The first few days are the hardest, but check in here often (lots of good threads!) for lots of support. I think in a week or two you'll realize how much better you feel and how the cravings are gone.

Good luck!! Join us in our daily chat!
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You'll do great!

Ditto on the beans and dairy. Really. Can't emphasize this enough!

As for your trainer- just say that you are starting a new plan to help you eliminate cravings. Explain the first two weeks, and then that youll be adding fruits and whoel grains back in. For some reason most people have a problem with the name SBD or title low carb, but dotn have issues with the actual plan itself.
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