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Default Completed phase 1, then wiped out on transition

I had a great phase 1, lost 7 pounds, felt fantastic, then I completely wiped out on the transition to phase 1.5/2. It was over Memorlal Day weekend -- camping, barbecuing, etc. -- and I just blew it. Since then I've been all over the map, and have gained back 3-4 lbs. . So... starting phase 1 again tomorrow. I've learned that I'll need to be very, very careful what I add back in and how fast. Any advice about transitioning carefully?
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"Oh, Well"! Glad you are back. You've learned something about yourself and it's easy to get back on plan.

Here is some great information on transitioning into P2; A forum search will probably bring up other threads regarding transitioning.

I would suggest returning to Phase 1 only until any cravings you have subside. 3-5 days will curb the cravings and will probably bring your weight back down.

I would also suggest making a commitment to posting here every day. I find that by coming here every morning, I set myself up for a successful day. Ruth posted great advice regarding the daily thread; I have also posted food/event concerns to the On Plan thread.

One of my greatest successes on SBD occured when I was contemplating going off plan for just one meal with my knitting group. I put it out on the daily and everyone responded (both pro and con). I found that by getting the varied feedback, I was able to make the decision to stay away from the off plan food and felt much better for it. Here is another great thread which talks about dealing with holidays and special food related events;

Best wishes!
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Yes - ditto. Go back to Phase 1 for 3 days or so, then add one thing in for a week, and make it something you don't particularly like so much. I added an apple at breakfast and then some quinoa at lunch. If I had added triscuits or brown rice, forget about it. Even though they are on plan, I would not have been able to control myself re: the quantity. This happens all the time to people as they transition so do not feel bad. I doubt you really gained all the weight back, but I just have to say this: a lot of weight lost in Phase 1 is water weight, and when you don't lose the first couple of weeks on Phase 2 that's just your body catching up with real fat loss to reflect what happened on the scale.
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hi! Congratulations for coming back so quickly!

Well, I'm currently on phase 1.5/2
I have been doing SBD for 4 weeks now (this will be day 1 of week 5) and it's my first attempt of SBD.
I think what has helped me the most about incorporating in grains and fruits is to recognise and become aware of what your triggers and sensitive foods are. For example, I would not consider cherries, grapes, watermelon. Cherries, I love them but they send me on a sugar bender. So do grapes. We have them in the house, one day I decided I wanted some so I fixed up a plate of sliced appled with splenda cinnamon and sprinled about 5 grapes on the top. With the low GI and the fiber of the apple, I was fine.

So I would only have low GI fruit, for now, like apples, fresh oranges, and berries.

As far as grains go, again I did not add in food I have no self control over. Like bread. Even whole wheat I could have half the loaf. Pasta, I have not had- I made spaghetti squash and it was so good. After all the pasta is just a vehicle for sauce. LOL Here are some of the grains I've had:
- bite size shredded wheat
- non instant oatmeal with a bit protein powder
-popcorn (with flavored popcorn eg cheesy popcorn I find I can have just a little and be satisfied.. with the bland stuff I'd probably want the whole bag)
- I have been having zone bars- I'm at the hospital a lot and the wait can be unpredictable. They are mostly protein but do have some carbs (including a modest amt of sugar). They are not a trigger food for me , probably due to the large amt of protein , but may be for some.

The key is to find out what works for you, for your body. also, I would only add one thing a day at first, then gradually work it up to 3 or so. On most days I probably have 2 grain serv ings, usually no fruit. some days 1 grain, one fruit. Some days 2 grains, and a fruit. Once you get to this level I don't think it pays to be super anal in terms of "I'm allolwed 2 grain, and I'm going to tkae them, no matter what".. it is more like knowing that food is available to you now, and that you can make your own decision based on what you feel like having. eg there is a day here and there with no grain and no fruit. No problem as long as you have what you like and aren't feeling deprived.

I am liking a grain in the am though instead of eggs as the eggs are reminiscent of my low carb days.. and i like having a quickie no-cook breakkie.
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Whoa! What great advice! I usually get so freaked out about the transition and the weight loss slowing down. I like the idea of starting out with something I'm not super crazy about.

Don't beat yourself up! This is really difficult. good luck!
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Thanks, all! I'm back on Phase 1 for a week, I think, and then I'll add one thing back at a time, VERY SLOWLY. I, too, like the idea of starting with things I'm less crazy about -- Triscuits would be a bad choice for me. My family eats a lot of quinoa, which I like, but which I don't generally eat a huge pile of, so that's probably a good choice to add into dinner when I'm ready again. Thanks for the support!
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