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Default Tuesday twittering

Hi guys! I can't believe I am first. Just finished my yoga. They say if you do yoga every day for 30 days you change your life. Anyone else find this to be true? For some reason Dana Reeve came into my mind as I was doing my yoga. I think about her sometimes, because I can't believe how strong she had to be to deal with everything that came her way. It makes me feel like giving up all my petty complaints and start appreciating all the good things I have. Sounds like a gratitude journal should be in my future.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning MMCK! I've always wanted to do more yoga, and just never was able to. That'd be a good thing to try when the kidlets are older, maybe I could go to a class and learn to do it the right way.

My eating was MUCH better yesterday (we even stopped at the fruit farm after a house call to grab lunch for the tech, the smell of apple pie was killing me!!!), and I hope to do the same today. I also got my butt outta bed and went on a run, the pup was quite excited. It was odd seeing someone on the boardwalk at the nature center, but it was a beautiful (though cold!) morning. SInce my day is packed at work, I had to go out this AM or not at all.

Have a great day!

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Working on healthy
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Good morning

MMc- I miss my weekly yoga. I love the flexibility and the calm. I've never been as good about doing it on my own though. Do you use a DVD or just do your own thing?

Twynn - Sounds like a lovely place for running and a great way to start the day.

Another busy day at work today. There are a couple of big spring/summer projects I need to move off my desk in the next two weeks. I'm also trying to finish up my vacation time so it's a bit of a balancing act. I left a few days off in case DB got married but they still don't have a date. Looking forward to camping and kayaking this weekend. Guess I should plan my meals too!

Hope your week is getting off to a good and balanced start

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Hi Cyndi & Twinn,
For a while, I taped "Priscilla's Yoga stretches" off a local pbs channel. It's a 15 minute stretch based yoga workout. I honed down to about 4 that I saved and each morning I do one of them. 15 minutes is the perfect time for me in the morning and I find it really wakes up my body in a gentle way. After doing that and laying on my shakti mat while the coffee is brewing, I feel physically and mentally fantastic.
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Come on Spring!
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Yoga and running - I am such a slug! I've not been to the gym for weeks and need to make it a priority once again. For this week, gardening will have to be my exercise along with a lot of Village walking.

Yesterday was busy but I did get afternoon "me" time and will take some more of that this morning in the garden. Digging clay soil, bending to pick out weeds and roots plus lugging stuff to the compost is exercise - that's what my body says anyhow. A soak in the tub is on the ME Menu today too.

Hope your day is MEaningful!
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Good morning, and thanks for getting us started, Matilda!

Yoga is something that I'm very interested in, and I've been waiting for another class to start up at the community center just down the road from me. I don't think they're going to start one up until September, though.

It's back to work for me today, and I wonder what's waiting for me at the farm. I know Cindy has polo this afternoon, so I can expect a long day and probably won't get home much before 8pm this evening. At least I only have a 3-day workweek though. The girls' last day of school is next Friday and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them over the summer. I really miss them while they're in school.

I had an upset tummy all day yesterday and I know my tummy was protesting from the weekend. I have to keep reminding myself that it's just not worth it to stray off-plan! I have my meals all planned out for today, though, and am ready for some clean eating!
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Good morning.

Mmc - I have also heard that people who do yoga are thinner Some connection with body awareness. I started in January and really liked it but have not been able to do it again since I hurt myself in March.

Twynn - I lovvve apple pie. Good job resisting.

Cyndi -I bet it is lovely there this time of year. Perfect for your weekend activities.

Ruth - I have heard the experts say that gardening counts as exercise!

Linda - I ate off plan yesterday and also am telling myself that I need to remember I hate how I feel when I do that! Polo?!

Working out with my mom today. We switch to Tuesdays for the summer, which I like because I will eventually go back to my Friday morning Bosu class. I think I will try my gym (yoga, bosu, pilates) again after my vacation next week.
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Good Morning

Thanks for getting us started, Matilda. Interesting thoughts so early. My perception is that yoga changed my life in 30 days because during those 30 days I recognized it's significance for me (especially my weight struggles) and I kept coming back.

I slept in-for whatever reason, I stayed up late. I had a nice drive and didn't do much once I got here but start watering the lawn. It's so odd, we're 2 weeks behind here because of increased elevation but I don't think I ever remember this-everything is blooming at once. I can't figure out if I like the smell or not. Lilacs, chokecherry, honeysuckle, mountain ash, and iris for starters...oh and the cherry and apple tree. Hmm....well it's time to find coffee and head outside. It looks like a busy day and I might get back for personals.
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Good morning everyone! I'm too tired to know what the day will bring, but I'm sure it will be something great. If my weight stalls much more, I might go back to phase 1. I'm such an impatient thing. Guess we'll have to see what happens.
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In Pursuit of Divatude!
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Hi chicks
Didn't fall off a cliff. WE're closing on a house next week and I have about 3 professional side projects in addition to work work and packing so Busy is the word!
So my eatign is not exactly beachy (I'm rockin some frankenfood to limit cooking but ensure I get my protein) but it's not unbeachy if that makes sense
I miss you guys! and I will be back in action soon!
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Be happy.
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Good morning!

I am learning to start my days on a whole new schedule, one that includes telephone time, and I'm just not ambitious enough to get up early enough to fit computer AND telephone time in right now. School ends on the 18th though, so after that we'll see how I do.

I expected to be down a pound or two when I stepped on the scale this morning -I got my hair cut yesterday and foolishly said, "I'd like to go a little shorter for summer." I feel like a little boy today - it's a nice style, but WAY, WAY shorter than I usually wear my hair. You should have heard the kiddos during our morning circle this morning. One told me that my new cut hair is "Just like my Grampy's!" ROFL. Thankfully my hair grows quickly.

Enjoy your day my friends.
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Good morning,

So sounds like I was not the only one who strayed yesterday from eating op did good most of the day but had pizza and ice cream for dinner.

Today is a new day and back on track, way of life have to take the ups and downs.

No play practice tonight, they are painting tonight but I am going to pass I painted on Sunday for several hours. Maybe a bike ride with DD2 and her new bike
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Motivated for Success!!
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Hello everyone!

I fell off the South Beach Wagon during finals week, but I'm back on track now (and probably a few pounds heavier, but oh well). Softball starts in a few weeks and I am excited and a bit nervous. Hopefully it will motivate me to get more exercise! My ten year high school reunion is this weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of my old friends... it should be a great time! I hope you all are doing well and staying OP!! Have a great day!
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My inspiration!
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Hi all! I made it thru my first day and onto day 2! Things seem better already -- it is nice to get rid of all of the yucky stuff out of my body, ya know? I hope that II will remember how good this feels and never go back again! I need to figure out dinner for tonight and run to the store. Thinking about salmon and veggie stir fry -- yum!

I am loving summer! LOVE! Hope everyone has a great day!
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I've lost over 15 pounds!
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School's out for students!!! Two teacher workdays and then vacation.

I did one of Leslie Sansone's walking videos today. The 30 minutes was so much easier inside than it was outside!! I really feel good about changing my summer plans from walking outside every morning to walking inside. The heat and humidity is just insane here.
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